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Started by JuliaInNJ2007, August 07, 2008, 12:24:34 PM

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What I'm looking for now --

You are a well-known, very successful football coach known for a fiery temper and no-nonsense behavior. However, the past two or three seasons the team hasn't met expectations. Your team has recently hired a new GM, whom you do not like at all, and you're locked in a power struggle with him.

I'm a reporter who covers the team, new to the beat. And in order to cement my place -- it's a man's job, and I have to deal with a lot of those issues -- I'm interested in doing whatever I can to get the best quotes and scoops.

We end up having a quid-pro-quo relationship.

What I'm looking for -- we arrange a deal, with you dictating the rules. You'll give me what I want, as long as I write whatever you order me to write. And, in addition, to prove I'll do just that I have to show you my "loyalty" however you see fit. You use me to slowly regain the power you had on the team.

I'd like to have sexuality with this, but would also like to include the office politics dynamic as well.