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May 25, 2018, 12:33:49 AM

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Author Topic: Beorning's Media Inspirations! (sci-fi, some macabre, looking for any)  (Read 262 times)

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Offline BeorningTopic starter

Hello, all! :)

Occassionally, when I watch a movie or a TV series, this or that bit of it sticks with me (usually, these bits are women-related  ;)). Later, I'm tempted to use these bits in my RPs. These bits aren't full-blown plots - rather, plot elements I wouldn't mind seeing explored in some manner...

Here's a few of them. I put them here, as - maybe - they will spark someone's imagination, so that we could make a story out of them together.

Inspiration 1: Equilibrium

is a damn fine dystopian movie! I loved all of it and I wouldn't mind playing in that (or similar) setting in general. One bit that, somehow, stuck with me, are the women in military-style uniforms that worked at the Clerics' headquarters:

They don't do anything specific in the movie, but they kind of intrigue me. Who are they?

Basically, I'd want to play one of them, or a similar character: a militaristic bureaucrat in a strict dystopia.

Inspiration 2: The Demon Headmaster

Don't laugh, please. :) The Demon Headmaster is British kiddie show about an evil mastermind with hypnotic powers (who starts out as a headmaster, hence the title). You've never watched it? It was fun :)

Anyway... In a few episodes, the Headmaster had minions: a group of brainwashed adults in lab coats who followed him and executed his commands. One of these minions was a quite pretty young woman... and she kind of stuck with me.

What's her story? Who is she? How did she end up enslaved by the Headmaster?

I would like to explore that, with me playing her part :)

Inspiration 3: Horror Hospital

Horror Hospital is a strange and obscure British horror movie from the 1970s. It involves two twenty-somethings, Judy and Jason, who arrive at a private hospital / retreat and face a mad doctor who conducts weird experiments on his patients. Here's one particular scene that sticked with me:

In the scene, Judy and the mad doctor meet another female patient, Millie, who has just been subjected to a mysterious brain operation. A dialogue takes place:

Dr. Storm: Look, Judy! She is perfectly obedient. She will do everything I desire!
Judy: And *what* do you desire, doctor?
Dr. Storm: You will soon learn... when it's your turn!

I was very curious what would happen to Judy after her scheduled brain operation took place... unfortunately, she escaped  ;D

And so, I would like to RP a story when Judy doesn't escape and Dr. Storm get his hands on her brain. Alternatively, I could play in a story that touches on similar themes (mad science, mind control, surgery...).

I know, I'm weird  ;D

Inspiration 4: Hellraiser 2

Alright, this one may be weird, too. Here's this little scene from Hellraiser 2: Hellbound I found on YT:

Basically, I'd like to play a female character who finds herself in this very situation - meaning, having her brain operated on in this manner. I don't know hows and whys of the situation... Maybe it could be combined with the previous inspiration?

That would be all (so far). Do these inspirations spring any ideas for you? If so, please PM me! Let's talk stories! :)