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March 22, 2018, 12:58:35 PM

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Author Topic: Cal's Stories (M/M)  (Read 403 times)

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Offline CalendulaTopic starter

Cal's Stories (M/M)
« on: January 04, 2014, 05:00:04 AM »
Hey. I'm just hoping to find some RP partners here who simply just enjoy world building, character development and hot sex. Please send me a PM if you're interested.

About Me:

1. Characters I tend to play: I usually like to play dark, mysterious, conflicted characters. My main character will more often than not have some sort of combination of those characteristics, and almost all my them will have a sort of internal strive about them. So the tone of the RP's I like to play can be quite serious and thought-provoking rather than light-hearted and fun.

2. What I look for in a partner: Communication and contribution. If we're going to RP, then it will be 'our' RP so it's important for both of us to enjoy what we're doing. If at any point you don't like where things are headed to, just sound it out. I'm a big fan of RPing with people who aren't afraid of shaking things up instead of just going with the flow. For example, we have a 'plan' to RP things a certain way, and then you suddenly think it's a good idea to introduce a new character to add more conflict/backstory/dynamics.

3. Sexual Roles: I'm mainly looking for M/M. I would be willing to try some M/F with a good plot to back it up, where I don't mind playing either the M or F. For M/M relationships, I am more comfortable playing a vers so that we avoid the entire fixed positions of top/bottoms.

4. Posting: I can do anywhere from 1 - 5 depending on how inspired I feel and what's happening. As long as I'm not dealing with one-liners and ZERO contribution, I really don't care about how much you can write. Grammar/typos aren't a big deal to me as well. Although I do my best to make my posts as coherent and consistent as possible, I hope that you can understand that I will make mistakes. I'd like to RP via this forum only and please post using a 3rd person perspective.

5. Character Portrayals: Please use real life images unless if we're borrowing or creating an anime-based or game-world. I tend to imagine most settings as something based from reality so using a anime character for a real-world setting has always been odd to me. I do like to use both settings as I have done anime-based RP's before, just that I need to be clear on what kind of setting we're going to create so that I can avoid the mis-match altogether.


Books/Movies/TV Shows:
- Harry Potter
- Game of Thrones
- X-Men
- Survivor

- Elder Scrolls
- Warcraft
- Guild Wars

- One Piece
- Naruto
- Noragami
- Kekkaishi
- Log Horizon

RP Ideas:

#1 - Intertwined
[M/M, Harry Potter AU]

What if Voldemort had won during the Battle of Hogwarts? I'd like to build a darker and scarier Harry Potter world that is based on dark magic and countless dangers around every corner. No one can be trusted, with informants and spies hidden around every corner. Student brutality is encouraged, and it is ultimately manifested and glorified in the form of a annual competition where the 2 strongest male and female students of each house are pitted against each other to determine who is the strongest and most powerful witch or wizard.

The Order of the Phoenix has been infiltrated and defeated, and its remnants are powerless to stop the waves of darkness that has shrouded the world. However there is still talk of insurgency where it all began: Hogwarts.

MC is a Slytherin, and the son of an extremely prominent Death Eater. However he grew up as a sort of 'failure' in the eyes of his family due to his unwillingness to participate in their dark ways. Despite his talent, he questions the methods and purpose of the Death Eaters.

YC is a Gryffindor that will spear-head this new rebellion. He embodies what Gryffindor is all about, right down to the very core, but what happens when he starts to become attracted to MC who stands for everything that he is against? What will MC do when he decides to reject his family and fellow Slytherin's in order to pursue his heart's desire?

MC Profile

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