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Author Topic: A Motley of Ideas! Take a Look Around! [F Looking for All Lovers of Depravity ]  (Read 550 times)

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Thanks to advancements in genetic engineering, beauty and perfection has become the signature feature of women among the wealthy upper class. And as with all major technological advancements, the men of the wealthy upper class found a way to profit from it. By patenting certain genes, a number of business men monopolized the actual physical trait that made these women so perfect and then sold them for practically a king’s ransom.

The actual product sold by these ‘businesses’ are the daughters of the powerful, entrepreneurial men, 'married off' when they come of age, taking the signature gene of their family with them. Such beautiful qualities are widely sought after by many wealthy men whether it is for personal satisfaction or personal pride, and they will pay out the nose to add these genetically perfected women to their family’s gene pool.

But being physically perfect, although necessary, must be supplemented with some degree of other qualities. Men in this kind of society want women that are obedient, sophisticated yet docile, submissive, and most of all, a woman that can please them sexually on their whim. Among the wealthy upper class, these are the only skills required of the fairer sex. For this reason, girls are expected to attend schools that specialize in teaching young women the skills necessary for being a good housewife and lover.

I’d like to focus on a single family in this fictional world.

The head of the family, Jack Dewitt, has two young daughters and a beautiful wife, naturally bred over several generations to have some of the best genes in the industry. Well known among the high society types for their seemingly flawless women, many eligible bachelors await the day their women reach marrying age. Jack’s oldest daughter Claire was recently married off for 2 million, which just left the youngest. Wynter Dewitt.

Wynter was the prized gem of the Dewitt family. Having a concoction of the best genes in the industry, Wynter was sought after by many wealthy bachelors and married men alike. She was so valuable to Jack, he refused to send her to school for training. Wynter was quite sheltered and as a consequence, she never developed the qualities that were key to being a worthy wife for a wealthy, powerful man. She is soon to come of age, which means Jack has to start at square one with his young princess. When he is through with her, she will be the perfect woman in this man’s world. But will he be able to part with such a perfect specimen once the time comes?

Fetishes involved: Anal sex, Bondage, Incest, Light/Medium sexual pain, Exhibitionism, Light/Medium BDSM, Brainwashing, Multiple Characters, Thorough Training, Mysogeny

*[Note]: M/F scenes for the most part, although there is room for smaller F/F in this setting or a few M/F/F scenes granted we can collaborate efficiently.

There is quite a bit of details I had in mind that I haven't mentioned in the description, so this one might require some discussion.


Even the most wealthy, sophisticated individuals that live lives of total luxury, have dark, erotic secrets behind doors. On the outside and in public, these individuals might be our favorite actors, the most popular music artists of the generation, and even those that govern nations. Bathing in wealth and power that the common man may never experience. But away from the public eye, these people live depraved lifestyles. They are extreme fetishists, obsessed with lust and sensual pleasures of the flesh.

It might seem to some that the very fetish all these men and women is luxury. Women arrive at orgies wearing gorgeous dresses custom designed by famous, acclaimed fashion designers, costing nearly $1 million, not to mention the thousands spent on exotic makeup, only to have that dress torn off carelessly and their makeup smeared to make them look like the depraved whores they truly are. Powerful, perverted men will fill their homes with a harem of high class escorts, paying hundreds of thousands for a single night of lust filled fun.

Elegant Depravity is an erotic addiction that only those that know power and luxury can experience. An addiction to the high price of their depravity as well as the the depraved acts themselves. A feeling of intoxication when her expensive designer dress is torn to shreds. The sensual satisfaction he feels when hangs a bundle of cash in her face to make her his personal sex toy.

I want to focus on one girl and her very influential and wealthy 'daddy.'

A a high fashion porn star whose films marry posh trappings and runway-worthy wardrobes with all manner of depraved acts. A depraved young prostitute who gets mercilessly gangbanged on 1500-thread count sheets, who has artists meticulously paint her face just before it is brutally fucked; who licks honey off the cocks of toned supermodels; who drinks warm sperm out of champagne glasses or licks it off of marble floors. A kinky submissive who gets bound in gold chains and platinum handcuffs and designer-made harnesses of Ostrich-Leather; who even has his ass reamed by hounds of the highest pedigree. That is the sort of elegantly depraved fuck toy Olivia is, and she has just joined the elegantly depraved lifestyle. She has quite a bit to learn, but you can be sure the journey will be...interesting...

Fetishes Involved
: Heavy/Extreme BDSM, Extreme Humilation, Extreme Degredation, Orgies/Gangbangs, Bukakke, Heavy/Extreme Bondage, Pet play, Rough Sex, Age play, Luxury, Prostitution, Exhibitionism/Voyeurism...and a whole lot of other stuff that might come up.

