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Author Topic: The cravings of a certain kitty. (F/F or M/F Dom/Sub NC Bon....)  (Read 1296 times)

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The cravings of a certain kitty. (F/F or M/F Dom/Sub NC Bon....)
« on: December 19, 2013, 01:45:48 am »

A kitten's wiki check it up as its updated daily!
Check here for active games/threads, to take a peek at active characters, and to see what threads I owe posts too! Things about me and my Ons and Offs

 I have a few cravings I have wanted to try out, even try my hand at being a Dom again. Now some of the stories I list I can also play a Sub(as I do enjoy that as well) so feel free to pm me with ideas on that end as well. I am very much interested in the lifestyle and the idea of control. I have wanted to do this for some time. We can set up whatever story line you wish modern or something with more history to it. I am even open to exotic RP vampire, werewolf.... and so on. The more creative you are the better.  What I love, controlling, forceful, but you can still feel love and protection. After all half the battle trusts your partner enough to let yourself go and be theirs.

I had an example a story that gave a taste of what I like, But I would like to explore a story that is more NC as well. Please feel free to ask any question you may have.

Now when I think of a Dom I think more psychological than physical. But I do want to delve into some orgasm control, use of toys on men and woman (IE vibrators, strap ons, butt plugs.....) as well as bondage, public acts, taking of virginity and a few other things. While still staying within my ons and offs, as there are still a few things I'd rather avoid. So please feel free to check out a few of my pairing ideas, or plot ideas and pm me with a fellow idea or interest so we can see if we can come up with something fun.

I would like to be able to have a partner that can post 2-3 paragraphs per post, and at least 2-3 times a week. If we go back in forth a bit in one night great, but I do hate to be left waiting for weeks. Also Good communication between myself and my writing partner. Have a craving, don't like what is happening, want to change things up or don't understand just pm me and we can chat to make sure this is fun for both of us. :)

Vampire/ human or vampire/vampire

werewolf/ human Or werewolf/werewolf
Probably start NC but evolve from there becoming his mate and even becoming a werewolf herself.

Teacher/ student

guard/ prisoner


Both willing and unwilling: willing relationship, kidnap, buy her at the Black market....

Asylum patient/doctor

Patient’s escape together

Possible if given a good idea.

Witch/ Warlock
Does she just get her powers and he teachers her? Are they enemies?



Popular student Jock or cheerleader/ geek or goth unpopular student

Story Idea's that are floating around my head.
Its good to be on top.
A power CEO woman works hard and finds she wants to play even harder. I have two different versions of this one in my head. One where the woman used to getting her way and having men do as she wants finally gets a man that makes her beg and plead for what she wants. At work he is just her assistant or so it seems, but when he has her alone he takes control and makes her his.

The other idea is this female CEO is tired of men disappointing her, and is working her ass of stressed out from work. She finds relief in her assistant (male or female), that relief comes from dominating them and expressing her deepest sexual needs. Making them do as she wishes till she is satisfied. In dominating them she finds release and she loves her pet dearly for it.

A knight in shining amour

I have been wanting to do something along the lines of the Anne Rice The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. A princess that is saved and taken to her prince’s castle only to find what awaits her wasn't what she was expecting.
Again I can play the Dom or the Sub in this one.

Out of place
Are you the popular boy/girl that wants to dominate my goth/geek? Or is it the other way around? Willing to play the Dom or Sub in this school rp were the two worlds come together in a very naughty way.

A slaves awakening
       It had all started two-thousand years ago. One of the first vampires had glanced upon a human, wishing for the burning liquid to quench his dry throat. But he was mad at himself, he had also wished not to harm another human. He had killed so many. He didn’t mean to. It just happened. Humans were too weak, even if he tried to save them after feeding, it never would work…

The Vampire, named Ludwig, was thought of as insane by most, but as a doctor and a scientist by some. He got a request to build a creature, lost of them, from the DNA of humans; and that is what he did. Her name was Kira, the first of her kind, the mother of them all. She had the same human blood and skin, but she was stronger; and a quicker healer. Most of the Damini are females, but not all of them. The Damini are as perfect in looks as the vampires, that’s one of the traits that the Doctor gave them, so as to make them more attractable towards their Masters, their owners.

The Damini are now being made more often, for almost all vampires want them. No longer are they for just feeding, but the more you have of the Damini, the more powerful the Vampire and his or her wealth. There are markets where they are sold; the most popular one is disguised as a strip club, called Damini Haven.

The humans don't know what Damini's are, nor shall they ever. A certain waiter leads you to the back of the club, down a dark stairway to a place barely lit. Everything is made of dark damp stone. Bodies, alive ones, are in cages near the walls, or hanging by chains around their wrists and feet.

I want to play the Damini in this one

Pictures that are inspiring some idea's maybe they will inspire something for you too.
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