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Hey everyone! Thanks for looking at my profile and interests. Take a look through and if you find something you like, please PM me. All of my ideas are set in the world of some fandom, though all use original characters. This area is always under construction as I come up with new ideas, and update the quality of my interests section.

What I'm looking for in a partner!

Primarily what I look for is equal storytelling participation. The quickest, and easiest way for an RP to fail in my opinion is when one writer is pretty much in control of everything while the other just reacts to their partners posts. Just because one of us comes up with the setting or plot, does not mean that they are the only one who can invent twists and turns throughout the storyline.

Somebody who can post with detail, especially physical description, emotions, and reactions. I would like somebody who can at the very least post every other day, and is able to put up 2-3 paragraphs per post pending we aren't in conversation, or in a fight. I encourage anyone who is on the fence about me as a player to take a look at my post history and see if you think our styles will mesh well.

One additional note: If you are interested in RPing with me but do not like the ideas I have below, you do not have to pick one of these! I am more than willing to take a look through your RP ideas and discuss one of those instead!

Sith and The Bounty Hunter (Star Wars RP)
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Setting: Star Wars Universe - Before T.O.R.

For the last 3 generations, the government referred to as The Dynasty has ruled over the universe. The Sith, practitioners of the Dark Side of the force have successfully bent all those who would oppose them and their oppressive regime into complete submission. With all Jedi either dead or deep underground, nobody is left standing to oppose them. A Sith apprentice, near to becoming a master has been discovered to have the unique ability of opening the force potential within sentient beings.

The mysterious power will soon be manipulated by the Dynasty to create a new Sith Order, one capable of controlling the galaxy until the end of time. However such an ability has given the Sith member a deeper understanding of the true balance of the force. The equality between good and evil, light and dark. Understanding that this weaponized use of their power would surely kill him/her, and suddenly realizing what would happen to the universe if allowed, the Sith Apprentice abandons her temple and school and goes on the run.

Our story begins with the Sith Apprentice seeking voyage inside smugglers space station, hidden in the Mid-Rim of the galaxy called The Rusted Colony. There, they find a Bounty Hunter willing to take them to the Outer Rim, where the Dynasty's control is the weakest.

That's it so far. I would be willing to play either the Bounty Hunter who is brought in to this plight of the Sith Apprentice, or the Sith Apprentice. Though I lean a bit more towards the Bounty Hunter character wise. I am really craving this idea! Obviously none of this is set in stone. I like the concept, and want to have it during a timeline where we don't have to be hardcore about history canon.

The Dynasty is meant to be a parallel to the Empire power wise, but theme wise I would like them to be a bit more Japanese Samurai-esk in the appearance of their soldier uniforms, and Storm Troopers.

Please PM me if you are interested!

Some inspirational pictures:

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Hunter's Reunion (Supernatural RP)
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Setting: Supernatural TV Show

So I recently finished watching all of Supernatural again, up to the end of the 5th season. I'd like to throw a RP together with an idea I was developing, and see if anybody is interested. So here it goes! Let me know what you think, and PM me if you're interested in setting something up.

The story would begin in a similar way to the Sam and Dean origin of the show. My character as well as yours were childhood friends, our families extremely close largely due to the fact that both of our fathers were partner hunters. We spent a lot of time on the road, traveling from hunt to hunt, seeing every corner of America until we were old enough to begin training. It became apparent soon enough that the two of us were likely better matched than even our fathers, having an extremely good eye for the detective work involved, as well as the combat skills required. The beginnings of a romance, the extent to which we can decide later, had begun to form.

This lifestyle followed us until our late teens until one day a hunt against a nest of vampires went wrong. The two of us were off doing work in another state on a different case while our fathers were dead set on removing the threat of these vampires from some big town. The intel they had gathered proved to be incorrect, breaking into a haven populated by more than three times the number of suck-heads. Both were killed, and we took the news very hard.

Your character continued hunting afterwards, insisting that our fathers wouldn't want us to give up. However I jumped from the business, either going to college or finding steady work in some yet undetermined location.

It's been 5 years since the night that the two of us split up, and we haven't seen each other since. However one night you suddenly reappear asking for my help. Your new partner has gone missing on a vampire hunt, supposedly one of the last surviving members of that haven our fathers busted into. You need my character's help to find him as he, with the exception of yourself, is the best hunter in the area who isn't busy.

