Futa, Sex School, Incest, and Other Fantastical Worlds.

Started by Mira Willow, January 03, 2014, 01:34:50 AM

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Mira Willow


Welcome to my worlds, adventures, stories and fantasy’s wait. I probably will make isolated threads for each of these. But this is a centralized location for all of the plot/ roleplays I am craving at the moment. There may not be a lot but that is because these are the ones I am truly excited for. I have put a lot of thought into them and I truly hope you enjoy them.

I know there is only a few right now but more are coming. I have a furry one, a MxM and a serious non-sexual focused RP coming. so stay tuned!

A note I always add, is if you want something or everything changed in them, don’t be afraid to ask. Some of the best RPs I ever did where stories made together between partners not just following what I had planned. So If you want info or like any of them PM me and rest assured they are all available. Have fun and go wild ^_^

I have put a summary of each story below it so you can just read that if you hate reading wall of text, they will be listed in red


I will try and keep these simple:

1. Looking for all genders, and you may play as another one other than your own
2. Any size post you want is ok, but try to not write one sentence.
3. I am looking to try male on male story (but I have never done it before)
4. Try to stay in character (I just mean don't jump to sex if you can help it)
5. Be civil (not really a problem for this community)
6. enjoy!

Maria's School for the Gifted: Year One:

The tale of Maria’s academy is one to be heard by all. A dark tale of forbidden sex, experiments, dark magics, and the greatest sex school the world had ever known. Where on a land long forgotten, in a place far away, the next generation would be born anew. Raised in a life of sex and freedom, taught a new way. Stripped of societies fears and made into adults that would change humanity forever.

That is not our story…not yet.

Before Maria’s School for the Gifted was the famous school it is today, it was nothing but a dream. An idea in a young girl's mind, the mind of one 22-year-old girl Maria Stewart.  This is the story of the first year of the school.

In a time where the campus is small and under construction, the staff is tiny and new. Maria doesn't know exactly how to run things. So everyone is going to have to join together if they are going to make the school something to be proud of.  To kick off the first year Maria had to disguise the school from the public eye, so it is made out to be a top of the line U.K. private school. The pamphlets flyers, everything making this point that they are a normal, if not really good school, but then once the student is singed up everything is turned on its head and the truth is revealed. That is not the end of the craziness that is happening at this school, between students going missing, a strange doctor fighting for control, and rumors that the grounds are haunted. Things are going to get darker before they get brighter.

More Detailed Version
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Off the Coast of South Africa is an island known as Tristan da Cunha. What makes this island so interesting is its state of flux. Both United Kingdom and Africa claim ownership over the island yet neither steps in to take command for fear of creating an issue. This is exactly what young Maria was looking for. Maria Stewart was an idealistic and ambitious student, and had in mind what would be known as the largest physiological experiment in human history. And that is just what she did; years later when she had earned the rank of one of the greatest minds in sociology and human sexuality she set out to make a school. But not just any school, a school where sex lives in its very walls. A school where nudity, sex, and perversion are written in every curriculum; where mankind's private world of nasty deeds, and sweet love is made public. For Maria knew what the world was not ready to admit. That if sex was returned to its place as a normal thing, and every day activity, instead of being shunned to the dark recesses of our mind. If only people would view sex as they view jogging, if only they would enjoy their bodies as much as they enjoy a walk in the park. But this idea was too strange to new, to radical. That is why it had to be done in secret. The School would be disguised as a school for the gifted. A top of the line private school, and would seem completely normal until they arrived. No one could know what awaited them...

The world was not prepared for that kind of change, but Maria only had so long to live, and she couldn't wait any longer. Maria turned to the U.K. for the funding and support to run this horribly ambitious project. After two years of arguing and pleading the government finally agreed to support the project as long as it is co-run by Dr. Friederike Verdreht; a man known for his cruelty and his inhuman studies, but unfortunately also known for his effectiveness at getting results. This deal With Dr. Verdreht was done in secret along with the support of Maria's project. But it was the only way they would ever agree to fund such a project as Maria's School. Maria wasn't keen on this idea but she accepted it and pressed forward. Now the school is far from complete. With the first batch of students pouring in, housing for them isn’t even properly set up. The staff doesn’t know how to teach classes like this. And Between dealing with the Doctor’s lab, and having men around to oversee the school for the british government. Add on the rumors that the grounds are haunted, and there are a few issues with students going missing… Things are tough.

