Down the rabbit hole, (Male looking for female)

Started by Dawhiterabbit, December 13, 2013, 10:42:08 PM

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It has been quite a while sense i have been on my beloved elliquiy, but I hope she has not forgotten me completely, Welcome all and please enjoy.

To tumble up, to tumble down
to fall perpetually all the way round
hitting ground with a mere splat
In wonderland you are a, simple matter of fact

Welcome all to the twisted world of wonderland, I am your literate host The white rabbit. as it said above in the thread I am in search of all females literate nothing more then that. I not going to bother with long winded threads of what I am looking for but I will make it simple. I am here for smut filled plot driven role-plays of any kind I am comfortable in doubling in roles and I don't much care what role you decide to stick me in. I am more submissive then dominate but depending on the experience of my partner and our chemistry I can play a MEAN switch. I don't have limits so when and if you decide to contact me just tell me plainly what you are looking for, what fetishes if any you wish to experiment with. In saying that I will be waiting for your messages intently.

This is the part where I lied, I am going to make this a long winded and probably annoying thread listing and I might as well list my favorite fetishes I would love to role into any and all plays. As a side note I would like to say if you want me to play a dominate role, for the love of god don't be a sniveling little spineless bitch, I don't mean to sound like a dick but I lose interest in a role play like that almost instantly. Another thing, if we role a play and it starts out perfect, pristine and other wise beautiful story, lets keep it that way because if one degenerates into smaller and smaller replies filled with less and less word selection I am out and at that point I probably wont tell you why I left. I know I sound like a ass, and its true I am but I hope when I am playing with someone that they are just as enthusiastic as I am about writing, this does not mean I don't understand writers block, it is the bane of all writers existence so I can give you that one just tell me your brain went *sizzle dead*

Now onto the good stuff.


Role Play Ideas

War amongst the stars:

Alright for this is a warhammer play, the setting is the grim and dark 40th Millennium, it is fraught with all sorts of horrors, Tyranids, Chaos and Necrons to name a few. My idea with this is to use any of the more savage and evil races as the foil of the plot, I really am not to particular as to what my partner decides to play as so long as there is an opportunity of smut and the promise of senseless bloody violence.


I know everyone has probably seen this a hundred times by now but lets face it, skyrim was a well made story (if not a bit rushed at parts) and one I enjoyed thoroughly and I would like to try and roll up a play based loosely on its lore, I am looking for a Dragon born (don't much care the race) to lead the way to honor and glory, I of course being best at playing support would love to play a close companion to the hero of skyrim. This play in my opinion offers a lot of well play in the types of kinks that could be used as well as the promise of copious amounts of exploration and violence.

A world after Death:

This is a post apocalyptic play, The world has been beaten about the head, neck, chest and groin with the proverbial spiked baseball bat of a zombie Apocalypse, To but it bluntly shits fucked up aside from that there isnt much to say, pockets of humanity remain and some grow, the undead hordes are kept in check by the local militia, and well to be honest I am looking for a zombie girl...well not a corpse but one of the infected who hasnt lost all of there humanity and who smells less like rotting meat in comparison to there full dead brethren. I know it sounds vague but I want a romance with something different, something violent, something cunning, something that by sheer force of will has managed to stay alive and even evolve past what stumbles the streets at night.


Game fandoms

Ill go first in saying I am a huge game freak, (nerd, geek, what ever the hell you want to call me) I enjoy there stories and I would very much love to have the opportunity to construct something that could possibly rival my favorite stories, so if you are like me, please dont hesitate in sending me a message.

Warhammer 40k
Mass effect
Dead Rising

And thats about all that comes to mind as far as games goes, if you have one that you would like to play, pitch me the idea, there is a good possibility that I have played it at one time or another.