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Author Topic: Endless Eiselmann m for f  (Read 862 times)

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Endless Eiselmann m for f
« on: December 26, 2013, 05:44:04 pm »
My ones and off link is not up yet will sort out soon.

suffice it to say my offs are anything to do with a toilet, male on male, cross dressing.

 My ons are pretty much everything else , if I haven't done something I'm happy to explore it. I do however have a strong preference for my characters being younger and while I would always prefer to write for a 16 year old when writing for a teen that's not a hard and fast rule so if 16 doesn't do it for you I can play them as an 18 year old.....also I love multiple women on a single male if I can have at least one sex scene of that it adds to the story for me (but again not an absolute)

Celeb-young rom -pregnancy

Your character is a young celebrity (16-23) who on advice from her doctor takes a two week break from Hollywood and heads to a small quiet home owned by a friend near a lake in the middle of a forest. Also at the lake is a teenage boy with his family. He has absolutely no idea who you are.(and you accept that without revealing your fame)

The story will be in two parts with my character showing you how to be have fun and be a teenager (I'll play his family as NPC) at some point preferably after a week the friendship will become sexual.

Two months later you discover you're pregnant and there begins the second part of the story , your agent and family tell you that you either have to find the boy who got you pregnant and marry him or they'll find a someone in the entertainment industry .....only problem all you have is a name and a town for my character (we forgot to exchange email addresses)...that and what happen from there on is the second part of the story

I would prefer my character to be 16 but happy to make him 17-18.

As for the celeb happy for it to be made up but would prefer it to be AnnaSophia Robb, Victoria Justice, Emma Watson or Jennifer Lawrence.

Servitude -some non con

Your character was the alpha female at High School , dated the quarterback , went to college and life continued to be wonderful, everything good happen to you , coming out of college you met and married your dream man and for a few more years life was great....then it started to unravel hubby had a massive gambling problem and borrowed money from less than honest to save everything you had you have to ask for help from the one person who can help you.

My character, one of your closest friends before high school however once at high school you treated him with distain and ignored him.

HIs price ...your help for one find him a wife or force you to divorce your husband and marry him..(for each week it takes you have to have sex with my character once)..only problem is my character has almost zero appeal and no social skills when it comes to you have a lot of work.

The idea is that this has a lot of comic elements mixed in with the idea that at some point as you improve my character you begin to fall for him.
Imagine both characters 25-28 open to your character being a mother.

3) Age play-
Your character is married to a successful powerful man as a trophy wife, when you become pregnant he demands you terminate the baby as it will ruin your figure and without that you're of no use to him, when you refuse he beats you up , confines you and tells you when the bruising goes away he'll drive you to an associate who will get rid of the kid. When an opportunity arises you flee.

 A year later you find yourself in the small town of Lakeview, with a 6 month old child, with the last of your money, you now your husband is on your tail , he wants you back without the kid. On your first day in this 'quiet town of five hundred a group of bikers show up and cause trouble , overwhelming the local sheriff , then a young man involves himself and moments later six powerful bikers are lying in the street in agony , you have never seen anything like it and realise you might have found a protector .....there's only one problem , well two actually ....he's not a young man but a boy and he has a price for his aid.

My character is the boy, I'd like him to be 16 happy for him to be 18, he lives in Lakeview with his elderly grandfather and his price for helping your character , sex...lots of it when ever he likes....however you need to know he'll do anything to protect you and your need him to fall in love with you.

I'll play the part of the husband as an npc when he comes into play.

4) Celeb -rom

It was a silly little promotion, 12 leading sportswomen who endorsed an energy drink were to go on a date with a fan , 48 hours , local hotel booked for the star, smile for the photos ,hold hands look like you're enjoying yourself, and one kiss on the cheek for that 'special' photo.

There was no obligation (and for the most part no intention) to do more...if anything happened it had to happen because the star allowed it.

All the young fan had to do was be between 18-25 and write in 100 words or less what they would do on their two day date. (the promotors assured their would be back ground checks done before the winner was announced , the winner also got a thousand dollars towards the date.


Except the celeb  wasn't supposed to love being around them and their family and friends and most definitely wasn't supposed to want to see them again and fall in love

Happy for the sportswoman to be of any code, and be a real sports star or made up.

My character will be between 18-22 and live in a small town seemingly in the middle of no where, open about the age of your character but prefer 18-27 looking at writing the date and then the issues around continuing a sporting career that takes you around the world while trying to build a relationship that feels right (happy for your character to be bi and perhaps in a casual relationship with another woman but that's more preference than requirement)
Pm if interested please more than a line a time....2-3 paragraphs where possible posting speed will vary but be 2-3 times a week more often than not.

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Re: Endless Eiselmann m for f
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Re: Endless Eiselmann m for f
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Re: Endless Eiselmann m for f
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Re: Endless Eiselmann m for f
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