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April 02, 2023, 07:46:19 am

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Author Topic: jacobjon's ideas (M for f)  (Read 813 times)

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jacobjon's ideas (M for f)
« on: January 02, 2014, 04:43:39 pm »
1. A pair of bats: Bruce Wayne is 22 years old and just returned from years spent overseas. Unknown to the public, he spent that time learning everything he could about how to inspire fear and fight crime. Now he is back in Gotham City and has been spending his evenings fighting crime as the Batman. While he has been shaking things up in the city's underworld, he is finding a number of holes in his operation. Spending years over seas taught him how to fight and avoid detection, but his computer skills are severely lacking and he is struggling to be everywhere at once.

Meanwhile, a number of people are being inspired by the Batman's activities. One of the people inspired is Barbara Gordon. Her father considers the Batman a dangerous vigilante, but Barbara thinks he is exactly what the city needs. As Batman continues to make headlines, she starts to wonder how much good a Batgirl could do in addition to Batman.

Batgirl quickly makes her way onto Batman's radar. She is smart enough to hack Bruce's communication network, skilled with technology, and proficient at using her access to the police station to find crime. However, rather than see her as a asset, he sees her as an untrained liability. He tells her time and again that she needs to put a stop to this, but it may already be too late. There is a new player in the Gotham underworld who calls himself the Joker, and he believes that the best way to get at the Batman might be to target his unwanted partner.

I'm looking to do a retelling of Batman's early years and create a romantic relationship between Bruce and Barbara.

2. Breaking Earth's Defenders

The Spectre is a skilled martial artist and inventor who has started to make a name for himself in the underworld. If you want someone to disappear, he is your man. His reputation has reached a point where employers are starting to hire him to deal with the costumed heroes (and some of the villains) who plague their operation. For the right price, the Spectre is more than happy to accept.

What his employers don't know is that he is superhuman himself, born with the ability to drain and copy the powers and skills of people he touches. Each time he takes out a super, he is powerful enough to take on bigger game. Rather than simply kill his targets, however, he works to capture and condition them. Why destroy someone when you can condition them to serve you and please you?

I'm looking for a partner who is willing to play through multiple supers, going through their capture and breaking. I would prefer to stick with Marvel and DC characters, but we can work together to pick characters.
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Re: jacobjon's ideas (M for f)
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