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Author Topic: Phantom's Pawns  (Read 574 times)

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Phantom's Pawns
« on: December 16, 2013, 11:16:42 pm »
Hello, everyone~! SilenceJudge here and it's nice to meet all of you. I am a junior in college,  an English major with the intent to teach out of country right out of graduation. I'm not very mature for my age and if I had to describe myself using three words they would be: patient, kind, and insecure. I try my best though. Writing has always been a hobby of mine and I catch myself doing it whenever I can. I have only roleplayed on Facebook before this moment and have several accounts. My characters vary almost drastically from one another but are still intertwined and I think it's about time I broaden my horizons. If you are interested in roleplaying with me send me a pm!

Below, I will have all of my pre-made character bios and a few plots that I have wanted to do for a while now. More characters and ideas will be posted as time passes. I hope, at the very least, something below interests those who have taken the time to read this.


Pre-made characters.

Pandora KnightRose

Once up a time, a long time ago, Zeus ordered Hephaestus to make him a daughter. She was the first woman made out of clay. Hephaestus made a beautiful woman and named her Pandora. She had hair spun of black and eyes lined in gold. She was to be a tool cast upon the humans in the time they forsook the twelve gods and goddesses. In the meantime however, she was sent off to marry Epimetheus, a kind and gentle god that would take care of her.

Zeus gave Pandora a little box with a big heavy lock on it--created by the black smith god for his daughter. He made her promise never to open the box and he gave the key to Pandora’s soon to be husband and told him to never open the box. For years she kept that promise, too busy training with her creator Hepheastus in the arts of combat.

But in the end Pandora was a very curious goddess and she wanted to see what was inside the box, but Epimetheus said no. "You know your father," Epimetheus sighed, referring to Hephaestus. "Would not approve of you opening what Zeus has given you prematurely."

Pandora did not like being told no for her curiosity was eating away at her. She left it for another year , never looking at it or moving toward it. She had Epimetheus hide it from her too but it was all for naught. One day, when Epimetheus lay sleeping, Pandora stole the key and opened the box, releasing every kind of disease and sickness, hate and envy, and all the bad things that people had never experienced before. Pandora slammed the lid closed, but it was too late. All the bad things were already out of the box. They flew away, out into the world.

Epimetheus woke up at the sound of silence. Pandora was not lying beside him so worried he went to find her. He inquired upon her condition when he did. “I opened the box and all these ugly things flew out.” she whispered pointing forward to seven shadows that had taken form. They were in the same shape as she, all the same size, no variation to tell man from woman. Pandora opened the box to show her husband how empty it was. But the box was not quite empty. One tiny winged creature flew quickly out before Pandora could slam the lid shut again.

“Hello, Pandora,” said the creature, hovering just out of reach. “My name is Hope, thank you for releasing me.” It took form as well, the same height as the other shadows and genderless.

When Epimetheus left to get help, upon returning he found Pandora had vanished into the world, erased from the three planes: the Heavens, Gaia and Olympus.


She had fallen some place she did not know. A place riddled with war between two kings. She had been plunged into the very center of it, a falling beacon many had stopped to watch. The earth dented beneath her heavy form and she climbed from the crater created, into the arms of Asura—king of the moon.

He offered her shelter in exchange for using her powers on this battle field, as if he had known she would be coming. Not truly understanding she used what skills she had, the powerful magic she possessed to knock his foes back and away. Without weapons, she did not kill. Someone had taught her that one day. Someone she would never see again.

Battles concluded she was given the opportunity to rest as promised. Asura seemed to know more of her situation than she had thought possible—an oracle had told him of her impending arrival and what he must do to set her on course. She thought it foolish but was thankful for it, his willingness to help a stranger gave her clothes and food. Direction was given to her as well.

“You want to start over?” he asked her, voice deep.


“Then you seek the time holders.” he proceeded to tell her of several myths he had gathered from various dimensions,. The moon kingdom itself was a part of its own plane. The time holders were a race that could go forward or back in time. They could open dimensions willingly and pull people from the past and set them somewhere else. They measured the flow of yin and yang. As a clear ‘yang’ Pandora would be made to stay there for a period of time. Asura prepared her for that, years passing. He taught her polite ways, mortal ways, changed her state of dress to something more acceptable before taking her to the Oracle who sent her on her way, much the way she had come.

She turned up in a place not governed by time, a place known as the Cradle of Birth. She was taken in by a masked man dressed in a white—the cradle’s main color of choice—and given a placed to stay. This man, who went by the name of Orin, took her into his society and adopted her as his daughter—calling her Faerydae (dark gift). She accepted it and took his shelter in exchange for odd jobs.

