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December 13, 2019, 05:43:35 AM

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Author Topic: Beacon's Light - RWBY Roleplay  (Read 800 times)

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Beacon's Light - RWBY Roleplay
« on: December 23, 2013, 05:18:12 PM »
Hey, new here, hope that's cool.  Anyways, I've been wanting to start a RWBY roleplay, I was in one on a previous site that's been down for days, so I thought I'd start one here.  I've seen only one other that's RWBY related, but I believe it's a different format than the original, so I thought I'd make a more normal one.  As normal as RWBY can get, anyways.

First off, I'd very much like it to be AU, but with similar themes to the source material without necessarily being the same people/groups.  Things like White Fang and the Schnee Dust Company can stay, I suppose, but I'd rather not have canon characters in the roleplay.  I just feel weird manipulating other people's characters who aren't directly involved in the roleplay. >~< If this a problem, please let me know, I'm open to discussion.

So, if this gets off the ground, I'll be GM.  However, if possible, I'd like a couple skilled/interested roleplayers as Co-GM's, as I believe collaboration is paramount for making a large but cohesive story and that I'm not always certain that I'll have regular time to officiate.  So, things like discussing plot points and future storylines for the roleplay, approve new characters, keep the OOC from getting to crazy (in a bad way), and progressing the story when relevant players are ready.  If people start joining, I'll ask for volunteers when the story gets further along and I can see the styles of people posting.

Alrighty, guess I'll get into the main starting storyline, peppered with info about the world.


In the world of Remnant, the people have been fighting against a dark enemy for countless generations.  These creatures are known as "Grimm," monstrous beasts that are ruthless and destructive.  There was a time when hope for survival was nonexistent, but then Nature gave its blessing to the people of the world, in the form of energy crystals known as "Dust."

Grimm attacks became more manageable, as skilled Grimm fighters known as "Hunters" grew in number and strength.  Years went by, four kingdoms grew, and mankind could progress and move further toward its destiny, with major advancements in Dust weaponry and technology.  Schools were built to better instruct a new generation of Huntsmen and Huntresses.  Beacon of Vale, Shroud of Vacuo, Zephyrus Academy of Mistral, and Northrock of Atlas.  Besides Hunter preparatory schools and academies of smaller scales, these four are the most widely known schools of each region.  Each have their own strengths in relation to the others, but despite friendly rivalries, their relationship is on good terms.  They all are defending humanity from monsters, of course.

There, the students learn all the can to combat Grimm.  Besides powerful and complex Dust based weaponry, they are instructed in the use of Aura, a great internal power held by those beings with a soul.  Increased strength, defense, healing, as well as unique powers fueled by the person's Aura, knowledge in this is just as important as Dust combat.  Aura is the source of magic in the world, and while long ago it wasn't enough to contain the Grimm hordes, it is an indispensable tool in a Hunter's repertoire.

But Grimm aren't the only enemies in Remnant.  A section of humanity exists, that bear animal features such as ears, tails, wings, etc.  These Fauna have been discriminated against in the past, and is a source of much tension between human groups.  A protest organization, known as White Fang (If people want to keep it) was started long ago to try and stop the unfair treatment in the Faunus community.  But protest walks and demonstrations weren't enough for some of its members, and White Fang underwent a transformation.  Under new leadership, its practices changed from peaceful protests to violent terrorist activities.  Bombings of Dust companies that employ cheap Fauna labor, attacks on public figures who've spoken against White Fang's activities, even some humans who haven't been racist against Fauna have found themselves in White Fang's path or destruction.

In retaliation to White Fang's new way of operating, some normal humans decided to come together to speak out on the subject.  This new human rights group took the name "Black Claw" to show their firm opposition against White Fang's actions.  However, despite Black Claw's lofty goals, they're not taken very seriously, even by their "nemesis" White Fang.  They basically pencil pushers who hand out pamphlets and hold conferences, but after years of ineffectiveness, some members are growing frustrated.  They're soon to have a change in leadership, one that might ironically lead them down the same violent path White Fang took.

Of course, violent groups aren't the only organizations in the world.  Beacon is involved with several Dust technology companies, that donate technology for weapon manufacturing and other facilities that Beacon offers.  One such company is run by a Beacon alum, Regina Malarum, a top-level Huntress who went into business rather than Grimm hunting to help the Hunters of tomorrow.  Ferrous Manufacturing is one of the top companies in weapon design and creation.  Right behind them is North Pole Industries, led by Cristoff St. North.  While they're goods aren't as advanced as FM, and even though they don't manufacture high-end weaponry like FM does, they keep pace by having more reasonably priced technology and a high productive rate.  Both companies are very well respected and are always furthering their advancements in Dust technology.

And they wouldn't get very far without Dust to power their machines.  Besides the Schnee Dust company (If people want to keep that in), the Coulson Corporation is their main competitor in Dust mining and excavation.  Liege Coulson has been the CEO for many decades, a former alum of Beacon as well, but as long since hung up his weapons in favor of a desk job.  His three sons, however, are more than willing to continue the Huntsmen tradition.  One is an established Hunstmen right now, another is almost ready to graduate Beacon, and the youngest is about to enter his first year.


Alrighty, I think that's all the possible relevant info.  Can change names and things a bit if people really want, just let me know so we can discuss it.  Any other info might be how the other academies are run, and who the Faculty is at Beacon.  I'll give a CS for people, so they can set up character if they like.  If I have a problem with your CS, I'll tell you, but it's doubtful that there'll be so huge an issue that the character won't be able to join.  But while I'm willing to compromise, I still need to approve of a character before you can join. 

There will be other bad guys 'sides White Fang, Black Claw, and Grimm, but they'll be revealed as the roleplay progresses.  Please let me know if you'd like to make a faculty member character or a villain character as well, I'm all for that.  For any character sheet to be approved, you must include the words "pancakes," "trousers," and "bucket," they don't have to be integrated into the description of the sections, just anywhere in the CS.

Here's the map of Beacon I made up, it was done supah quickly, so if you can do a better job, please feel free to drum one up.  Also let me know if you have any ideas for changes to it, if it's a good idea, I'm cool with it.

Here's the CS, make sure it's fully filled out before a proper submission, but you can post a sparse one to update later for a full submission.  But I won't approve of anything without all the required content.

~     ~
~  ~

Name/Nickname: (Also, if you'd like to make your character's font a specific color, format the CS section heads in that color.)

Race: (Human or Fauna, Fauna may be subject to prejudice or racism from characters.)


Age: (Generally around 17, unless a good specific reason for older or younger.  And don’t just make a Ruby expy, alright?.)

Weapons/Equipment/Armor: (Honestly, there's very little limits, so go nuts.)

Semblance: (For lack of a better term, you Aura Affinity, or things you can do particularly well with your Aura.)

Hobbies: (Optional.)

(Fairly detailed, but doesn't need to be a novel.  If you like your character to have a mysterious backstory that's not fully explained in the roleplay, you can message me the whole story so I can approve it and keep it private.)


Appearance: (Picture or description.)

Post Sample:  (Just a small thing to get the feel of your roleplaying style and how the character acts.  Try to shoot for the average length of your posts, try not to have it be pages long or just two sentences.)

~  ~
~     ~

Alrighty, hope this is intriguing, please let me know if anyone's interested, I'd very much like to get this going.  :P