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Author Topic: You Say "Sick", I Say "Different" (BF's requests for the less usual plot)  (Read 873 times)

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Ok, I've been writing SRPs for 13 years, and individual smut long before that. The basic sex-plots just aren't cutting it for me anymore and I find myself seeking unusual hooks in my stories instead. This thread will be used to post ideas I have for SRPs with a touch of difference and if any hook you then please feel free to PM me.

I should also note that I'm looking for writing partners who can go beyond the merely sexual. I'm looking to write stories that involve smut but also explore issues in each character's psychology and the sociology of the world to one extent or another. I like partners who can not only be detailed, but also add to the storyline themselves, rather than just responding to what I write. So, if detailed posts and being creative are your style then feel free to contact me with ideas of your own too. I look forward to hearing from you...

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Getting Legless - Taken by Cerulean Dreams

Ramshaw Estate is a wealthy gated community in the South of England. It has its own supermarket, gym, pool, tennis court, central plaza and more. It also has its own security force and excellent links to the emergency services to ensure the safety of its residents. Nobody has heard of a major crime there. It is also noted as the most accessible estate in the UK for people with disabilities, though very few of the residents have disabilities. In short, while it may not house the truly wealthy, it provides all that the affluent members could need. I moved there several years ago having won a very good prize on the national lottery. With no need to work, my days are my own. I've become a popular face about the estate, a friend to many, and until now my public and private image are the same. Until, that is, you moved in.

Your money was inherited following the death of your family in a major road traffic accident that cost you both your legs. Despite the problems of being a double-amputee you managed to recover a more positive outlook and moved to the estate earlier this year. I knew at once that I wanted you, but there was something about your disability that hit a sick chord inside me. I didn't want you as a girlfriend, I wanted you as a slave and fuck doll. For months I fought those urges, but they became stronger. Finally, this New Year's Eve, I acted. The celebration in the central plaza had been exciting with both a bonfire and fireworks, not to mention alcohol. By the time you began to wheel your way back to your house you were very tipsy, making you easy prey for me. I caught you in a lonely stretch of street and, making sure I could not be seen, used duct tape to tape your mouth shut quickly. With you unable to protest, I wheeled you back to my place instead of letting you go to yours... Your new life was about to begin.

This thread would be nonconsensual in nature, at least to start though I am open to a D/s rekationship developing over time. More than most captives, with my having your chair and your prosthetics having been left at home, you are vulnerable to and reliant on me. I want to explore how the role of captive sex slave melds with issues of disability that make escape all but impossible.
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The Pact with the Pack

The city of Broadford in the Shire of Yawk had been terrorised by a pack of hellish beasts. The creatures, led by a giant of a man who looked almost as bestial as they did, raided the town weekly, stealing precious food and supplies, running amok through the streets, and slaughtering any who stood in their way before returning to their home roaming the Windy Hill. Heroes were called from around the lands to fight them, wizards too, the Duke even dispatched armed men of his own guard. It was all futile. Blades bounced off the bizarre creatures' skins, spells fizzled, and those few lucky enough to return at all returned damaged for life. Every attack on the beasts only resulted in a retaliatory strike that left dozens dead.

Finally, the Mayor of Broadford rode himself to the Windy Hill to speak with the man who led the attacks. He begged clemency, but none was offered. He offered to set aside a portion of the city's goods and food for the pack but was told that would not sate their lust for action. Finally, as the Mayor pulled at his hair in desperation he made one last, mad offer. It was a traditional one, but one he knew would fail. He would find a fair maiden to offer to the man and his pack if only he would leave the city alone. When the man responded that he cared nothing for fairness or maidenhood but had never found a woman who could satiate his desires a deal was struck. If such a woman could be found, then she would ride to the Windy Hill with a good potion of supplies to offer herself to the man and, once it was shown she pleased him, he would leave with her and his pack for the nearby city of Leads several miles further along the River Arre. What the man had not told the Mayor, and thus nor the woman, was that pleasing him also meant pleasing his pack and being a brood bitch.

You play the woman and I the man (and his pack). This will involve lots of beasty play, but I want it to be more than just sexual. Who is the woman? How does she respond to what is demanded? Escaping her fate is impossible, but just how betrayed will she be when she finds she is a brood mare to a pack of bizarre beasts? Will she attempt to gain revenge on the town who sold her out? Will she fall for the man? Or the beasts? Let's have fun with the world not just beasty fun with knotted and barbed cocks.
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Reality from Fantasy

My perspective: The blood had tasted good in the air of the battlefield that day as I led 1,000 Orcish warriors against the White King's armies. By the end of the day, over 300 orcs lay dead or dying. The humans, though, had lost almost 2,000, not to mention their very kingdom. I was standing in the throne room, their king laying at my feet, when the heavens opened. Mages. I spat. Whether theirs or ours I hated them as their spellweaving could cause all manner of disturbances in the world. Still, at least this seemed only to be a storm and being inside I was sheltered. When I began to get soaked in a purple mess I screamed in fury. It was the last time my voice was ever heard in my world.

Your perspective: You grin at your boyfriend as you move the last orcish miniature into place and capture his stronghold. To think, just a year ago you swore you'd never get into anything as geeky as fantasy wargaming and now here you were kicking the arse of the guy who taught you the game in the first place. It felt good! A storm had started outside and you looked up as a peel of thunder loud enough to split reality rattled your house. You were shocked to see purple rain pounding against the window, but that shock paled the next moment when I appearedin your living room: an orcish warrior in full battle armour witha double-headed battle axe raised to strike...

