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Author Topic: Rogue Kitten's Idea Box  (Read 817 times)

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Rogue Kitten's Idea Box
« on: December 22, 2013, 02:09:24 AM »
About Me
I write a minimum of 3 paragraphs. I usually write more, depending on the situation at hand and how much I’m given to work with. I put a lot of emphasis in trying to make sure I have complete, coherent sentences. I’m not a grammar or spelling nazi but I do try hard to make sure my posts are proof read multiple times before and after posting. I would greatly appreciate well-structured and thought out paragraphs in return.

I like stories. I value a good story over a good fuck. I like having both, but having a coherent story is important to me. I will not break the flow of the story just to have a sex scene, unless the characters actually lead us there. I do have moments where I really just want to write a sex scene with no real story backing it up, but those are typically one shot pieces.

I like to collaborate about stories. I really like having well thought out characters and a good idea where the story will go. I will probably ask for IM information if story discussions take off. It is not necessary to use IM as the medium of discussion, it is merely a preference. Even beyond the collaboration, I want to get to know my writing partner. I want to know how he or she thinks, what they value, what they want. I believe that for most people, the characters created tend to be an extension of themselves. Characters are a reflection of some part of their own personality or reality. I’d like to be able to ask, “How’re you doing?” and get a truthful response about their day, the demons of their reality as well as the joys of overcoming them. Perhaps the word “friendship” might be a bit trite, but in the fanciful depths of my mind, I would want to be friends.

I’ve been told that I’m intimidating. I’ve been told that I’m difficult to write with. I’ve been told I’m a control freak. I like to know what’s going to happen. I have a bad habit of playing “20 questions” about what will happen, what might happen and where it could go. I’m working on breaking the habit. If after all of these warnings, you’re still interested in taking a chance with me, then send me a PM. I don’t promise a good story. In fact I can’t even promise a story right now. My muse is still hurting from the last hand I was dealt. But I’m willing to discuss story ideas and if ideas mesh, try my hand at writing them.

The Idea Box:
Cage of Eden - [Status - Currently a solo piece, but if someone has an idea to add or build, I wouldn’t mind taking it to a role play.]
EDEN Background
The paradise that was once earth... no longer exists. In its place is the ruined terrain humanity has left behind. The pollution and warfare has soiled, depleted and tainted the planet.

Novartis Pharmaceutical was made rich by the Great War. Joining hands with DARPA to support the conquests fuelled by political greed, the corporation raked in obscene amounts of money. The gold mine of funding furthered medical technology to greater heights as their researchers explored the bleeding edge of bio solutions.

Together they watched the signs of the military bubble reach its peak, and burst. In a single night, the New Dollar became worthless. Food and energy took its place. But the partnership had been prepared. Before their goldmine shriveled to nothing, Ettline Food, and Enbridge Energy had already rounded out the group. The big four created the brainchild that was EDEN.

It is a sanctuary with the luxury of clean air, clean water, and a structural semblance of the civilization that once populated the planet. Here, the reins of control are held in the tight grip of the Big Four. Despite the promises of Eden, Eden could not hold the full multitude of people that lived upon the earth, its paradise only contained a bare fraction of humanity that have survived thus far. The boundary lines of Eden create the dystopian disparity between the haves and the have-nots. In that boundary lie the shadows of Eden.

Left Behind [Status - Taken]

Psyren [Status - Open]

Gemini [Status - Taken]
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Left Behind [Status - Taken]
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2013, 01:43:17 AM »
She was a hunter. That was until she was left behind.

He was leading the team that would've flanked the pack they were assaulting... but orders came to pull out. Not that she knew. She and her men fought desperately, waiting to be reinforced and as they fell one by one, she realized that she would die there.

It was the cruelty of fate that she lived. Not as the proud hunter she once was, but as the beast she had hunted for so long. It was a living hell. Hating what she had become, and hating those that had made her what she was.

Neither was it easy in the pack. It was a grueling battle to break free from the bottom of the pack hierarchy... and far harder as she rose in the ranks...

Years passed and she finally challenged the alpha male that commanded their district of wolves.... and won.

And her reign of terror began. With her rise to power, her kind no longer hid their existence. She sparked an all out battle. First she razed the country side, and slowly expanded her territory of control. After all, few survived the infection. Those that did survive could never return to the civilization they were part of and eventually fell in line with her kind.