It was a society of Fae, faeries that governed natural occurrences. She learned that some were dark, dealing in the occult and for all of his kindness Orin was one of them. Despite this though, he was still her “father” as she had forsaken what she had once known. Orin was the king of a kingdom which he called Florel. He was inactive and had long turned rule over to his wife, Risilliana Upon adopting Pandora he gave her the mark of a flower ringer making her a Princess, inactive when away.

He taught her how to fight. He taught her to use the seven sins she handled and her magic, manipulate it in the most creative of ways. Someone else taught her to utilize weapons to their fullest potential. She was taught the most basic of spells to the most advanced summons. She was taught how to contract, told the pros and cons and left to make her own decisions. Orin used her when he deemed it necessary, gave her free reign and let her do what she wanted. She was established in that society of Fae for hundreds of years. When she asked to be released Orin kept up his end of the bargain but not before a parting gift. He gave her his pocket watch, the tool he used to come and go as he pleased. It would get her to the Cradle should she ever desire to return.

Before leaving she locked the seven sins away inside of the box once more and locked them in a safe place to never be known (hopefully) by anyone but herself.

Risollete Fairchild
Risollete is the first wind up doll to be created by Jack Fairchild. She is only a year old, though she has the physical appearance of a nineteen year old human. She is fully functional, able to speak and imitate human beings. It is hard to tell she is anything other than human unless one gets up close and personal. She was born March 15 during the waxing crescent blue moon, a rare time in human history. Though Jack is her creator she does not think of him as her father, nor an older sibling. He is simply the one she wishes to live her days with.

She is of the Moon Arcana, gifted with the ability to bring about illusions and truth. She has the gift of fortune tellings, able to tell others of hidden enemies, mental illnesses and memory blocks. At her best she has moments of astonishing creativity within the arts, soft magics and intuition. It is within her that the Fool finds himself passing through the Veil into another world.

Her eyes are the darkest black in the first fifteen days of the month, gaining a light blue tint during the last few days and reverting back to their black. They seem empty and piercing the majority of the time, as if she could see into the soul. Risollete has two black circular markings beneath her right eye and a metal collar that is fixed around her neck. It acts as the key to her functionallity and without she is immobile.
Magic and Illusions are her special skills but she has also been trained in the art of the sword and puppetry without the puppets. She does not usually act without prompting from her creator, via cell phone or in person. Attacking is not prohibited first without reason and clearance from Jack. She may defend herself to the fullest of her abilities when she is provoked.

Risollete is quiet and hesitant to Jack, cheerful toward others. It's almost as if she has a split personality but in actuality she only shows her true self to her creator. The faces she may show to everyone else is a mask that she mechanically learned to put in place. On occasion she is very happy to be around certain people but it is hard to tell without asking. She does not give straight answers unless she is close to someone. Nor does Risollete like to talk much about herself.

Sometime after her initial creation, about three months or so, Jack Fairchild disappeared, leaving his creation alone. While Risollete is far from weak, with no one acting as her Creator she becomes quite lost. Returning to the manor hidden by the moon, Fairchild Manor, she found a hologram of a shadow.

"My dear sweet Risiollete. Fret not. Modules have been left within your drawers that can be downloaded to your initial programming. Within the closet clothes have been left. Forgive this creator for leaving you but we shall be together once again. Until then, on your toes and stay safe."

Note: Module's serve different purposes and give the original doll, Risollete, varying appearances by default or bequeath her with abilities that are only accessible in that module.

