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Author Topic: WEI's Requests and Ideas (M or Trans Chars looking for F or Trans)  (Read 460 times)

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Offline wideeyedinnocentTopic starter

Welcome!  I hope you find some plots that interest you.  My RP load is fairly light right now so if you have a good plot there is a good chance I am available.  Please do take the time to check out my RP preferences and/or my O/O's thread which can be found here:

There you can find not just my O/O's, details about how I like to RP, communicate, as well as links to my ongoing RP's as writing samples.  I assure you that if you propose an I RP I will be reading yours as well.

To start out with I will be listed mostly in pairings I am interested in playing.  As I come up with more detailed plots, I will add these as well so feel free to check back periodically.

If you are interested in starting an RP, please do send me a PM as this is the best way to reach me.  You might consider including the following things in your PM to expedite getting our RP started (all are not required, these are just some suggestions):

Plot Idea: If it was just a pairing, throw a basic plot idea out there.  This can be anything from fully developed to a basic skeleton, I'm happy to develop it further with you if it piques my interest, but it helps to have somewhere to start at least.  If I had a more detailed plot summary, give me your take on it, what you especially like about it, and maybe a wrinkle or two you would like to include.
Expected Post Frequency: How often can you post?  This can be typical/average, it will not expect it to be set in stone.  (See my O/O and preferences for details regarding my views on this)
Expected duration Is this a one off type of RP consisting of a scene or two, or a longer duration RP?

BTW I am more than open to a "one off" format where we set up a single sex scene and either plan to end after that or decide following if we want to continue.

You may have noticed in the heading that I would play both M and Trans chars and am looking for F or trans partners.  Transgender transformation is essentially the genre that would include trans characters on either of our parts so I have separated those plots into a separate section.  Character names are included as placeholders, we can use them but you can feel free to change them as well.

Plots (Male/Female):

Deviation from the plan:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Steven and Edith are both professors at a small college for conservative christian students where even the faculty have to abide by a strict code of conduct.  For the past six months they have been collaborating on a major research project that has thrust them together for extended periods and taken them away from their families.  As their stress and loneliness grows during the hectic last days of the project their growing admiration and mutual respect for one another takes an unexpected turn.  The married professors dutifully battle the taboo romantic urges they have suddenly begun to feel for one another, fighting to stay loyal to their spouses and not to let their mask slip, neither is aware of the other's feelings.  Finally the project is complete and they set off together to a major scientific conference in San Francisco where they plan to present their work at last.  On the way, however, a major winter storm strands them together in an unknown city.  With no one watching but their consciences, will they stay loyal to their families and their commitments or will they give in to temptation?  Who could resist when the very universe is conspiring against them?


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Rick is a nerdy biology major with a serious interest in ornithology and...not much of a social life.  His parents raised him to be a good boy, to focus on his studies and to save himself until he marries the girl of his dreams.  He and his brother Jacob have won a prestigious summer internship with the U.S. Forest service which will see them spending the entire summer together in an isolated cabin in southeast Alaska where they will each be working on research projects in their field of study.  On the eve of the trip Jacob comes down with a serious case of appendicitis, forcing the forest service to select an alternate applicant to fill Jacob's spot.  He hopes he will get along with Andy, a man he has never met before, but that is before he discovers that "Andy" isn't a man at all.

Holy Roller Takedown:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Rebecca isn't exactly the quintessential good church girl.  Her family is new to the city and she is actually a little bit bemused by her mother's sudden resurgence of faith.  In fact she is a little stunned by her new church's teachings: no sex until marriage?  She fears she will be miserable in this new place until she gets a look at Jeff, the pastor's son.  Handsome and spiritual, Jeff is the darling of all the church girls, though Rebecca can't shake the feeling that he knows it, even if he pretends not to notice.  She is just a little smitten anyway until her suspicions about his hypocrisy are confirmed when she overhears him telling one of his friends that she is a slut just because she wore a "short" skirt.  From that moment on Rebecca is on a quest to tarnish Jeff's shiny image forever.

Plots  (Gender transformation, trans/female, male/trans, trans/trans):

Lab Safety: (male to trans x female to trans)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Matt and Gina are Juniors at the local state university.  They have taken lab assistant positions working for the brilliant, famous, if a little eccentric Professor Charles Jamison, knowing that a letter of recommendation from him would go a long way toward gaining them acceptance in medical school.  Both have accepted the positions for wildly different reasons.  Matt comes from a medical family, he's not sure that he wants to be a doctor but not being one isn't really an option if he wants his parents to finish paying for his undergrad.  Matt has put a bit more effort into enjoying his college experience than he has into his studies, now he figures doing his time as a lab assistant and getting that letter might make up for his less-than-stellar GPA.  Gina on the other hand is a hard-driving go-getter, she has led a cloistered life, focusing only on her studies.  She could get into medical school on her academic merits alone, but she isn't the type who is capable of leaving anything to chance and sees that letter of recommendation as yet another absolutely essential feather in her cap.  Professor Jamison's research involves therapies for patients with gonadal dysgenesis or ambiguous genitalia.  His idea is to use a viral vector to insert new DNA and "reset" embryonic sexual development in an adult individual.  The research sounds interesting but in reality Gina and Matt spend a lot of time tediously splicing gene after gene into the viral vectors.  One day, however, Matt gets a little careless with the viral vector and soon strange things start to happen to their bodies.  Dare they reveal their carelessness to Dr. Jamison or do they have to rely on each other, the only ones who now know their secret?

I have two ideas for how to write this roleplay.  One would be a more traditional format, where are characters interact primarily with one another.  My other idea would be a bit unique.  Basically it would be both of our characters exploring their new bodies (I am toying around with the idea of including an enhanced sexual drive as part of the unfortunate side effects), with other students or individuals on campus.  The RP would basically be a series of vignettes where one of us plays our main "character" and the other plays an NPC.  After each scene we would alternate roles and the climax then might be a scene between our two characters.  I would be open to playing a male x trans pairing as well as an NPC for this.

Pairings (Male/Female, trans/female, female/trans, trans/trans):

Dad X Babysitter

Babysitter X Mom

Doctor X Nurse, Nurse X Doctor

Boss X Secretary, Secretary X Boss

Sorcerer X Apprentice, Apprentice X Sorcerer (Fantasy Setting)

Teacher/Professor X Student, Student X Teacher/Professor

More to come!

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Re: WEI's Requests and Ideas (M or Trans Chars looking for F or Trans)
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Updated 1/11/2014 with new Male/female plots!