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Author Topic: Will you play and learn to like it? [Battle Royale Interest Check]  (Read 310 times)

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---Battle Royale----

I am sure that those entering this thread know what I am talking about when they see this symbol:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen I am talking about running Battle Royale on Elliquiy, and for those that do not know what I am talking about here are links to learn about this cruel game of survival:

So if you are still here, I am going to be taking liberties with it and placing it in our lovely US of A. TV execs, wanting to get somewhere close to the revenue that the Japanese were getting with their program decide to run one in America. However, it is obviously not sanctioned by the government. Instead, they grease the right amount of hands to allow for an extreme reality television show that would be composed of consenting adults. Since they want to use students just like those used in Japan, they decide to use High School Seniors that all think they are going on a field trip into the wilderness. One that they are warned may be dangerous, but figuring it is a high school trip and nothing is going to happen. Little do they realize that they are giving their consent to be in the first ever American Battle Royale and only one of them will be returning from this trip alive.

Now, this is a going to be a system light game, your character's survival is up to you however it is also up to chance. Yes, my friends I plan on incorporating dice into this little game of death.

~All player vs. player functions will be simplified down to predetermined outcomes if they are not being used as plot points.
~Fights that are worked out beforehand will not result in either a penalty or gain to the current week's symptom mutation roll.
~The team or individual that wins the roll for the encounter will be the victors in that encounter. Once a fight is initiated, and the rolls are made, the result CANNOT and WILL NOT be reversed. Once you commit, that's it.
~Writing that contradicts the predetermined outcome will need to be edited or removed.

This rolling will be done with Elliquiy's dice roller with you reporting the rolls in the post.

Link here:

1d100 with the best roll winning, you will then both roll another 1d100 for wounds:

1 - 50 - Category 1 - Superficial (Cuts, scrapes, and minor  bruises)
51 - 60 - Category 2 - Battery (I.e., had the living shit beat out of them, but nothing broken)
61 - 70 - Category 3 - Broken bone (excludes skull/spine)
71 - 80 - Category 4 - Deep wound (Flesh wound)
81 - 90 - Category 5 - Lifethreatening wound (vital organ damage)
91 - 100 - Category 6 - Death

Winners however, get a modified table which is more like:

1 - 60 - Category 1 - Superficial (Cuts, scrapes, and minor  bruises)
61 - 70 - Category 2 - Battery (I.e., had the living shit beat out of them, but nothing broken)
71 - 80 - Category 3 - Broken bone (excludes skull/spine)
81 - 90 - Category 4 - Deep wound (Flesh wound)
91 - 100 - Category 5 - Lifethreatening wound (vital organ damage)

Disclaimer: Yes, this system is being modified for this game from the system used in Adonis's Deviations with permission.

Also there may be further modifications to the system until the game goes live!

Currently, I am looking for 24 characters for the game. I am reserving two to be run by me. These students sole purpose is to off inactive characters and neither of them will win the game. So there will be 26 students total. And since the nature of the game is character death, people are allowed to have two characters to start off with.

And all of the students are to come from Shadow Ridge High School in Las Vegas Nevada. I will provide the setting of the Program, with maps and grids as I get interest.

Rules of Battle Royale
A randomly-selected school class is placed on a deserted area. There, they have to kill each other in order to survive.

The game ends when there is only one survivor left behind.

Prior to the game, each student is fitted with a neck collar that monitors their positions, vital signs and other info.

They are given one bag of supplies each, which contains water, rations, a compass, a map and some randomly-selected weapon. The weapons range from bladed weapons to pistols, full-auto guns and also the occasional "surprise", such as a boomerang, paper fan and poison.

The area is divided into a grid network of more-or-less equally large "zones". Once in a while, one of these will be deemed a danger zone. When that happens, the neck-collars of any students inside it who stays there longer than the allowed time will detonate, killing them.

If no-one dies within 24 hours, everyone's collars detonate and nobody survives.

Also, if more than one person is still alive at the end of the 72-hour time limit, everyone's collars will also detonate.

Character Sheet

Code: [Select]
[floatright] [img]http://IMG URL HERE[/img] [/floatright]

[b]Name: [/b]



[b]Designated Weapon[/b]



[b]Pertinent Background[/b]

[b]Projected Outcome[/b]

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Re: Will you play and learn to like it? [Battle Royale Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2013, 12:09:55 AM »
I'm in as I've been listening to you plot this all evening, as well as currently rewatching the movie as you know.... Damn Mumble traps...