Famine Makashima
"I want to be the one to rule~"
Basic Information
Name: Famine Makashima
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Gold
Birthday: N/A
Birthplace: Cairo Egypt
Height: 5' 5"
Family: Pestilence (elder brother), War (elder sister), Thanatos (elder brother), Eein Chiimoku (adopted sister)
Appearance: Famine retains a human like appearance, retaining a lazy air about him. It isn't until he loses his temper that a sliver of his power can be felt. He holds bright golden orbs, fair skin and white hair that is often  cut short but grows faster than liked. Fairly slim, well-built, no muscles seen, is just two inches under being six feet. When he mixes into being a demon, showing what he truly looks like, two horns appear on either side of his head, pale in color. His teeth elongant to give the impression of fangs. His body fills out a bit more in order to maintain the strength he is prone to hiding.
Personality: At first, Famine comes off as a nice person, smiling to those who are weaker than him and lulling them into a sense of security. As he does so, however, he is listening to his main instinct, the one that tells him whether or not he shall devour that person. If he does, well, there are few that have survived. He is a playful being, cruel, and taking emmense amusement in others misfortune. He does lend a helping hand more often that not but its generally to further himself and his own goals. When serious, his expression deteriorates and it is usually barely concealed rage that festers beneath the surface of an expressionless mask. He has morales but there isn't many times that he decides to go with it, or even shows it. he's a selfish creature and will usually do anything for himself. He desires and desires above all else. To those who have his favor Famine can be seen as a child, genuinely happy or complaining--retaining more of his human characteristcs.
Backstory: Born in Egypt, Famine once held the name Yeshua. He was born to a farmer and his wife, the only child they had ever had. They were a nice couple, doting upon their growing son, as much as they could be. They never saw him through his childhood, for they were murdered in a village raid. Famine was taken and sold into slavery at the age of five, given to the Pharoh's middled son who was the same age, as a slave. He worked hard to fulfill his duties, never minding the humiliation, the abuse or the fear that came with each new day. In his eighteenth year, a drought hit the vale and many crops were lost. When it was apparent that the Pharoh could not provide for them, the city dwellers revolted against him, storming through the palace in the dead of night. It was a raid. It was his duty to look after the Prince and as he was helping him escape, the two were caught on either side. Both received multiple wounds, the Prince dying almost instantly. Famine lay on the cold ground, hanging onto what little life he had left. It was while he was dying that Death appeared before him.
"Would you like to live?"
It was a simple question. There was something inside of him, that fluttered like the wings of a butterfly.  It wanted to be let out but in order to do so he had to live. So Yeshua said, "Yes, I want to live."
"Then first you must die."
The final blow to his life was struck by Death's hand and before long Yeshua was born again, not as a human but as a demon. He had the seed of Famine growing inside of him, a gift from the precious Horseman to be born again inside of a different human. He accepted this gift and became a harbinger of starvation and disease.

Eein Chiimoku
"There is only silence."
Basic Information 
Name: Eein Chiimoku
Age: N/A
Gender: Female
Race: Judge
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Dark blue
Birthday: N/A
Birthplace: Ancient Greece
Height: 5' 6''
Occupation: Judge
Family: (adopted) Cousin (Pandora KnightRose), (adopted) Brother (Famine Makishima) 
Appearance: Eein is characterized by her porcelain skin and white hair. She is a woman that often fades to the background despite her unusual presence. Her eyes are dark blue, nearly black, and her gaze is unwavering. She is slim and petite, seeming fragile like a doll. Eein retains an air of confidence and grace befitting that of a noble woman despite any situation. She has never worn a pair of pants in her life and is characterized by the victorian styled clothes she is always seen.
Personality:  She is as quiet as silence itself, rarely uttering a sound when she is alone. Eein often comes across as antisocial and awkward but in reality she has never socialized with any around her age. She has only known the company of men who are more than twenty years her senior. Recently however, she has begun opening herself up in the hopes of finding some like her. Protective and unbelievably kind are two words that describe her the most. She is strong willed and stubborn, justice oriented and a very light creature. Acts of evil done by her own hand only yield remorse and a self purging.
Bio: Born in 88 B.C. Eein was a girl of poor health. She spent her childhood in bed, on doctors orders, learning from her mother how to sew and keep house. The doctors were unable to diagnose what illness she had though they knew that she should limit her movements throughout the day, though she could begin to move about the house and elsewhere.  She did not have white hair at this time. Her hair grew to be a beautiful chestnit brown, like her mothers, only touching her shoulders throughout all of her years. As she grew older and her condition grew better bit by bit, she grew to become interested in her fathers line of work rather than the things her mother wanted her to do, putting a rift between parent and child. Her father was a politician and in her growing interest she began to learn from him in secret.
In her twenty third year of life, Eein met Julius Cesar in the market place. The elder man was just rising in politics and she knew much of him (through word of mouth) and couldn't help but reach out to him, though later she felt rather embarrassed at her improper actions. He took interest in her and she him. Their friendship grew and prospered throughout their years, eventually allowing Eein and Bruno to meet, beginning a tentative friendship as well.
It was Eein that pushed Julius to be elected among the people, pouring all of her thoughts and ideas into the values both of them shared--in the hopes that they could see a better world for everyone. In the end Julius was murdered and she was made to the pay the price for her foolish hopes, at the hands of a man she had come to trust. With the stress of her best friends death and the black mail of a murderer, her health began to fail her once more.
War was upon them. Her father and mother had left her, upon her request, to flee the city to safety. Eein could not run away from the injustice of everything around her, the injustice done to Julius at the hands of someone they once trusted. More than that, she could not run away from a situation she knew she had a hand in. Her naivety had been her only friends undoing.  Before Bruno rode out, she begged him to rethink everything, to cease his foolish actions. They yelled words at each other, glass broken and blood drawn. Both were injured but Bruno still rode out. Eein had been mortally wounded and left in the ruins of his office. With the last of her breath she cursed Bruno to the heavens, swearing no forgiveness for him or any man so taken with jealousy and hatred she may come across in the next life.
Eein died there.
And there she was given life again.
A contract between a chained soul, bound by grief and anger, and a world power that needed a wielder.