Perhaps it was fate that they would meet again... They were once allies. Friends. Perhaps even lovers. But now. Now they meet on the battlefield as enemies.

The Infection started as a military black book project to create more powerful soldiers. The outbreak in the original lab pronounced the project a failure, bringing into existence a virus that spreads with their bite… Rabid beasts, with a strange allergy to silver, that should’ve been better off dead. As desired, they are terribly strong, fast and heal at a terrifying rate, with an appetite for meat to go with it.

It takes about 2 days before the symptoms completely manifest, and the virus overwhelms the body. It marks the first forceful change, and is accompanied a massive need for food post transformation. This drives the beast onto a feeding frenzy to restore what was lost in the shift, indiscriminate of who or what they attack, whether friend or foe, human, livestock or infected. The destruction during this time is perhaps what has instigated the attempt to purge the infected.

Once sated, the viral symptoms become suppressed and the change releases the host. Allowing the victim to control the transformation afterwards. Depending on the exertion and demands the victim has made upon the body, the virus will resurface every few weeks. The hunger is typically far less severe than the First, unless the victim has gone through extreme lengths of starvation or exertion leading up to that moment.

Not everyone survives the infection and in fact, most do not, with numbers skewed strangely in favor of males. Perhaps they are stronger and that internal strength lends to a host's survival. Regardless, a pack typically has more males than females and the strong sense of hierarchy endowed by the virus keeps a lot of internal conflict in check.

What I’m Looking For:
This story can go many ways and I'm definitely open to suggestions. Immediately available for this story are two parts. Note - I do not expect any bestiality in either of these two parts, especially in the second part. Any sexual encounters, I expect to occur while she is in human form.

The first part would be classified as NC, and potentially go into EX depending on the O/O of both writers. The story would start where she was left behind and infected. This would require a dominant and perhaps slightly sadistic male for the pack leader. However given where the story is going, one needs to also be willing to lose at the end of this story arc.

The second part would be classified as light. The story would start after she’s taken over the pack and expanded the infected territory, referring to the first part only as her back story. Once they meet, whatever their relationship was before, the circumstances have changed. If she is captured, I have a mission to ship the pair out to do. If he is captured, she will have to convince the pack that he is not prey and undo all that she has ingrained into the pack - Kill or be killed. Letting him live would be a touch of weakness that she cannot afford to show to a pack that might challenge her and her authority. Either way, being together means he needs to figure out how to handle her Frenzy when it occurs.

If we get to a longer story, I’d like to eventually find a cure for the infection. Not as something that they’re working towards throughout the story as it’s believed impossible, but rather a surprise discovery that another lab has been slowly working towards. The cure is unstable and unreliable, but it offers a chance of becoming human again… and the repercussions that come with it.

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Psyren [Status - Open]
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2014, 10:11:59 PM »
In ten years, civilization, as we know it, has ended. Someone, or something from that future is teleporting people from the present into the future, temporarily, under the pretense of a game. Every round, game players are brought into this post apocalyptic future of that area, LA, SF, NY or some major landmark, and have to survive there until they find the "Exit". Which will bring them back to the present.

Something about the new world atmosphere has changed dramatically, which enables some humans to develop PSI powers. (One of the prerequisites for players is that they can develop powers.) Therefore, after being ported into the game, players will start to undergo "awakenings" as their system adjusts to the extra toll, powers and the development of powers take upon them.

What I'm looking for:
This is a story that should've been worked out as a group story. However I've never really GMed a group thread which is why it's staying in the 1v1 solos. This thread requires someone who can juggle multiple NPCs. I really need someone who's willing to plot with me and map out encounters and plot points. I definitely need help on leading through this post apocalyptic world and sorting out how the world ended and how it might be prevented. While I've worked out some things of this story background, I have a LOT of holes that I need some brainstorming help to fill in.

The things I find interesting:
  • When the players figure out that they're in the future and recognize that it is the future - since there will be no one telling them this information.
  • The development of powers and how that effects their life when they come back to the present. Since those powers do not go away when one returns to the present, only dampened. Similar to mastering any other skill, the development and fine tuning of powers would require practice. And misuse of them in the real world will invariably have their consequences.
  • The ramifications of changes that are made in the present and how they affect the future.
Please PM if you're interested. Thank you.