After that initial beginning hunt we can go anywhere with it! Add in more hunts and start our own long-term storyline. Sex will obviously be present in the RP, but the hunts and the story can be the focus.

Rebirth of the Swarm (Starcraft RP)
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Setting: Starcraft

Five years ago to date signifies the victory of general Arcturus Mengsk over the Zerg swarm. With the aid of now General Jim Raynor during the final battle of Korhal, the Terran armies overwhelmed the Zerg infestation.

What was thought to be the final victory for the Zerg at the primary compound of Admiral Mengsk turned horribly when Jim Raynor betrayed the Swarm Queen. The exact details of what events took place during the battle with Mengsk is unknown, however the psionic cry as from every Zerg in the galaxy when Kerrigan was struck down could be felt even in those with only minor psychic ability. Using the momentum of the victory, Mengsk rallied together a counter force capable of whipping the Zerg out completely. After five years of the Admiral’s relentless hunting, the hive mind has been pushed to the edge of extinction.

Now, the last sentient Zerg’s remaining have joined together with one single objective. To find another Queen worthy of their gifts, and strong enough to bring Mengsk’s and Raynor’s armies to heel once and for all.

I am looking for a RP partner willing to fill the role describe above. Whether she is another Ghost like Kerrigan, or some other Zerg-like adaptation of another Terran unit is perfectly fine with me. It’s all dependent on what you would like to have aesthetically and battle-wise with your character. Want to have a Zerg Queen who was once a Goliath pilot, who takes control of Ultralisk’s during combat? Sounds awesome!

I will be both story-telling and playing the supporting Zerg characters who seek and and find their new queen, though specifically who/what will be a secret for now. The large part of the story will be taking back sectors from the humans, and the story that develops as a result. Plus a few pre-determined twists and turns I have for along the way.

The sexual elements of the game will include the monstrous nature of the Zerg race and creatures, so the female player will need to like that sort of thing.

Return of My Angel (Vampire RP)
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Setting: Vampire - World of Darkness

Both of us would play two very powerful, elder vampires living in contemporary Chicago. The story would begin with the Prince of Chicago (played by one of us) recovering an ancient looking coffin from deep within the earth. In reality the other player among the two of us is within it, and they have just finished serving their required sentence in Torpor.

Several hundred years ago you were the Princess of London, and ruled the vampire underworld with an ironfist. You were greatly feared not only because of your harsh temper, incredible strength and merciless outlook on betrayers and weaklings, but also because of your primary enforcer. My character was considered your right hand, a knight to his queen who was willing to do whatever it took to please his Princess. Both of our characters were actually married, and deeply in love with one another.

But then one evening your character performed an act that called down the rage of all the clans you ruled over. We can decide specifically what that was together, however what's important is that because of this terrible act you were removed from your title as Prince. Not only that, but the majority of the clans called for you to be placed into Torpor as punishment. The clan that you belonged too however would not allow such a dramatic power shift so quickly, but when the other clans would not back down from this decision talk of war began to brew.

The conclusion that was drawn was that I would replace you as Prince, but only temporarily. As your husband I obviously had similar beliefs, regardless of the fact that I belonged to a different clan. When your time had been served, you would return and be reinstated back to your title as Prince. In the end this was a solution deemed suitable. You were placed into Torpor, sentenced to three-hundred years of sleep for your crimes.

Now your time is up. I am in fact still the Prince of the city, and with your return and punishment served there is talk of whether I will back down from the position.

So that's the premise. Let me know if you have any additions or questions. I was going to play my character as a Ventrue. Feel free to comment or PM me if you're interested.

Cyborg Partner
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Setting: Ghost in the Shell inspiration

The heavy inspirations for this game are Ghost in the Shell, Neutral City, iRobot or Shadowrun. This game would take place in a slightly futuristic setting where cyber modifications and virtual reality hacking are extremely common, especially among the military and police forces.