Kiryu Takemasa
"What is the world we live in?"
Basic Information
Name: Takemasa Kiryu
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Hair Colour: Originally black but is currently dyed
Eye Colour: Black (when power manifests it changes to a glowing amethyst)
Birthday: March 15
Birthplace: Kyoto
Height: 5' 8"
Occupation: Student
Family: Mother, Father, Elder Brother
Appearance: As he has been lost to his actual heritage, Kiryu retains a human like appearance. He is pale of skin and before dying his hair with color, the long strands were jet black. He retains an indifferent air about him, not minding company but never actively seeking it out. His bandmates and his his brother are the closest people in his life yet he never really opens up to any of them. He is always wearing a mask to cover his mouth, no matter what he is wearing (he has several to accommodate his choice of dress). His eyes are a dark black until his power manifests.
Personality: There are times he may come off as serious but Kiryu is a rather playful person. Like a cat there are several things that capture his attention and he has no problem being himself. He is rather hard to get a grasp on, however. Upon first meeting, he is withdrawn and cautious, able to hold a conversation and steer it away from himself so that he can learn without giving information on himself. It is not that he is naturally distrusting, he has just learned to not trust so easily. His motivation for anything but music fluctuates and there have been times he has stopped doing things all together.

Bio: The Celestial Kingdom among the stars had crumbled due to conflict among the four gods--Suzaku, Genbu, Byakko and the dragon god himself, Seiryuu. War broke out and the kingdom was not safe. His wife had been killed and his own life was forfeit as the minutes waned. There was nothing he could do for his infant child, nothing that could keep him there and safe. So he sent him to a lesser planet, Earth, hoping to spare his son the pain of growing up alone in a world that was not his.
Kiryu was born to a depressed mother and a father who worked all the time as a result. He had an older brother five years apart from him. It was not uncommon for yelling to be heard, for accusatory glares to be thrown within this household. A mother who blamed her children for their fathers isolation and could not find fault in herself. She did not love her children to enraptured in her own little world. There were good days but those were few and far between, often turning sour with one wrong move. There was physical abuse, cuts and scratches but nothing that had ever sent either children to the hospital.
When Kiryu was eighteen he moved out to live with his brother, under the condition that he finish schooling despite wanting to drop out. Kyris said it was important to have an education no matter what one did so the younger male works hard--occasionally--to graduate from College in the Psychology department.
His life is relatively simple.
For now.

Basic Information

Name: Hwang-Je 
Age: 2,000+ 
Gender: Male 
Race: Valefar   
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual   
Hair Color: Black 
Eye Color:  Gray with tints of gold 
Birthday: January 24 
Birthplace: The Abyss 
Height: 5'' 8.5' 
Occupation: Duke of Hell 
Family: Eldest Brother (Eodum), Elder Brother (Eun), Elder Brother (Dyuo)
Appearance: Pale skin like porcelain and black hair that frames his face. His hair is spiked naturally in the back. There is  silver stud beneath his bottom lip on the left side. His eyes are almond shaped and are predominately gray with golden wisps swirling around them. His nails are kept in pristine condition and are always painted, normally black. His ears are pierced and are normally full of customized earrings from Hell.
Personality:  He is quiet until spoken to and chooses to speak the minimum amount he possibly can. He was brought up by his elder brothers and as the youngest he has always been given what he wanted. He is not spoiled. On the contrary these things have been given to him rather voluntarily. He holds a slight arrogance about him and has the standoffishness of a feline. He is not normally one to engage in combat, choosing instead to actively orchestrate his own familiars and legions to do the job for him. His views on love, because of his situation, is rather twisted. He sees love as something obsessive and if you are in love you should do everything in your power to hold that person close, even if it means threatening and or killing them (he himself has been threatened and hurt by Eodum on more than one occasion).
Family Dynamics: Hwang-Je is betrothed to his eldest brother Eodum. They have been betrothed since they were n their younger years and it was Eodum who proposed to his  brother. The date for the wedding has not been set but Eodum keeps a tight leash on his brother displaying long moments of possessiveness and obsession.
Eodum and Dyuo do not get along. Dyuo has made it known more than once that he wants to bed Hwang-Je at least once, or multiple times. The disdain shared is mutual and Dyuo does everything in his power to stab at his elder brother, buying the youngest brother clothes, jewels, demons and anything he can think of. The consequences vary for all three demons depending on the status of the gift. Eodum, however, is never happy.
Eun and Hwang-Je have the most understanding relationship. The second child identifies with being asexual, though he's had several trysts in his long life. He listens to Hwang-Je and knows how the youngest brother truly feels. He goes to great lengths to make him comfortable and it is said that he too has a brother complex, though tamer than his other brothers. 
Eodum: King to the Abyss
Eun: Architect
Dyuo: Architect 

