searching for plot ideas (F/F, F/Futa or Futa/Futa only!)

Started by Dragonscouts, January 05, 2014, 07:13:06 PM

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Ok so i'm not new to the site or anything but i've never actually RPed on the site but I have been RPing for years. I'm awful at coming up with my own ideas and prefer to work on an idea with someone else. As is stated in the subject the only penis allowed on a character is if they are futa. I mostly play more submissive characters though they have a tendency to be kinda switchy. I can only play non-human though your character is more than welcome to be human. Alright, rambling done! Onto the offs since it's a shorter list than ons. Offs are non-negotiable.

- Scat
- Vore
- Watersports
- Anything to do with feet