*[Note]: Both M/F and F/F are great for this. Olivia is just a go-to character for me with this idea. I am very flexible since the types of scenes that can be done with this idea are plenty

Always the Bride's Maid...
This is one for the ladies

A beautiful angel draped in white, Nicole sat on her bed in her wedding dress, a few hours away from walking down the isle to marry a man who she loved very much. She wasn't at all thinking about her best friend. At least, not until she showed up at her door with that familiar wicked smile she had on whenever she was about to convince Nicole to do something she didn't want to do.

"Why hello there. You look surprised darling....Didn't think I'd miss my kinky Nikki's big day hmm?"

Nicole was always sure of her interest in men. But there was one woman she could never resist no matter how straight she thought she was. That provocative, fun loving lesbian had a way of making Nicole comfortable with just about everything. Nicole dated for awhile, but even then she often found herself in bed with her best friend, cuddling under the bedsheets after a night of heated passion that she never felt with a man. She liked men, but she loved Cassandra.

"No matter how many men walk in and out of your life...You will always be mine."
- was the last thing Cassandra told Nicole before she left for 7 years.

Unfortunately, they wanted different things. Nicole wanted to settle down and start a family. Cassandra was a free spirit that wanted to travel the world and continue a lifestyle of partying and casual sex. But she came back, just in time to watch her best friend walk down the isle just like she wanted. But not before making it perfectly clear to Nicole, who she really belonged to.

From that day on, Nicole lived a double life. To her husband, her family, and most of her friends, she was the innocent and loyal young woman that loved her role as the humble new housewife. But with Cassandra, she was....Kinky Nikki. She was the obedient submissive that craved her Mistress' touch. She was the eager bondage slut that would do whatever is asked of her no matter how humiliating.

Fetishes Involved:Light/Heavy BDSM, Light/Heavy Bondage, Adultery, Pet play, Exotic Sex Toys, Rough Sex, Light Pain Play, Humiliation, Degradation, Passionate Romance

*[Note]-This is exclusively F/F (sorry boys!). Although I only really introduced one scene, it is important to note that is meant for a long term role involving a lot of Dom/Sub play between the two characters. I will be playing Nicole (submissive). I'm looking for a dominant female to play Cassandra. If interested, don't be afraid to inquire further! <3

Krista and Claire in the Big City

You’re a pretty well off guy. Great career as an executive something-or-other, a luxurious penthouse, a booming social life, and a damn good sex life as well. Yep. Life is good. At least it was. Until Krista and Claire showed up at your door.

When two gorgeous, stark naked bunny girls of about 18, come to your door and claim that you’re their father, the sensible thing to do is to call the cops, or at least get to the bottom of who these girls were and why they had real bunny ears and a bunny tail. But that’s not what you did! You took the opportunity to have a threesome with sexy twins that you thought were cosplaying. Little did you know that your lustful venture had serious consequences. Now they won’t leave, having settle down with their ‘daddy.’ Unfortunately, the blood test came out positive to your unfortunate surprise. Now you’re stuck with them. But that’s not the worst of it.

Krista and Claire are trouble. What’s kind of trouble can two young girls cause for a well off person such as yourself? How about constantly demanding sex even when you are two exhausted to move, exploring the city without any idea how a normal society works, ruining your relationships with the ladies, arriving at your work naked, and spending your money until you’re almost flat broke? And that’s just a few. The twins are not very bright, but make up for it with curiosity and an eagerness to pursue sex wherever they can get it. You’ll find yourself making more than a few trips through the city just to bail them out of any trouble they’ve gotten themselves into that day. Yet they’ll always greet you with that innocent smile as if they did nothing wrong.

So why keep them around? Why not just kick them to the curb or send them back to where they came from? Because even though you weren’t ready to take on the responsibilities of fatherhood, you soon realize that you were missing something in your life. There was a void inside you and when you least expected it, the twins filled it. Sure they’re cluelessness and naiveté is frustrating. And you know they won’t learn any better anytime soon. But somehow, you tolerate them. You bail them out time and time again, because at the day, when they’ve finally passed out from a day of exploring and fucking, you see them all curled up in your bed, so content and happy, and you realize…they’re your innocent, adorable little bunny girls and you wouldn’t give them up for anything in the world.

Fetishes Involved: Sexual Exhaustion, Humor, Dumb Characters, Promiscuity, DD/LG relationship, Multiple Characters, Incest

[Note]: Ugh! I hate writing this one up because I can never figure out how to describe it just right ya know? Okay so let's get a few things down. (1) The girls look entirely human except for a pair of bunny ears and a bushy bunny tail. This is for story progression and nothing more. (2) I'd like to start with the twins arriving in your characters life so the role can be long-term and lengthier. (3) Humor and Comedy is a big part of this role and is thus a requirement. Sorry to those who might not be big on comedy :( . (4). This is just as open to females as it is to males. It can be played almost entirely the same with females playing the parent role or it can be made unique. So M/F as well as F/F.

Please inquire further if you are interested even a little, but confused about it. I'd be glad to clear things up as well as convince you as to why you want to play this role hehehe. I'm a great convincer ;)

new ideas every few days!
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Added a personal favorite! Krista and Claire in the Big City ;)