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May 16, 2022, 12:29:56 pm

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Author Topic: GM, seeking partners and other gm's (I accept both ladies and Gent's)  (Read 1002 times)

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Note: I play with lady's and gent's. And with all gender's in between. I play females, and males. But, may have to be persuaded for a herm. :)

Ok, hello and good day to you all. First I want to get something out f the way, elephant in the room sort of thing. I, Up until a few weeks ago have been in a hiatus. A rather hectic one. I am sure, I have made a lot of you mad at me. From a few group game's I wanted to start. To my one x one partners. Honestly, excuses are not needed. Since no excuse can make up for this, nor is a excuse ever justified. But, regardless. I went through some deep, and personal times. Which I am not too open about. Nor will I want to speak about unless you have, through kindness and friendship earned the right. That said. On ward to what matters. I will start off with my list of Must have's in a partner, to preferences (Not required.) And lastly turn offs.

Ground rule: I will only accept pm's. No posting here.  And I will be receiving a lot of pm's. I understand how popular this may be. So, understand I will be tentatively picking and choosing my partners closely. The best way to get my attention is to have a firm understanding of what you want. I will include a easy to use template at the bottom of this post. That will make it easier to pm me.

Requirement's: Very few exist. In fact, only 3 do.

1: Be at least semi literate. For me, I want a partner to help carry the plot, and in the case of me gm'ing not only help carry the plot but. I want my partners character to hold weight in the world. Dont just sit around waiting for me to present things to you. Actually do something: Now the flip side, from literacy to adult erotica: If, we get into erotic scenes. Again, dont just be a puppet. Dont be someone who reacts to my character(s). Actually participate. I prefer equal standing in a relationship. Or, at least top bottom. Dom sub relationship's have been ruined for me. I am open to them, IF you can convince me. But it is a long shot. The only good experiences I have ever had with this. Are when A; I am the sub. Since I actually take action. Or B; when my sub, was a fellow lord. Odd huh? None the less. As long as you can write at least a few paragraph's normally. And, I can understand what your saying. I am happy with you.

2: Be friendly! Nothing is to say we can not be friends. From a simple "How are you this morning?" To something like "I had a bad day, because x and this, and Y." Maybe even having intellectual conversations? I like making new friends. And love to consider partners as such.

3: Dont harass me please? I may be slow some times. and Prompt at others. My speed differs from a rabbit to a slug. So please be patient. Especially if I am making a WORLD around YOUR character. It requires some work and concentration. Now, a reminder is fine. And, making sure I still have interest is fine. But, dont 'push' me to go faster. Or 'judge' me for my speed. It will only make me slower.

Preferences: Nothing required. But, being agreeable with these will help with me deciding on taking you as a partner.

1: Be a fellow gm. I am seeking partners. Some one to write with long term. Not on one idea but on multiple ideas. So, if you are a fellow gm, and am willing to gm for me on a separate story. Then, that is awesome. If not, I understand.

2: Detailed sex! Now, this is in preferences becouse sex is not an issue. I am about story. But, I like substance in every aspect of my role plays. So,  when things get down to it. The nitty gritty. I like no, want substance. Not just, saying what you do. But, how you do it, how it feel's, how it tastes. Your emotions. How it feels when I touch you. Substance, is very appreciated.

3: I am here to write Adult story's. So, allot of my role plays may contain heavy themes, and adult content. "Well, DUUUUUuuuuh Prosak." I know I know. But, the point of this tid bit is. These themes may also contain lot's of violence, blood, and gore. So even though I dont require these things. It is preferable, that your ok with the death of characters. And death in general. That your ok with violence. And blood. At least at a bias level with very little detail. Although if given the chance, I can write volumes on the beautiful yet ugly and glorious death of a beloved character. From the wound, to the way the blood fly's through the air... Trust me. I can make death scenes pretty dramatic.


1: This takes 1 as my number one, off putting gripe in role playing. Laziness, and selfishness. I will not point out anyone (Especially since I have not met very many that fit this here on Eliquiy.) But, I think to have a good grasp of perspective. Read this small comic.

It is hard to exactly point out how it is. But I hope the comic helped. Essentially, dont be lazy. But dont be afraid to ask me for something. Selfishness, is a bit more into the realm of expecting me to be or do something. And forcing me, to do something. Or making it my obligation to please you. Even if I am gm'ing. We both need to enjoy it. It is a partnership. It is our story. A collaboration. Not your story. So, selfish partners are people who make it all about them. Rather then each other.

2: No means no. If you ask me to do something in a rp, and I am not into it. Please respect it. I have a very strict code of what I do and dont like. With variations, that depend on the scenario. So if you ask for So and So to rape your character. And I say no, that character would never do such an act. Please understand that.

Now onto the worlds! I will label each with a level of one to ten. On how badly I want to play in, or gm it. This list may shrink, or grow depending on preference and demand.

Fan based

Dragon Age
Play: 7    GM: 10 (Who else is excited for Inquisition! WooT WooT!!!!)

Mass Effect:
Play: 10  GM: 8

Lord of the ring's:
Play: 6   GM: 10
(Original setting's)

Sci fi Mech:
Play: 6 GM: 5

Original Fantasy:
Play 5   GM: 8

Original Sci fi:
Play: 5  GM: 4  (I wont be excited. For it will be a pain to make.)

Request Template

Your name: What shall I call you by? your preffered nick name, or your real name? Forum name?

Play preference?: Do you want to play in my world, or gm?

Setting: What setting interest's you the most?

Thought's ideas: Any thoughts or ideas? It helps me to make a story for YOU, when YOU openly let ME know what YOU want. :)

On's Off's: Provide me a link to your on's and off's if you have one. Or, to your F-list, or a Rabbit Hole. As long as I know what makes you feel happy, and pleased. And know what frustrates you to no end.

Be respectful: Be nice, and friendly. And, also above all patient with me.

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Re: GM, seeking partners and other gm's (I accept both ladies and Gent's)
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2014, 10:42:38 pm »
Mass Effect... Dragon Age.. OGLAF? Marry me. Seriously though, I'd be open to brainstorm a few ideas with you. I'm a big fan of Bioware games and have a fairly good knowledge of them.