But this is where Maria's story ends and your story begins.

What will your journey entail? Will you be a quite student washed away into a world of sex? Or perhaps become popular and ascend the social latter in all sorts of smutty ways. But one thing is sure events are stirring and the dark secrets hidden in the school and it’s grounds will quickly change your life forever. With different groups and clubs on the move, you will have to make a choice on the future of the school and your role in it.

NSFW: Some Uniform designs I came up with.
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Here are a few design concepts for the uniforms, we don't by any means have to go by these. If you want them in normal clothes that fine, or nude all the time, whatever will come up with something. But I thought this might be nice to get the ideas flowing.
Female Uniforms
Male Uniforms
Some fun other clothes (names blocked for spoilers)
Other Uniforms

Maria's School for futanari:

In a world where Futanari are being born all the time a School is created to deal with them. As futanari have an exceptionally large sex drive, the school is built around releasing that in every way possible and learning to control it. As such the classes are designed around sex, anything and everything from masturbation to bondage to oral to intercourse and beyond. But between futanari getting out of control and the school being to new to handle the amount of students joining, there are threats of military stepping in and taking control. All the while student groups are forming to take matters into their own hands. Whatever happens it's going to be fun, sexy and a little crazy. Welcome to the first years of the Futanari Training School.

More Detailed Version
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25 years ago an event occurred that would change the human race forever. New stories covered it as the "Genetic Outbreak" but scientists spoke out to shut this kind of bad wording down. This was no outbreak, it was however bizarre beyond understanding. Left and right children where being born neither female nor male, but a mix of both, a True hermaphrodite not just in small parts, or code, but also with both genitals. They would be known as "futanari" because of this. Never before had the world had a social movement thrust on them so fast, what to call them, how to treat them. It was a nightmare, out of the blue 1 in 10 children where born like this and religious and political movements shot up. Was it ethical to have them forced to pick a gender at birth, was it ok to have them with normal people. World was in a flux about what to do with them, but as they grew into their teenage years the questions faded and harsh reality took fold.

The children born as futanari also came with a cruel biological condition. They shared the sex drive of both their male and female counterparts but increased even beyond that. When they reached teenage years the world witness a horror they could not imagine. Molestation, rape, abuse, and assault where at an all time high. The futanari would quickly become violent and crazed if their sexual urges where not fulfilled or kept in check.

This is where Maria stepped in, a young futa girl in her early twenties with a masters in human sexuality, and a vision for the future. She created a heaven for these lost souls. A school if you will, designed to teach them and give them the proper skills to better handle themselves in everyday life. Everything in their schools from their classes, to the design of the buildings, to their curriculum, to their uniforms, and yes even to their bathrooms. The school would give the students the exposure to sex they desired while also giving them the skills to understand how to control these urges.

This at least that is what she hoped for but Futanari are harder to control than she could imagine and the school is at a point of chaos. To many students are coming in to fast without the resources to work with. And with the military wanting to step in, teachers not knowing how to deal with their students and rumors of a rebellion, things are looking dark. Hopefully though with the help of her students Maria could get the school back on track... if she didn't who knows what might happen.

NSFW: Some Uniform designs I came up with.
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Here are a few design concepts for the uniforms, we don't by any means have to go by these. If you want them in normal clothes that fine, or nude all the time, whatever will come up with something. But I thought this might be nice to get the ideas flowing.
Futa Uniform
Some fun other clothes (names blocked for spoilers)
Other Uniforms

Aunt Bethany:

Jessica was an English Teacher and mother or two. She was as sweet a woman as could be, but she never spent much time with her other family members. Her kids never saw their grandparents or their aunt. This was because Jessica grew up in a very odd nudist colony. One where people where not just nude, but where comfortable with sex. They masturbated out in the open and had sex on the tables in restaurants. Or so the story goes. So as you can tell Jessica wanted nothing to do with that. To bad she died, a car accident on her son’s 16th birthday.

Times got tough for her children after that.

Her son, and his older sister now without a mom, at the most crucial part of their life, and without a parent they had to go to the nearest family member. That was their aunt Bethany. Now Bethany was not like their mom, she was very much a nudist and well a pervert. And she was going to be damned if the children where not as well. If they are going to live with her, they are going to follow her rules.