One of our characters would be a veteran officer of the local police department inside a big city. Around this time HEI-TECH Industries, short for Human Enhancement Initiative, has just released the first fully functional human cyborg. Previously cyborgs have existed however physically speaking they look extremely mechanical with very little ,other than their humanoid shape, similar to humans. The veteran police officer, with a slight aversion towards progressing technology, has just been partnered with the newest and best model of HEI-TECH cyborgs. Physically appearing completely human, but in every way the perfect soldier.

We can explore the idea of story hooks for them, though initially I am thinking anti-cyborg resistance groups and terrorist organizations having a big influence.

Character development wise I would like there to be a lot of explanation of social norms. Like the cyborg was only programmed with enough information to make them competent during mission briefing, but nothing further than that. I imagine that a romance would develop between the two as time progresses.

This idea could also work in a more military setting, if police does not interest you.

A Lonely Homecoming (Assassin's Creed RP)
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Setting: Assassin's Creed

After recruiting many young and skilled Assassin's, Ezio has left Rome to continue his journey elsewhere. His disciples are now controlling the Brotherhood of Rome, and for a few years the skill and devotion of these students was something to be envied. But now the young and beautiful aristocrat Eva Alessio has arrived at the gates of the city with a small army of hired swords. The current governor has fallen for her charms, and the once grand city is all but hers. The people suffer at the hand of her mercenary band, and what was once great is now beginning to crumble.

After months of careful planning the Brotherhood decides to strike on Eva, determined to kill her and the mercenary generals in one swift action. Before they can execute their plan however, the sanctity of the Brotherhood's home is broken when scores of Eva's men come charing in, putting everyone who fights to the sword. Two veteran assassin's return from a mission overseas to discover that their friends and peers have been slaughtered by this strange woman. It is up to them to find a way to stop Eva Alessia, and return their organization to it's former numbers.

Truthfully this game could be played in any setting if there would be a preference towards doing it in a more pirate-like setting such as the most current installment of the Assassin's Creed series.

The story will be progressed forward in equal parts by me and whoever would like to participate!

Trapped in a Fantasy (Sword Art Online RP)
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Setting: Sword Art Online

The game will begin roughly a year into the beginning of players becoming trapped in Sword Art Online. After having progressed through nearly half of the floors, the front line of the main and most powerful guild Blade of the Titans has gone completely missing when progressing to the 52nd floor. Obviously in a world such as this, that pretty much means that they have been killed against the enemies of the floor.

The unusual trouble is though that unlike all prior floors, this one can only be progressed into during one of the game's 'Special Holidays'. Meaning anyone is able to pass through the floor portal, but only for 24 hours on a commonly accepted video game holiday. We would begin roughly a week prior to Halloween.

One of our characters is a high ranking member of the Blade of the Titans, who has decided that a quick recon with one other person during the open period would be more beneficial than throwing another wave of players against an unknown enemy. Given the obvious danger involved this player decides to recruit one of the top ranking Solo players on the 51st floor as added protection. The Blades of the Titan are known for their in-game wealth and equipment, whose support would be a tempting offer for any Solo player.

That's that basic premise to start the game off with. As with my other ideas, I'm open to playing either one of the two characters that I explained here. Also, we can change any details if there's an element to the story you would like to add, or remove. Currently I'm thinking that the entire 52nd floor can be themed for that holiday, making entering on Halloween a rather exciting and creative playground.

Let me know if you are interested! If this goes well I could see it progressing into a long term game where the two players and the people they meet along the way try to beat the game.

City on Lockdown
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Setting: Batman inspiration

Similar to Gotham, Nexus City is one of the largest and most congested metropolitan areas in the entire world. As such, it's level of crime is far greater than anything the local N.C.P.D could ever hope to keep under control. Masked vigilantes, both good and bad run amok within it's borders.

The game would begin when the plot of a Nexus villain referred to as The Sage is suddenly set into action. There are many independent superheros in Nexus City, however all of them have one thing in common, each wants to be better than the rest. Several of the Sage's agents attack during one of the city basketball games. Eager to help those civilians trapped inside, the large majority of these heroes go sweeping into save the day. Unfortunately, The Sage detonated the explosives he had set in the building anyway, killing thousands of civilians and most of the heroes anyway.

Moments later bombs explode situated on all major entrances and exits to and from Nexus City. The airport, bridges, underground tunnels and main ferry's are all destroyed, leaving the island metropolis cut off from the major world. Now, with the spine of the good guys broken, the villains are free to cause whatever destruction and mischief they desire, all while abiding by the leadership and tenants The Sage has laid out, referred to as his “Great Future”.

