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Started by Cyclops, December 20, 2013, 12:40:12 PM

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So school just got out and that leaves me with a lot of free time to fill up.  While school is in session I tend to get bogged down and my posts go by the wayside, but during the summer, I troll for RP!

In general I'm interested in a D/s dynamic to form between my character (the Dom) and the other character.  There path can take a lot of different tracks and I'm interested in exploring any of them that someone wants to bring to the table.  I generally play hero-type characters but I am not opposed to playing something different.  I've also been looking for some romance in a story, if someone wants to dabble in that.

I enjoy an RP partner that not only listens and keeps in mind what I've posted but isn't afraid to change things up and take the reigns of the RP - force something to happen, make a twist on something I've posted, or just totally derail my train of thought.  Any time that I have to change what I'm thinking and doing and it flows well, I'm all in.

So if you've got an idea to run past me (say you're looking for a heroic type to play with) let me know.  Otherwise, below is a list of some things that I'm looking for.

Darkness Finds Her
The general idea is that my character is going through a very rough emotional time - not sure what exactly at this point, but he is angry, at the world and often wonders why he doesn't just end it.  He gets involved in a lot of shady things, owes money to a lot of the wrong people, gambling perhaps.  One day, he finds her...

I have two main ideas of where this could go - either, he finds her in the dark underbelly of the beast too, also in dire straights and he has to give a crap because she needs him -  or -  she is from outside, and she cares more about him than he does about himself.  I could go either way on this one, or some mix of the two but I'm definitely not opposed to her rescuing him and not the other way around.

Lost Souls
She finds herself not in a normal reality...  The streets have no names and the buildings are either closed and locked up tight or full of bad things that want nothing better than to humiliate and torture you, it is as dark a place as one can imagine with little or no rhyme or reason to the terrible things that go on there.

He finds himself there too, but he's been there a lot longer.  They come across each other, being alone in every other way it only makes sense to travel together through this world of terrors to find food, water, shelter, and perhaps save each other from getting killed.

Here - I'm not going to say what kind of relationship they are going to end up with, I'd like to leave it open at least at the start.  But, I also am looking for him to have a super power of some kind, like in the style of X-Men or something.  So does she, but she doesn't know it yet, it hasn't surfaced for her.  That could set up a nice mentor type of dynamic to start with, but all depends on where my partner wants to go with it - I'm very open ended.  The major question here is - can they get back to the real world and why are they there.

Utopia Shattered
The world has come along way, it is a utopia, no hunger, no war, no poverty, no sickness.  Mankind has finally achieved what it has always wanted to achieve.


For hundreds of years Man has enslaved a race of aliens, in secret.  No one questions where the goods are made, everyone assume machines make them, but machines do not.  Slaves do, vast numbers of slaves do on moons and asteroids, away from prying eyes of people, people who if they knew wouldn't even believe it.

There are whispers in the underground about them.  But that is just popular fiction right?

Here, I could go either way - either my character is a slave who escapes or otherwise ends up falling in the lap of a human woman, or the other way around.  She's the slave and ends up escaped and runs smack into my character.

I imagine the aliens to be humanoid and not tentacle monsters or killing machines but I'm open to suggestion.

New School, New Problems
Classic school setup in a lot of ways, thinking highschool.  It is a private school on the surface, but under the surface there is something different entirely going on.  Sex sells, and the school needs money to keep operating.  Wealthy men pay large sums for sex with their girls (and boys) who are expected to do whatever the client ones - and get good marks as well.

This I'm really thinking of a love story for...  Boy meets girl is upended and made more complicated but she's a slave, and he doesn't want her handed out to clients anymore.  Does he fight the system to get her out - does he try to become her master so he has control over where she goes - does she want to be a slave - if she doesn't, can she even get out - what will the school do with these two budding lovers?

I know this is a bit tired and has been done before, but I'd like a take on it.  Though I must admit to kind of imagining a bit of an anime style to the story.  Overall, I imagine this as a very WHAM love at first sight kind of setup, for both of them, but high school problems take hold, of course - insecurities, being unsure how to get the attention of the other, taking small insignificant signs as huge monolithic problems, etc.

Slave Trade
This one, I see as set in a more classical pirate setting...  He's selling slave girls to the highest bidder going from continent to continent - and he's looking for one of his own, but he's picky.

I know it is thin, but this idea is less flushed out than the others.

Please PM me if you like one of these ideas or have your own.
Remember the words of the High Lord Mhoram...  "It takes strength to judge the weakness of others, I am not so mighty."


Revamped things and added the latest list of ideas since summer is here and school is out.
Remember the words of the High Lord Mhoram...  "It takes strength to judge the weakness of others, I am not so mighty."