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November 24, 2020, 10:40:27 PM

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Author Topic: celts, demons and good ol' mischief.  (Read 620 times)

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celts, demons and good ol' mischief.
« on: January 03, 2014, 10:53:33 PM »
Verubri  10,000 B.C

In the vast and dry fields, a bloodied band of warriors and priests stood in formation over the fallen and lifeless bodies of demons. Never before had a battle so magnificent and horrific been fought, and now it was time to seal away these spirits for the good of all men. The priests chanted and placed down thin stone discs. As each one lay over the joining point drawn on the ground in the blood of the innocent and the foul they began to glow in pale pure light, then slowly become tainted with the fierce red. The demons would fight, of course they would, the priests only chanted louder, almost in song as their voices carried high on the wind, praying to the gods above to help them seal away these foul beasts into the realm they spawned from. Standing beside the strongest of the warriors was an unusual figure. No one seemed perturbed by her presence, on the first look one would likely think her one of those foul creatures that now thrashed and struggles to escape their fate of an eternal binding into the stones. However to think so would be only half right, the warriors and priests had no idea where this being had come from and many stories had been told and re-told but all were in agreement of her only being half demon and half divine, from which race they were not sure, all they knew was she was no threat to them, when she first entered their lives she'd been young, but she grew up with the village, she watched the village grow for generations, never seeming to age much more than early womanhood.

The warrior she stood by was a hero in many villages but his home was here, and he always came back for her, both watched as the demons and the priests battled their wills, trying to force the other back. As the last stone was placed down both the demons and the priests looked their way. The others looked ready to crack at any moment and the half demon knew what needed to be done. With one final look up at her lover she placed her necklace of pale gold into his hand, the solid emerald gleaming in the light as she pressed a delicate kiss to his palm then turned and fled into the ever growing light at the heart of the formation. The largest of the demons tried to send her back with a swipe of his claws and left a gauge across her face, blinding her right eye, but she stopped for nothing and pounced onto the final stone and added her voice to the chants. She could see her beloved staring at her in shock and she smiled for him and made a promise that she would find him again one day.

The light pulsed then all became shrouded with a white glow that left the earth scorched and the men temporarily sightless, all but one who now rested on his knees, staring into the jewel in his hands and openly weeping into his beard. The others had no words to console him and soon left for their own homes, only when the last priest hefted the man up did he move and turn back.


I want the rest of the story to continue somewhere in the modern day with someone discovering the stones used to trap these demons, summoning Akuma from inside the one they take. She can only be seen by the one who picked up the stone and can't touch any living thing other than that person, but she can interact with objects and such and temporarily possess the holder of the stone. I don't mind if it's male or female or even in between. This can lead to some fun moments but what is a good story without something to overcome? In removing the stone from the formation it's left the gate weakened and unleashes the other trapped demons so we can spend the rp rounding up and trapping the demons individually wherever they turn up (in conveniently close places I'm sure) maybe in museums, schools universities or in a tv studio ready for a documentary. In between demon hunting and causing havoc in your character's life I'd like for romance to build up slowly, or perhaps sexual tension. I would prefer this was a longer term rp and dislike when it gets into the sex right away. Pm me if interested please don't post here.

P.S*If you like pm me with your reply to this opening, how you would find one of the stones and where you would take it etc. If I like the idea I'll reply to discuss putting the thread up and where the story should go.
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Re: celts, demons and good ol' mischief.
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2014, 04:33:11 PM »
* Added P.S

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Re: celts, demons and good ol' mischief.
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bump, for re-interest

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Re: celts, demons and good ol' mischief.
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