Our characters are both heroes who either survived, or were in some way disposed during the initial crisis. They have to find a way to defeat not only The Sage, but the other villains as well.

So that's the general idea. I'm not exactly pleased with the idea of the basketball game deathtrap, but I had difficulty thinking of some intelligent means to wipe out a large chunk of the super heroes all at once. If you have a better thought let's put it in!

I would like for my partner in this game to (obviously) be another hero, however I would like to keep it restricted to something that could at least somewhat make sense in the context of the real world. Think like the new Batman movies, or the WB show Arrow. All of the villains and heroes could make sense, even if they are a bit of a stretch.

Let me know if you are interested!

A Story About Treasure
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Setting: Borderlands (Pandora)

The idea that I have here is, similar to the story of the first game, a Treasure Island-esk story about the two characters hunting down some vast treasure. One of our two characters is a prisoner in one of Pandora's maximum security facilities. The exact reason why can be determined whenever we choose who is playing that character. This person also happened to be the cell-mate of a notorious Bandit Lord who spent his entire career stealing from corporation facilities and transports.

His career was ended abruptly after he was captured by the Hyperion faction, and placed into the same cell as your character. They discovered after wards however that the bounty of this Bandit Lord's career had been hid away somewhere on Pandora. Unbeknownst to the character in the cell, the Bandit Lord actually tattooed a map to the treasures location on your body. The end result a full body series of symbols and designs that, to the untrained eye, would just look like a regular design. Years later, when the Bandit Lord finally died in prison, your character is being shipped via prison train to some Hyperion base for questioning by one of their highest ranking generals.

The other player is a Pandora treasure hunter/bounty hunter, who through whatever means discovered the Bandit Lords plot to hide the map in plain sight. The RP would begin with that character breaking the other out from the Hyperion prison transport in order to get the map, and eventually find the treasure.

Long term I see these two characters eventually developing a partnership relationship, with it maybe starting with the treasure hunter character seeing the prisoner as more of an object than a person.

Pokemon World
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Setting: Pokemon - Custom World

Nothing too specific here yet. I am very interested in starting up a Pokemon set game where we would be traveling friends (with possibly a third NPC/PC). Or, one of us could play the starting Pokemon for the other person if there is a preference for a more bestiality type kink.

I would love to flesh out this idea with another person!

Quest for the Galaxy (Mass Effect RP)
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Setting: Mass Effect Universe

Nothing too specific here yet. I just love this setting and universe, and would love to discuss setting something up with another player.

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Bumping request thread, looking for some additional RPs
“Also I've seen that movie, if they're any similar to it, then those guns do not fuck around, please take cover“
- scribus1000


Hello. I was wondering if you'd be interested in trying some rp's for The Flash or SPN. We tried some once, but I guess you got busy. And I figured that I'd reach out and see if you were interested and had the time.


Intro post for a new RP idea! It’s kind of a Xcom styled alien invasion type thing. Very interested in playing this with someone!

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Commander Dragus Holt, or “Dragon” per his call sign, never felt comfortable in the mission briefing room. When he was by himself, like he was now, the room felt cold. Too many bad memories of intelligence briefings wherein he and the other members of the 7th milita resistance unit learned about and discussed the sudden decline of the human race. He sat at the end of a long, oval table. Speaking directly with a holo projection of a man whose facial features were cloaked in shadow. “Do you understand your orders, Commander” the man asked in a voice that was heavily modified by artificial tones and levels. The man’s voice, like his face, was impossible to identity.

“Yes General, understood. Loud and clear” he noted without bothering to mask his discontent at the new mission outlined in the data packet that had just been transferred to his tablet device. Without any further comments or polite goodbyes the General turned off the connection. The call turned off, replacing the mysterious figure with a blinking red DISCONNECTED text stretching across the projected hologram. Dragus turned off the connection, and sighed. He’d been frowning so much now that it was starting to get wrinkles around the corners of his eyes. As well as headaches. Right now he could feel one coming on, and no amount of absent massaging at the side of his temples was going to make this doozy go away. Dr. Garza had told him they were due to stress, and prescribed a powerful set of meds to help compensate. “I need a vacation” he mumbled. Shutting off his end of the call and standing to leave.

