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August 12, 2022, 04:29:20 pm

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Author Topic: Intrest check Forbidden Planet excotic, non con, dark Sci Fi, sandbox  (Read 482 times)

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Scifi semi sandbox so you can throw in your own species as long as they are techno organic or autonomous robotic sapient beings. Since its a sandbox you are free to name any species and even plants that you come up with what ever you want. Massive towering trees with metallic bark, strange flowers that appear to be made of paper thin crystals, large floating transparent jellyfish like creatures, set your imagination lose

Since its near impossible to find any RP based in my favorite fandom so I'm basing a small RP on it. You don't need to know anything about the fandom since its only based off the fandom. I'm looking to make it a small group, of about three people since that's all I can really handle at the moment.

It’s in the very distant future, humans have made their way to the stars to escape their dead planet and mingle among many alien races, some friendly, some not. In the Neutral territory there is a planet that is considered to be off limits to the humans. It’s an untouched paradise of techno organic life, both plant and animal and autonomous robotic sapient beings that want to be largely left alone.

Its full of untapped valuable resources.

Would you dare to break the law and step foot into a forbidden place ripe with resources for the taking? Would you risk everything in the name of science or conquest and be the first to stake claim on an entire planet in the name of Earth so it can be potently stripped or colonized? Earth is dead after all and humans need a new home. Who cares if this one is already inhabited.

Or to try and capture its native inhabitants for less then honorable reasons.  How will the invading humans react to seeing one of the native inhabitants for the first time? What will they do to the native inhabitant?

And its not just the natives and wild life they need to worry about, there are many species of tecno organic plants that have evolved to be very dangerous.

-Possibilities- The human characters crash land on the planet, knocked off course and once they realize where they are, start to make plans to make full use of such untouched resources and potently run-afoul dangerous wild life and need a bit of a helping hand or run across an injured native creature and may not have its best interest at heart

-They find the remains of a human made star ship, that appears to have crash landed there a very long time ago. Its crew obviously didn't survive but it could be full of spare parts and other things they can use.

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