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June 19, 2018, 11:40:23 AM

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Author Topic: I only have one year to remind you of our love ((Look for M FF10 partner)) revam  (Read 498 times)

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Offline Cathreen DawinterTopic starter

This craving has been very very strong and I have been looking almost everywhere so I really hope I can find someone here. Looking for someone who would be willing to play Auron from final fantasy 10. I don't care if its young or old Auron. I have a story idea in mind and here it is. I hope someone enjoys. Just so it is clear I would like to play an oc with Auron though for the right person this is open to being worked with.

The character I would be playing

Name:  Sasami
Occupation: Former chocobo knight currently clothing designer with her own shop
Age: Currently open for partners liking
Sex: (yes please lol) Female
Appearance ( )
Personality: She is very loyal to people not giving a second thought to sacrificing for them. Normally she is somewhat of a quite person unless something strong stirs her emotions then she is anything but quite. She always sees herself as being a lady even with being a knight.

History: She was once a highly regarded, highly respected chocobo knight known for her bravery. Her and her chocobo Phoenix where inseparable until a failed mission against a chocobo eater. Phoenix was killed and Sasami was seriously injured leaving her with a slight permanent limp. This mission was something she always blamed herself for. Her body recovered quickly even if her mind and spirit floundered. She left wandering Spira looking for a chance at redemption. When she met Yuna she found her redemption.

Story idea

The story line I have in mind would take place some time after the events of the game (Final fantasy 10 not Final fantasy 10-2). The eternal calm was three years ago and it ushered in a new era of prosperity and growth. Spira had changed so much but what she felt for the legendary guardian had not. They had all traveled together and it was in those times he had won her heart. Their affair had been secret but passionate in those times they could be alone. When he was sent her heart was broken. Sad words of goodbuy never had the chance to be spoken to the only man she loved. Years passed and her heart had grown cold, She cursed his name and the fact she never felt those same soft feelings for him in the first place. Still the thoughts of him where not the only things that clouded her mind. Threats against her life and a few attempts drew her attention from her lamination of her love. The one that sought her life a rival businessman whom she had denied a business merger.

Auron had one chance to regain a place with the living. A challenge that seemed impossible. A higher being then Yevon had watched Auron interested in the guardians life. He presented Auron with a choice. Spend the remainder of his after life in the Farplane or be returned in a living body to try to set right the heaviest thing on his heart. He chose the second. For one year he would be alive again and had the possibility to regain the remainder of his years if he could win back the woman who had stole his heart.

Example of possible first post

It had been three years. Three years since the eternal calm had been brought to Spira and people could learn a life without the the constant threat of Sin. After the journey to defeat Sin she had moved to Luca. Someplace away from everything and everyone she had known. Her only hope was for a fresh start to her life. The life of a guardian was far behind her she had started a small clothing shop and had done surprisingly well. So well that more then a few had offered to purchase her shop. All of which had been quickly refused. As of late though there had been more then a few strange accidents that had made her worry about how serious they where planing on becoming. These where the same reason she started to carry a small knife with her. Even though she didn't have to anymore every morning she would go into the shop and work the day away. It helped keep her busy and it helped keep her mind off of him. The red coated guardian that had stole her heart and then disappeared into her memories.

Leaning against the railing she looked out over the ocean as the sun started slowly creeping over the horizon. Her lips quickly turned down to a deep set frown seeing a red flag fluttering in the morning breeze. She hated that color. It reminded her of too much. Red was the color that would have described the passion between them, red was the color he had managed to turn her cheeks so often with a word or a touch, red was also the color of the anger she felt towards him for not telling her. She was mad at him for leaving without giving her a chance to say goodbuy, for not telling her that he had died. Most of all though red was the color of his coat that he had wrapped around her that first night they had kissed. Red reminded her too much of him.

Sasami let a small sigh slip out of her lips as she slowly stood straight giving one last look to the ocean as she pulled her shawl a little tighter around her. Warm brown hair tied back in a bun framing a delicate face. One that would be hard to picture belonging to a knight. Slowly she turned from the ocean and the painful memories that color brought heading towards her shop. Maybe the one refuge she had left. Her eyes remained on the stone walkway as she traced the familiar path. One she walked every morning and back every night. Her mind still tracing over the contour of his face. Over the scar on his eye. Her skin still remembering the feeling of his hands. She was angry at him. She hated him but she also missed him beyond measure.
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