Six months ago, almost to the day, the Earth had been invaded by a alien force now officially referred to as “The Conclave”. Ever since the invention of indoor electricity humanity had assumed our endless pursuit of technology would keep us at the top of the food chain. It worked, but we’d never accounted for something threatening us to come from the stars. At least not until we’d started exploring what else the universe had to offer. Unfortunately not preparing for that sort of catastrophic event was probably one of the biggest mistakes our species would ever make. Maybe one of the last ones as well, considering how things were going. Nobody could have predicted that aliens with tech that made us look like we were still back in the Stone Age would show up and lay us low. The first month had been utter chaos. The shit of pure nightmares.

In order to ‘pacify’ our species The Conclave began their assault by introducing a new virus to our ecosystem. After the first week over half the global population was dead. After the second nearly a tenth had transformed in to mutated creatures that tore apart anything that wasn’t one of them, or worse. Intelligence assumed that whatever The Conclave wanted with their planet it wasn’t to enslave humanity as a work force. They didn’t seem to care how many of us died or in were turned. Truthfully Dragus didn’t think the alien’s intentions here were important, at least not now. They wanted us dead, one way or another.

Somehow the intelligence networks every country meticulously constructed to spy on their neighbors remained intact. Petty squabbles like religion and oil suddenly weren’t a big priority anymore. Everyone world leader seemed able to get behind the idea that we needed to unify if we were going to have any chance of surviving. After combining financial and technological resources the world leaders founded the “Militia Divisions”. A organization of elite operations groups made up of the best minds in science, engineering, military and medical fields. Dragus had been reassigned from his Delta Force group fighting mutants, and joined up with the 7th Militia two months ago. Ever since his responsibilities had gone from leading counter-attack operations against Conclave strongholds, which looked like buildings straight out of his favorite Sci-Fi movies, to search and rescue, intelligence gathering, capture or demolition of alien tech, and pretty much anything else that the faceless Generals leading this shit-show thought was important.

Trying to look on the bright side of things Dragus recognized that it wasn’t all bad. The 7th Militia had more resources and advanced equipment then Dragus had ever thought he would see in his lifetime. Almost overnight, after Earth scientist got their hands on some Conclave technology, humanity lept forward centuries in military tech. The current base of operations for the 7th-M was an underground network of tunnels facilities located just east of the Rocky Mountains. In the last 3 months Dragus had seen the 7th-M engineers build out everything from genetic modification facilities, cybernetic implant research facilities, hangars, and living quarters for military and civilians alike. As well as the 7th-M grow under his leadership from a single team of a dozen troopers to a small town. Everyone worked, everyone had a expertise that they could utilize. Whether it was a PHD or just cleaning and cooking. In the apocalypse, everyone had a role to play.

Picking up his datapad Dragus exited the meeting room. Pressing down on a the comm. button located on the door panel, and making a station wide announcement. “This is Dragus. We’ve got a new mission. All personnel report to the command deck at” he checked his watch “0600”. That gave him about two hours to maybe get to grab a bite to eat and some shut eye if he was lucky.

At a glance Dragus looked much older than he actually was. The man had rich, thick black hair that had turned a salt and pepper color partially due from stress, partially from genetics over the last few years. At least he would never go bald. He wore a set of military attire, plain white form fitting shirt that hugged his large muscular frame with camo pants and black boots. He was tall. Very tall in fact, a few inches north of 6 foot with a matching physic and a series of tattoos down his arms and along the curve of his neck which made the Commander look like he belonged in a Russian mob movie, and not in command of one of the last bastions of humanity.

His stomach grumbled. “Eat first”. Proceeding down the hallway from the mission briefing room Dragus’s feet echoed loudly off the grate floor. Entering in to an elevator at the hallway, and proceeding down two floors to the ‘living quarters’ section.
“Also I've seen that movie, if they're any similar to it, then those guns do not fuck around, please take cover“
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Bumping my interest thread! I'd like to start writing again, and looking for some partners to start doing one-on-ones with.
“Also I've seen that movie, if they're any similar to it, then those guns do not fuck around, please take cover“
- scribus1000