Psyren Background
A meteor crashes into the earth in the near future, marking the end of civilization as we know it. The meteor's impact briefly disrupted the gravitational force of the earth, which caused massive upheavals across the planet as buildings, and ground terrain drifted towards the sky. When the disturbance reverted back to normal, such things came raining back down. This disruption of the earth's magnetic field also produced a severe planet wide EMP, knocking out and disabling all electronic units. Finally, the impact released a series of atmospheric changes, changing the make up of the air. Certain people, after exposure to the air obtain the ability to use psi (after practice and understanding).

In this 'future', an unknown entity(s) established a way to connect back to our present by way of Psi. Randomly, people are chosen from the present and teleported ten years into the future, after the apocalypse has occurred and left to fend for themselves, to find out the truth behind the destruction of their world and a way to prevent it.

Choosing of players - The first call:
Players are chosen at random, based upon their age and ability to master Psi. The first call will register the person as a player in the game, and embed a Psi program into the player's body. This allows the player to be teleported into the future, and force the player to abide by "game rules", etc.

It starts with a card. Something that looks like a cash card with the Psyren written across the front. The card can be found anywhere - slid between the pages of a magazine, dropped on the parking lot floor, etc. When the person tries to cash in the card, they will find no value on the card. The person is ‘saved’ as a player and finalizes the PSI program that will eventually teleport the player to Psyren.

The Call to Psyren:
On an average of every 2 weeks, all active players will receive a call from Psyren. It will start as a soft ringing in the mind, that only players can hear and in about 30 minutes, it will have escalated into a roaring ring and a pounding headache. You can lose your hearing and can probably lose far worse if you attempt to neglect the call. Once the ringing begins in a player's mind, the moment their ear touches a phone, they will be teleported to Psyren, the future.

Arriving in Psyren:
All players will arrive within a loading room. Here, the players will be briefed on the objectives of the game. They will be told the following:
  • One must find the "exit" for that round in order to conclude a round of the game and return to their world.
  • A map with the start and end locations marked.
  • An image of the exit ATM will be provided.
  • A Psyren Card to leave Psyren when the exit is found, not unlike the one they used to register in the first place
  • Their point standing within the game. A player's points represent how far along the game they've gotten, and will be crucial in "Beating the game"
  • Game Rules.

Game Rules:
  • Losing the card in Psyren means a player will be stuck in Psyren until their card can be found.
  • One may not tell non-players about Psyren.
  • When one's game points have reached zero, one will have beaten the game and cannot return to Psyren.
Once briefed, all players will be ported to the same vicinity of each other. Typically within a block of an ATM.

The exit is another ATM, as briefed in the loading room and indicated on the map. Once the exit ATM is found, the Psyren card can be used at the ATM to teleport out of Psyren. Even if the machine is not working, sliding the card into the machine will suffice. When a player finds the exit, that player will be teleported back to the same location as in their present time. In other words, all players will arrive at the same place when they exit, and the location will be the present day equivalent of the future spot they used.

Their unstated purpose in Psyren is to find out that the world they are traveling in is the future of their earth, Why the world ended up that way, when it occurs and how to prevent it. Of course it would be nice to know who is pulling the strings behind the so called game - Psyren.
  • Death in the game is a literal death. Game Over, the body turns to ash. There is no reset, no resurrection, no "Try again".
  • Time functions the same way in Psyren. If you spent 5 days in Psyren, then 5 days would have passed in the present time.
  • You can bring things in and out of Psyren. Limited to inanimate objects you can pick up.
  • Losing the Psyren card while in Psyren means the player will be unable to leave until the card is found.

How to Beat the Game:

The program is defined under the pretense of a game, therefore there are ways to finish the game. Each registered player has a set number of points they start out with. Every trip to Psyren will deduct points until the number has dropped to zero. More points will be deducted for difficult trips and less points for easier ones. When your number drops to zero, you have 'beaten' the game and will no longer receive the call to go to Psyren. Players can talk to exe players about the events in Psyren.

Activation of Psi:

After exposure to the atmosphere in Psyren, given some time, the body will react to the atmospheric change. It usually occurs after returning to the present time. However if prolonged stay in Psyren occurs, it will happen while there. The symptoms of such 'reaction' include but are not limited to, high fever, blood shot eyes, nausea... in other words, choose your poison(s), but it's not fun. When the adjustments pass, which they should by the next morning, a person should be able to take baby steps towards using psi.

Choose a super power. The following is if you care about psi technicalities.