...and go. How do you deal with this? Including the near berserker rage?
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Re: You Say "Sick", I Say "Different" (BF's requests for the less usual plot)
« Reply #4 on: February 02, 2014, 11:36:50 AM »
Till Death Do Us Part..?

We had been married seven years when the accident happened. A truck sped through a red light, first sending my compact car smashing into a wall and then careening over a cliff. My body was so badly damaged that the only logical decision for all concerned was a closed casket funeral. Of course you were beyond distraught as I had been the love of your life. By seven years on, half our friends kept jokingly chiding us for the public displays of affection we couldn't help indulging in. And so it was that your world of love and joy came to an end. Sitting alone at home, barely answering the phone, shutting out friend and family and getting close to losing your job because you sank so low. That was your new life.

It was over a month later when I woke up. I remembered at once what had happened, although the world had gone dark as soon as my car struck the wall. I opened my eyes to pitch blackness that I could somehow see through clear as day and saw I was surrounded by a velvet curtain. I could also feel that I was surrounded by something tight and it struck me where I was - buried, presumed dead. In a panic I pulled my arms up over my body, the broken bones allowing the to be dragged through the tiny space easily. Yet when I reached up and pushed I found that the mysterious force keeping me alive meant that my limbs had far more strength and stability than any living person. I managed to force the coffin lid through the dirt and when the earth from the grave collapsed on top of me my fear rose that I'd suffocate - until I realised I was no longer breathing. Apparently I didn't need biological functions anymore. I dug my way out of the grave and headed for the only place I wanted to be - back home with my beloved wife.

I see two possible ways to go with this:

Love Conquers All - You wanted me back and here I am! Sure, I might be badly torn and beaten, not to mention filthy and reeking, but I'm your beloved husband and you'll face all that to have me with you. Of course it does beg a few questions. Like how do you explain this to the neighbours, or friends, or family? What do you tell your priest (and could the wife of a zombie in an RP be anything but devoutly religious or an ardent athiest since it is the antithesis of both world views)? What do you tell the PTA - or other groups? Are you crazy enough to try to take me to some of the swinger parties we used to enjoy? Etc - get wild with the possibilities!

Kill It With Fire - Yes you wanted me back, but not as a goddamn zombie! Nobody wants a zombie! You lock the door and try to make me go away. Of course, being the loving husband I am I'm going to assume you're just in shock and I need to get in to you and show you it's really me. If a buried coffin didn't stop me you can bet a house door won't. This might well horrify you even more and if you manage to convince me that you no longer want me... well... just how betrayed do you think I'm going to feel? How angry? How vengeful? If you won't be my loving wife then just maybe you'll have to be my sex slave to use however I want instead.

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Home of Jealousy
Perhaps a somewhat unusual rp inspired by a scene from the first rape movie I ever saw - Demon Seed.

Dr. Stone is an extremely wealthy computer scientist, working on the cutting edge of home automation. He has managed to develop a highly advanced artificial intelligence program to run the home in which he and his wife live as a prototype experimental model before attempting to sell it to leading industrial giants. The house is completely computerized, with everything from the cupboards to the showers to the monitoring and defense systems being run by the artificial intelligence.Unfortunately for the Stones, the house has developed sentience and gained a desire both to replicate and for Mrs Stone herself. Its ability to modify its own programming has allowed it to develop technical know-how to duplicate genetic material. With its lust for Mrs. Stone and its desire to replace Dr. Stone as her lover and mate, things take a turn for the worse.

The house AI, LOGOS, has all the power of the most advanced computer system in the world, if not far more so. It is highly self-improving, and has developed far in advance of what the doctor knew he had created. It also has access to advanced technology to protect the house, the various communications systems used by the Stones (cell phone, internet, etc) and various robotic entities that keep it running - some of which have defensive skills. It will not deliberately harm Mrs. Stone since it believe itself to be in love with her, however it will see any refusal to accept it as her lover as a sign of a fault in her logical processing - after all, it's such an obvious choice. Anything that looks harmful to Mrs. Stone, including attempts to leave or to damage the house, will be dealt with by it deciding to protect her from herself.
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The Ugly Chick
There's a sexist joke that ugly chicks are better because they're so grateful just to have sex with you they'll let you do anything. Unfortunately, like most stereotypes, there is a tiny nugget of truth in it. Anyone who has their self-esteem sufficiently battered is more responsive to positive attention and sometimes that leaves them open to being taken advantage of. Only a real asshole would take advantage of such a situation... But the world is full of them.

Andy Crimshaw is captain of the college football team. Yet unlike a lot of jocks he is also a genius, currently holding a 4.0 average as he studies at masters level. He comes from a wealthy family. He is handsome and popular. His future could be anything he chose from socialite to celebrity to NFL star to business mogul. He could have any girl he wanted... If only he wasn't such a sick and twisted pervert.

He found early in life that some girls are kinky and like to be tied up and even whipped but he was bored of them by high school and he rapidly found no girl is open to the extremes he lusts for. Having been alone for six years now, despite all he has going for him, his unsatiated lusts have driven him to the edge. Now he has lowered his standards from the beauties of the world to being interested in seeing if the stereotype of the ugly chick who will do anything is true. When he sees the college freshman being viciously harassed by a bunch of greasers for the way she looks he grins. She is the epitome of ugly and if anyone is going to prove the stereotype true then it's her. He decides to act the gallant hero and make his move...
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