Vallen's Humble House of Wonder (M/F for F, TF)

Started by Vallen, December 16, 2013, 07:10:16 PM

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This thread will serve as a place for me to keep track of my ideas, desires, and other such concepts for roleplaying purposes. I'll start off by saying that I do prefer plot-driven stories, but I do not mind the occasional smutty encounter if the circumstances meet my fancy.

* I prefer to roleplay via Thread. I will RP via IM, but I'd like to discuss a bit more detail if that is your preferred method of roleplay, so please keep that in mind.

I also prefer paragraph formatting. I like to write quite a bit when I make a post, and while you certainly do not need to match my efforts, it helps to have a decent amount of information to work with. Proper grammar is certainly a large bonus, but I will not jump down your throat if there's a few mistakes every so often!

All characters 18+

Be okay with colors.

I am submissive by nature. I do not have to play submissive characters, and am quite fine with playing as a switch. In fact, I can turn quite dominant when provoked, so if that's what you're after, you can see it as a challenge to bring out a rarer side of me!

Now then, on to the 'meat' of the post: I will include my own plots, themes, and/or pairings that you may choose from. These are certainly not requirements by any means, they are simply guidelines and things I personally hold great interest in. I am always willing to discuss/modify plots if you feel you could spice it up or make things more interesting.

*Also something to note, I will play a M or F character, paired with a F or TF character.

O's&O's: I'm going to keep this list as generalized as possible, because I will experiment with things, but I have my main preferences and main dislikes that I feel need to be shared, so here they are:

Likes: Teasing, Foreplay, Light bondage, Oral Fixations, Consensual, Proportionate features, Dominant partners, Voyeurism

Middle Ground (Depends on my mood and quality of idea): Watersports, Incest, Public nudity, Age gaps, Non-consensual, Fandoms

No: Vore, Gore, Scat, Tentacles, Extreme proportions, Furry, Underage

Again, this list is just general. Things in the 'No' section won't be considered, but if you don't see something there, feel free to ask about it.


Anything in bold indicates a craving. Anything crossed out indicates the pairing/plot is already requested or in use.


Older Teacher (Female) x Student
Stranger x Stranger
Princess x Peasant
Roommate x Roommate
Maid x Employer's son
Manservant x Employer's daughter

Plots: ~Coming Soon~