Bio: Born to Mephistopheles, Hwang-Je is the youngest of his offspring. Like his brothers, he holds an important position in hell as one of the Dukes. His duties consist of political relations between other high powers and ensuring that riots don't break out often but if they do he is to record them for later review or reference. He has been a Duke since his coming of age and has held his position with the utmost dignity. For a long time, his brothers assisted him, going so far as to do  his work. When he felt more comfortable he took over and dropped into a monotonous routine.
At home, in the manor that he and his brothers share, Hwang-Je is normally seen wandering around in the library, tucked away in a far corner, or locked in his room. He has friends that he writes to or who often come see him but he has been forbidden to leave the grounds without Eodum's permission. There are many things he is interested in, art and theatre only a few. Often, since he cannot leave, the manor gets guests of players that will perform whatever he wishes or asks of them.
He is the most untried of the family and has curiosities that the others do not. He has only been in the human realm once, for business. He finds it fascinating but is forbidden from going there unless it is for work.
Hwang-Je was not opposed when Eodum proposed to him, demanding his hand in marriage. He grew to hold affection for his older brother and is no virgin. His body had long been claimed by the eldest and his mind molded to believe that he loved only him. The years draw on and he becomes more cognizant of the obsession that never bothered him before. His life has been threatened because of love and he has two brothers vying for his affection. He is still young and has much to understand about himself and those around him. He runs away from home.
He opens a portal to the human realm and escapes without any of the brothers being alerted. It isn't until hours have passed that he feels them calling out to him and cuts the connection. Eodum is furious but does not go after him right away. he gives it time and orders that no one will look for him. Eun takes over his duties as Duke for the time being, volunteering. Eodum, gives Hwang-Je a head start of two months before putting a warrant out for his arrest. The one who can bring his brother back to him, relatively unharmed will have the reward of their desire.
When Hwang-Je returns home, of his own volition, it is to resume the work he left behind and with a better understanding of himself. He does not love his elder brother in the same way but is unsure of how to proceed. If the marriage were to be broken off, Eodum's rage would not be extinguished yet he cannot remain as if everything is alright. Now, he must take the necessary steps to taking back his future.

Quick Ideas

I'm very open to creating new characters and I have become rather good at adapting to new things. Here are a few quick ideas for potential roleplay.

Private Academy
A guardian angel falling in love with the person he was watching over
Submissive vampire and dominate human
Host Club

Long Term Stories

I've either always wanted to do something along these lines or have begun and have had dropped by my previous roleplay partner

A long time ago, the "Hermit Sage" arrived on the new land of Regalia, and the Ancient Dragon bestowed a sword and kingship upon him. As the first King of Edole, he ordered the land to become a capital of magic and wisdom. Mages and alchemists from all across the lands came from all over Regalia to further their knowledge. Also, extreme followers of the Ancient Dragon have taken up residence. It is in this land that the boarding school, Sage Aceademy, was ressurected--teachers from all over the country gathering to teach the young ones of magic amd the coreelation it has with the earth; amongst other things. The Ancient Dragon who created Regalia, having lived a long time already, has lost control and begun to pour his remaning life force and power, giving rise to numerous monsters. Edole's King, Ellius is determined to put a stop to this. He carries the Sword of the Creator, as previous kings of Edole have.

A distant relative of Medusa, long in the future, cannot go outside of her house because the gorgon eyes are passed from mother to daughter. She cannot look others in the eyes and when it is unavoidable that there are others around she will wear a blindfold. She is as good as blind. Bullied as a child, there was one person who helped her long ago.

Godesses and Gods
Love among any of the gods and goddesses from Greek Mythology