Psi breaks down into three main parts.
  • The manifestation of thought. This includes things like pyrokinesis, telekinesis, teleportation, and the like.
  • Control of the mind. This includes abilities like mind control, telepathy.
  • Strengthening of the self. This will drastically increase a person's speed, strength, stamina, senses and or healing.

All psi users can use all three on a fundamental level even if they do not have the aspect specialized. When I say fundamental I mean, if a person is not specialized will still be able to do very limited and relatively weak telekinesis, still be able to hear words spoken via telepathy and converse back if another person establishes the connection. (Non psi users will not be able to hear telepathy.) A person will still heal at a much faster speed than a normal human. Now faster healing does not imply werewolf, vampire healing of wounds where an open cut and severed limb regenerates itself. Faster healing means, that if a wound normally takes 3 weeks to heal, it will take a psi user about 1 week to recover. This is under the situation of maximum rest where a body can focus it's psi on restoring the body. This does not apply if the person is still placed under stress of battle.

Humans only use about 10% of their brain capacity. There is a natural limiter that prevents humans from utilizing more and overtaxing their brain. However, the atmosphere in Psyren removes this natural limiter which gives rise to psi. Initial learning of psi will cause massive headaches until a certain amount of 'stamina' is built up to use more. Even after a person is well versed in psi, such overtaxing use can still occur and it will kill a person if s/he over uses their ability.

Psi is unique to each person. Its development is a reflection of the person's environment and personality. It is only after long amounts of consistent practice that a person achieves a higher level and mastery of psi. I do expect powerful abilities, but I do not expect them to come into the level of full fledged mass destruction until at least a few weeks of practice have occurred.
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Gemini MFF [Status - Taken]
« Reply #3 on: April 06, 2014, 11:57:48 PM »
I'm incredibly nervous about this story. I might completely regret putting this story up, especially when it's tagged as MFF, but here goes:

For being identical twins, Clairessa and Theresa were very different. While Claire was the social one that everyone loved, Theresa was quiet. Shy to a fault and terrible at interactions with anyone other than her immediate family.

Theresa, Terry, early on had dropped out of school. Not for lack of intelligence, quite the opposite. She learned far faster than classmates of her year. However, her withdrawn nature drew bullies like bees to honey. Unable to cope, she left the school to study at home. It wasn't like the teachers were contributing much. Rapidly, Theresa's existence in the world began to disappear.

Claire, noticing her sister withdrawing into herself, eventually cajoles Terry to take her place in school. Just for a day out of the month. Slowly progressing to once a week. An activity that Terry detested but recognized as a necessary evil. Switching off with Claire through college and now, their first step into the real world outside as they enter an engineering career under Claire's name.

Theresa was always the smarter one. The analytical mathematician that broke the world down into formulas and problems to be solved. Claire was the personable one. Who enjoyed working with people to solve problems and approach projects. Together they made a perfect pair. While Theresa would hide in her cubical to sort out wave forms and analyze larger problems, Claire brought her resulting solutions to the team, integrating it and taking it through to production.

What I'm Looking For
This is a little bit different then my general run of stories. I know, I normally stay as far from romance as I can. I don't know what came over me, but this story is squared away in the romance department.

I will write both Claire and Theresa. I'm looking for a character that's sweet, considerate and certainly romantic. I want to stay on the light side as Claire falls for him. Perhaps even actively pursues him. Her relationship with him forces Terry to make an effort to step out of her comfort zone, so as to not blow their cover. After all, the world only knows Claire.

I need him to be able to make that unconscious effort to win Terry to his side, even though he doesn't realize she's a different person, and appreciate all aspects that both girls bring to the table.

Eventually, he will find out that Terry exists. I really would like to stay away from the classic "spark jealousy and pit them against each other" story. I'd prefer a sweeter path. A gentle guidance down a multitude of first experiences with him.

This is a story where I will NEED to talk to a cowriter and get to know him. I want to be able to plot with you, to dream up twists together and work out future paths and scenes to share. If I decide to continue this story with you, I will ask to continue our discussions over IM.
Things I'd like to see happen:
Typically Claire would never bring him home like this. But in the heat of passion, they stumble in through the front door while Theresa ducks into the bedroom closet to hide. Unable to help herself, Theresa finds herself watching them make love through the door crack, stifling her own sounds as her fingers touch herself.

Perhaps not quiet enough. After everything is over, he hears her and throws the closet door open to find Theresa curled up against the wall... The cat is out of the bag
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