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Author Topic: The empty world M looking for 3f/bi/impreg/ teen male  (Read 322 times)

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The empty world M looking for 3f/bi/impreg/ teen male
« on: December 18, 2013, 02:29:39 PM »
edited :

Have made some changes due to the lack of interest

Firstly made my character 18 as opposed to 16 he's also no, longer a virgin and won't be submissive
Removed optional preferences for female characters.

Is this a harem story? Not the intent, thou at some point my character will share a bed with all three women at the same time its not intended that the story reaches that point for at least a few months into the story.

Is this lesbian conversion? Yes and no , no because I'm not trying to have my character go out of his way to convert, and yes because the woman who has only been with women will end up having sex with my character (I'd like to think at some point enjoy it) and she will do so in part because her maternal instinct will kick in once at least one of the other women are pregnant (no such thing as adoption anymore) and in part because of a feeling of repopulation responsibility (that is me imposing a little bit its essential for the story that all three become mothers and my character is the father)

So the stuff your characters don't know (any why is it essential all the women are pregnant--- and why is the attitude towards men's place in society so important)

A few years after disappearance The communities in Oregon and Georgia became big enough to allow some to explore the states trying to find others, which they did , they also found each other, there has been some minor trading going on but most of the contact has simply been the sharing of information or in a few cases people have swapped communities if there has been a skills shortage (for example Georgia had seven medical professional Oregon had none so 2 left to go west)

What became extremely clear is that women outnumbered men , significantly by at least ten to one, both communities agreed that any men found should be brought into respective communities (they still hold that view) however while the Oregon community held men as precious and that value turned into reverence and then acceptance that men where rightfully in charge. The Georgia community tried ton find a balance between the sexes and their value in society, until a year ago when a group of women swept to power in the community elections and embraced majority (female) rule, to the point where men over 18 are there to breed and do as they are directed to do.

Two young women from Oregon arrived at the Georgia community as part of the normal process of communication and were horrified at the new status of men , in a rather rash and unfortunate move they took the youngest breeding male (my character) and fled. Somewhere in Kentucky by dumb luck there were caught there was a gun fight and both women from Oregon were killed along with their three pursuers, the only survivor my character.

He's heading north on foot (since he doesn't know how to drive) to see if his aunt and her family are still around (they live in Canada) since his parents disappeared with almost everyone else. When he reachs Ohio he stumbles across your characters and that's when the little family unit begins to change with this new dynamic.

Now at some point 3-4 years into the story time line they will be discovered by first one then the other group , both groups will want the new (m/f/f/f plus children) to form part of their bigger group(say no and both will attempt to kidnap my character and any male children) so you will have to make a choice which is where the attitudes to males and power comes into play.

Hope that addresses any reluctance certainly happy to answer any questions   

Prefer female writers for female characters , posting frequency should be 2-3 times per week and at least 2-3 paragraphs , I have a general plotline worked out but open to ideas.

For now just looking for interest once all three female roles are filled I'll do a character sheet up and we'll get started, I've coloured blue two sets of key requirements for the ladies , one is about their sexual preference and the other is their basic attitude towards men so if interested could you also advise your preferred sexual preference and basic attitude from the choices given.(Please note wiling to negotiate on the sexual preference but the choices around men and their place are key to the second part of the story and won't be changed)

Six years ago billions of people disappeared instantly leaving just over 40000 people on the planet. In the six years following several communities have developed around the world , the largest three in China , France and Poland each with populations in excess of a thousand people.

In North American 592 people remained at the time of disappearance , the population now stands at 734, the two largest communities are based in Oregon (96 people) and Georgia (173 people) .Still there are many people who have since the disappearance  seen no other human and still others who have formed small family like units with no external contact from anyone else.

One such group is in Ohio , three women(your characters) who found each other in the first days and now have built a life for themselves living on a small farm , and having at various times raided distribution centers across the state for anything they needed.

Until their sheltered existence is changed forever by the appearance of my character.

Okay some notes on my character:

He is 18

He will know nothing about how or why disappearance happened, what he does know of the world he will share, but is definitely holding something back.

Notes on your characters:
Not trying to dictate much :-)

However ....

At least one female character should only ever had sex with women , she can be lesbian or bi and just never found a need to be with a guy...she will be the last of the women to have sex with my character and most likely only once one of the others is pregnant.

One of the women should have an almost overwhelming need for a man and while she loves her 'sisters' and has learnt to enjoy sex with them, that has always been more about companionship (and relief) than desire what she craves is a male...she will be the first to have sex with my character and for the sake of the story (disrupting the existing relationships ) it will happen quickly into the story.

The third female character is Bi ...can have a heavy male or female preference.

The woman will all be between 24-29.

The following won't come into play for some time into the story so while your character of course can show the following attitudes they won't come into play till all the women are mothers and the established relationship is now M/F/F/F when the second part of the story begins. should believe Men are the head of the household that women are subservient and should obey the wishes of their male.
One believes men are inherently weak , mans only real value is the thing between their legs , its what they think with after all.
one should simply believe all are equal, men and women are better at differing things but this dominant /subservient stuff is all crap .

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Re: The empty world M looking for 3f/bi/impreg/ teen male
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2013, 01:21:30 PM »
Just edited some of my character info and added a lot of back ground info ...hoping for interest