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May 28, 2018, 03:03:49 AM

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Author Topic: She Will Be Loved~(VIRGIN MALE NEEDED)  (Read 340 times)

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Offline lovveeTopic starter

« on: December 25, 2013, 02:01:05 PM »
Name: Selena Jones
Age: 19
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"Your late again Ms. Jones." Her teacher said loud and clear so that everyone in the lecture hall could hear. Selena sighed and rolled her eyes he didn't even glance at her and he knew that it was her. "Sorry i-" she started but then he cut her off "Ah no excuses take a seat and try to catch up on notes and i assume you will do well on this test tomorrow and do well to being on time for class tomorrow as well?" He asked with a stern voice as he spoke and watched her take her seat as did everyone else. "Yes sir..." she mumbled. She could feel everyone's eyes on her for the short moment of silence before he continued his lecture. She looked around and could see a few girls glaring daggers at her 'Ouch if looks could kill...' she said to herself silently. The boys just gave her assuming her reason for being late was that she had been caught up in a little before class make out session which was only partially true. Selena was usually late because of the people she slept with and almost all of the guys around her part of campus knew who she was and knew what she was about. Selena was a very nice girl she was sweet and caring but she couldn't resist her sexual urges and desires when it came to some. Most of the guys she did sleep with only stayed the night for the morning sex. She may not have been particularly great at it but obviously she was good enough that they kept coming back. There was more to her than just a pretty face and sex but that's all most of the guys and girls on campus saw her as. A slut, a whore and nothing more. She wasn't always a sexual deviant it all started when she started college and began going to parties and study groups or whatever else they disguised sexual meetings as in the first couple of months. All of her boyfriends wanted her for sex no more no less and once she said no it was over before she knew it. After going.through three boyfriends one of which she didn't have sex with she just started giving blow jobs and hand jobs only to keep her risk of catching something down.

All through out her professors lecture she reminisced about her high school years and that one boyfriend that took her virginity. They'd been together for a year and half and he finally talked what use to be a sweet and innocent Selena into having sex for the first time. Only warning her of the pain and not the devastating heart break he was going to cause her. After he took it from her he broke up with her a few weeks later he said that they had grown apart when in all honesty Selena felt closer to him than she had ever felt since they started dating and for him to dump her when she was at the peak of her feelings for him devastated her. She had just turned 18. She didn't have a boyfriend for the rest of her high school years. She figured that no man would love her for her and instead would only go after her because of her looks. She vowed to never let anyone else hurt her like that and so far she was doing a good job of not getting close to anyone. The only thing she was afraid of was catching feelings but she was almost positive that something like that wouldn't happen to her...that only happened in movies right? Or maybe not. After her professor ended his lecture Selena decided to go to lunch even though it wasn't her lunch period and skipping would mean more punishment she was okay with that. She gathered her stuff and ran a hand through her long sandy blonde locks. She wore a shirt that hung off one shoulder and leggings that outlined her toned tush and flats to compliment her cute look for today.

On her way there she saw a guy she didn't recognize on this side of campus maybe he was lost or new. She stared at him for a moment and he was in the direction she was headed so she decided to help him out. As she got closer she realized how cute he was. Every girl on this side of campus would be all over him if they figured out where he was staying. " you look kind of lost." She said with a smile. His confused state made him look even cuter. "I'm on my way to lunch if you want you can join and maybe i can help you with whatever your looking for." She offered just being nice for now. A lust hadn't manifested in her yet like she knew it would eventually and when that time came she'd seek him out. "Oh I'm Selena by the way its a pleasure." She said holding her hand out to him.

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