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April 10, 2021, 08:18:10 pm

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Author Topic: Odd Revisting Of One Of My Favorite Roleplays ((F for Dom M))  (Read 439 times)

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Offline AngiTopic starter

Odd Revisting Of One Of My Favorite Roleplays ((F for Dom M))
« on: December 28, 2013, 09:53:22 pm »
Alright, so first off let me start by saying I rarely make these threads because I'm horrible at coming up with initial plot ideas. That being said, this time it's not even my initial idea so this still holds true, unfortunately.

A few years ago I started a roleplay with someone over messenger after finding them on another roleplay forum site. It quickly became one of my favorite all time roleplays I have started and the top of the list of those I regret never finishing. A good ways into it, the male I was roleplaying with stopped coming online and I never really heard from him until a few weeks after we had last posted, and at this point he informed me that it had died for him and he was no longer interested. Of course I could not understand this, as I was glued to my computer constantly throughout the entire period and thought one of the more detailed and, fucked up honestly, roleplays I had participated in and it still had many different directions it could go! Sadly, I let it go though... No point continuing with someone who isn't fully up to it, right?

Anyways, now I will tell you some of the details of this roleplay, though I would love if someone would be willing to start off from me fresh from where the person before and I started and hopefully branch out from there in even better directions.

It was one of your usual kidnapping, slave/Master, etc roleplays... In theory... I was truly craving one of these at the time and found someone to bounce ideas off of. We started off in very a cliche way, a trip by some older male to a underground slave trade. A younger girl, 18 or 19, was purchased and from then things got different than usual in my experience. The thing I loved most about this roleplay was the pure sadistic nature involved. The guy's character had no end to the torment he put this girl through.

She was let loose in the woods outside his house and hunted like wild game. She was almost drowned in the bathtub he finally let her bathe in. Electro torture was involved, as well as psychological and many more fun things. Eventually we came up with a twist based on random details I'd thrown out about her past to where she found she still had family living and was forced to visit them alongside him, never allowed to say a word or let on who she was or who they were. It was so deliciously evil. I was having so much with this roleplay and never wanted it to end so soon and I would be lying if I said it hadn't haunted my mind since as well as a few random fantasies due to replaying scenes in my head as much as I could remember.

So, my purpose in this thread is to see if anyone out there is interested in doing a seemingly cliche at first scenario on the boards, but with full intent to flesh it out into an entirely different scenario. I love building characters and their backgrounds and weaknesses and fleshing them out fully and I would be starting out completely fresh with this one as well. I really hope someone out there is up for this and will let me know by either replying here or PMing me.

I'm really really hoping to get something started again like in the past!


My Ons and Offs on here are not quite updated, as I haven't been around in a while, but I will put a few of the biggest here just for reference.

-Proper grammar and punctuation; Though I personally have trouble with paragraphs and commas so a little leniency is always due both ways.
-Sadistic characters
-Light to extreme torture both physical and psychological
-Interesting people behind the characters; I don't like to play with robots >>
-Plot Twists
-Twist ideas

-Overly picky partners when it comes to structure and grammar, etc.
-Silent partners
-Fluffy posts.
-More if I can think of it...