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June 24, 2018, 07:48:59 PM

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Author Topic: Male Digimon needed for Female Tamer  (Read 313 times)

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Offline kingsizedorkTopic starter

Male Digimon needed for Female Tamer
« on: December 16, 2013, 03:24:31 PM »

*-Be able to post 2-3 paragraphs of detailed writing

*-Prefer partners who are male and play males. (For main characters but side characters I dont mind)

*-Fluffy Love - (I do like it when characters 'fall in love' so to speak, or care alot about each other. I like the thought of something 'sparking' between them. Something that happens like a simple touch, kiss or look that sometimes sudden sparks a passion between them and no matter where they are they must have each other.)

*-Carry the Game with me - Though I have supplied the plot...please treat it as your own. Do not feel like you cannot introduce other characters or events ect into the play. Some of the best Rps Ive had is when my partner treats the plot has his own.

Games will be held over Pms or Email (preferred). Please PM me if interested or email me on

Tip -
I prefer anatomically correct genitals, bar spines, or made up appearances (Pointed head, twin members, ribs or further textures)

Remember -
Feel free to change my plots or suggest your own ideas or plots..
-No watersports, scat, vore or the like

I will be playing OC tamer, No cannons

Idea -
The Digimon series always explores the story from the point of view of several tamers at once. During Season 2, they traveled around the world and there were solo tamers. I would like to explore the life and point of view of a Solo tamer. I'm looking for someone to play my Digimon for TamerxDigimon pairing.

I would like to run very much like Season 2 did - the going back and forth between worlds. Plot can be very much the same as Season 2 - The Black Spires and the Black Rings but controlled by a Virus Digimon other than the Emperor or develop another plot based around a growing hostile virus effecting Vaccine and Virus Digimon alike.
Or we can come up with another plot with further ideas.
Either plots will contact in and out of Digital World fights which will effect the Digivolution line.
Real world life for her does begin to suffer as they try to keep her two lives separate. Beside the continuous saving of the two worlds, having a otherworldly creature as a partner...does have some very interesting and fun private perks. 

Side characters will be played by both of us as and when we need them. Side character Digimon as well (enemies and allies)
Other tamers can be introduced as side characters, in contact via internet to tip each other off on situations or meet up in the Digital world to help along action scenes but no more than that. Will not change my mind on this.

Digimon - Partner Digimon to be discussed. Made up accepted as long as there is images of each.

Cannon digimon accepted-

Strabimon - Though Im not fond of his original line of Digivolution, but that's not to say we cant change them.

Veemon is suggested due to its many forms (Digivolution will be completely up to you to use as and when.) and they are all very different with the Armour and Normal Evolution lines. All Digieggs will already be available. Armour forms can be changed.

Any Digivolution can be changed. (For example- Have Labramon as Rookie and have a Amour Digivolution be Garurumon.)
Other digimon can be used and given Armour forms.

Digivolution -

In Digital world - Armour only (if using Black Spires in the plot)
In Real World - Original line only.

I'll leave what form you want to Digivolve into up to you at the time we need it. No need to ask me.

Everything can be changed and discussed.
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Offline kingsizedorkTopic starter

Re: Male needed for Digimon Plot (Digimon needed for my female tamer)
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2013, 09:50:02 AM »
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