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Author Topic: Inseminating A Comic Book Universe [M lf F, Heavy Smut, Comic Books]  (Read 453 times)

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This is the Mandrill. Born in the shadow of nuclear power and child of the atom, he has powers he's been using to try to take over the world with and failed spectacularly every time.

It isn't like he has bad powers either. He's faster then a normal human, more agile, stronger too. Granted he can only bench a little over a ton - which is superhuman but anyone with a hint of super strength can do that too. His only real power worth taking real notice with is his enhanced pheromones, pheromones that in effect give him a mind control power if it only works on women who are currently being exposed to his musk. Perhaps the worst part of it all is that as a side effect of his mutations he looks kind of like a three way cross between a man, a gorilla, and a mandrill- the brightly colored monkey from which he got his name.

This is the Mandrill and he has just had an epiphany. What was the point? He isn't ever going to take over the world, his powers just aren't up to the task. And the more he thinks of it the more it just sounds like a hassle anyway.

In fact, it occurs to him that for all his world domination attempts with the criminal activity and what he's known for is a rumor that he used his power to sexually assault the Black Widow when he got lucky and she came under his influence- but the truth is that he could of but he was on a time table, all he had time to do to her was watch her change into an identity hiding skimpy outfit before sending her out on a mission.

What was the point? No, no more of the stupid plans and costumes - he was just going to live a life of leisure, just enjoy a world without the word No. And perhaps make up for some lost time...

Alright, so concept is a canon supervillain with a women only mind control power decides to stop using it for stupid plans and just enjoy himself - and enjoying female characters. Willing to mix universes though obviously Marvel has to be involved. Let hijinks ensue.
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Re: Inseminating A Comic Book Universe [M lf F, Heavy Smut, Comic Books]
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2013, 02:11:51 PM »
Alright, while I'm at it I did have a thought about how to play Mandrill's pheromones. Let me know if you have any thoughts.


Mandrill's main power it looks and acts very similar to Mind Control. However, it isn't actually a psychic ability at all but entirely physiological/biochemical in nature. As such there's a list of advantages and disadvantages he has over the normal mind controller.

The most obvious disadvantage is the selectiveness. Mandrill's "mind control" is such that wide bands of the population are completely immune. All males for example. Pre-pubescent female children are also completely immune. Girls start being susceptible to the effect when they officially hit puberty but the effect is a gradual build and usually doesn't reach full strength until 17/18. Similarly the strength of the effect never fades entirely but it does begin to taper off at menopause. It has also has been theorized that exclusively gay women get some resistance while exclusively gay man get more aggressive and violent but Mandrill hasn't noticed.

The big advantages though start with how pay-blockers have absolutely no effect. It looks like a psychic power but it isn't one. It also requires no concentration, or even effort, on his part. Women who enter the area of his musk just fall under his control. There is the relatively minor drawback that to give commands he has to explicitly give his orders to them in a language they understand but they just need to have the impression of being what he wants to get the women to do what he wants. Even more advantageous is that he doesn't have to concentrate on the victims to keep them under his control, just make sure to regularly re-expose them to his musk. How often depends on how strong their willpower is. Stronger wills, shorter times.

It's also worth noting that while female robots are immune, female aliens are not. If the sexual dymorphism is close then so is the biochemistry. Close enough for his pheromones anyway. As a result the only known women with resistance to his power beyond what their biology would suggest are Shanna the She-Devil (immune) and Black Widow (resistant when she concentrates).