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Jessica Sallow was a high school english teacher, and single mother. But those titles do not even begin to define her. She grew up with a very strange family. The Sallow house has a huge history of nudists. But not just that they created a nudist colony known as the Sallow Grove that was a place of surreal fantasy. A place of not just nudity but public incest and sex, families and friends could often be seen pleasuring each other in the street or themselves at the local market. So when she had children, Jessica swore off that nonsense. First she had a daughter, then a few years later a son. She raised her children to be normal and didn’t talk much about the rest of their family or her past. She didn’t want them to be a part of that. Sadly that wish could not be granted. As she left this world when her young son turned 16, this made things difficult. Both children had lost their father when they where very little, and now their mother is gone.

After a long court session it was decided that Jessica’s children would live with their aunt Bethany. Only one problem, Bethany is a family member of the old way. Unlike Jessica she not only didn’t renounce the family traditions she loves them. The grove vanished long ago but Bethany stuck to the values of it to this day. Bethany is a VP for a law firm in the southern US. Not huge by any means but big enough to make her rich. You see Bethany owned a mansion and had her own maids; she was not shy by any means of her rich lifestyle. But this afforded her the privacy to live out her life, as her parent’s would have wanted her to.

And as such when the children move in they will have to follow the family traditions. She will give a bit to adapt but she will not be living with people who do not respect the family values. Bethany knew explaining everything would be a bit confusing so she came up with three simple rules to follow that should simply it for the children when they arrive.

1. No clothes are to be worn in the house
        This should force him to get comfy in his own skin.
2. You must be honest, and answer truthfully any question asked.
       She hopes this would allow them to talk more openly
3. Masturbation will only be done in a public space.
        Bethany just wanted her children to understand it is normal, and nothing to be afraid of.  And to fuck her, but all good things in time.


Sarah is a strange “Girl”. Born with both a penis and a vagina, her gender was in question for much of her young life. Her parents tried to raise her as a normal girl but this backfired and she turns into a wild child. Violent, and even sexually aggressive towards everyone around especially her younger brother who on multiple occasions she had sexually assaulted. Nothing terribly outside the range of childhood curiosity, but nevertheless alarming, so her parents Sophia and Phillip Miles seek out a specialist in hermaphrodites in hopes to deal with this. The advice they got was to give Sarah the freedom to explore her body. But they need to be there with her during this to help her understand that she is different, but this is ok. The idea is at first to have a few family meetings their daughter can do whatever she wants with her body. Sophie, Phillip and her brother will be watching and explaining things to her. It will be horribly awkward but they are willing to do this for their girl.

But the problem is, these meeting are not a week long endeavor. They have to go on for several years if not more. This was a problem because they knew no matter how hard they tried to prevent it this would impact their son in more ways then they could count.

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Sarah is a special girl in a difficult time. When she was born her parents knew instantly she was unlike any other girl, in fact that may not be the right term. For Sarah was born with both a penis and a vagina. They argued for a long time if they should to a surgery but finally set their minds on the idea that they would keep her as is and raise her as a normal girl. They thought this was for the best, and that was the wrong choice. They realized very quickly that she didn't act like normal girls; even from a young age she showed a strong tendency towards sexual exploration. Nothing children don't normally do, but just something that worried them. When her brother was born years later things only got worse. She would push him around and be cruel towards him. They tried to teach her to be a lady but she was far too much of a wild child.

Eventually as their children got older they turned to specialist for help. Eventually they came across a Dr. Geils, an expert in hermaphrodites and she offered a strange idea, but one that the parents in sheer desperation tried. "Let her explore her sexuality, under your supervision. She has a body only a rare few have it will take time to get used to and she needs space to do that. Give her freedom to do that, and make sure this is a family thing. You all need to be involved; otherwise she may go to far or get the wrong idea. You may not know how to help her but being there for her in this time of transition is what she needs."

It was crazy, insane and probably illegal...but they needed to try. They just wanted their sweet girl back. The idea was to have family meetings where in she could do whatever she wants. It was awkward even for Sophie and Phillip to think about but they know they need to do it. Honestly that isn’t the weird part. She may be a teenager and watching her do…whatever she is going to do they could handle. It would be difficult but they could manage. Her brother on the hand, he needed to be there. To see her for who she is, and because he is part of the family, but this is going to be damaging to him if they where not careful.