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Author Topic: Tales of the Heart: Stephanie's Romantic Stories (F/F)  (Read 908 times)

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Tales of the Heart: Stephanie's Romantic Stories (F/F)
« on: December 11, 2013, 12:52:59 PM »
Here's my big list of stories, new and (hopefully) improved! Right now, as I've had a few stories kind of fall through after my partner and I didn't seem to mesh that well, I'm looking for a few good partners that I can write multiple stories with, rather than a new partner for each new story that I do. Before I get into any specific ideas, I will mention that right now I am particularly desiring partners who would enjoy modern, romantic stories with only subtle flavours of D/s. Domestic Discipline is very appealing to me, and I would love to find one or two partners interested in a story that centres around this.

~Recently Added~

Witness Protection:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young girl with a habit of falling for the wrong type of woman, recently found out that her latest sweetheart was a federal fugitive with quite the disturbing rap sheet. After the hotel room where she and her lover were spending a few days was raided by the federal police, who discovered just this young teenager alone, she was taken into custody to be questioned. It was then that she was informed just who her girlfriend was, and after agreeing to help bring the other woman in, she's put under the protection of a marshal who's tasked with keeping the young girl safe until her criminal lover is taken to trial.

I'm looking for someone to play the marshal for this story. It can go a lot of different ways, and anyone interested should send me a PM!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I'm hoping to find someone who is genuinely interested in this story, who can understand the difference between domestic discipline and BDSM. 
I also want someone who understands that it's not the actual spanking or punishment that's the integral part of the story. It's the process of making the mistake, getting caught and getting into trouble, the love and affection that is involved in a relationship like this, the deep trust on both sides of the relationship. If the focus is the spanking, then it becomes an erotic story about two people with a spanking fetish, and that's not what I want.

How I'm wanting to play this is for us to do something like episodic scenes. The theme behind most of the scenes would be my character getting into trouble one way or another, and your character punishing her. I understand that may sound a little boring and repetitive, but I want the focus of the story to be the progression of a loving couple who practices domestic discipline, to see how it affects them, how it changes them, and how their relationship changes from along the way as well. And of course, who doesn't love spanking? That being said, not every scene is going to be about my character getting into trouble. I want this to be a true love story, following this couple through the good times and the bad, seeing how they pull each other through when the days are rough, and how they brighten each other's lives when things are going well. There needs to be conflict and struggle, ups and downs, love and affection, and of course, once again, lots of spankings.

I would like to start with the two of them having a pre established relationship (As in, they're already dating), but the domestic discipline aspect of their relationship has yet to come into play. I'd want to pick up the story with it either being introduced for the first time, or the first time they bring it up in a conversation, but where no actual spanking occurs. How it comes about that they discover their interest in it is open for discussion. I have a few ideas, but am certainly not limited to them. Either way, we'll discuss this part together!

This kind of story is my absolute number one desire right now, and I'd love to hear from anyone interested in something like this.

I have a few ideas for pairings, but nothing set in stone. So just let me know and we can figure something out!

First of all, I should give you all an idea of what it means to RP with me, rules, and how I like to play.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

For a more complete version, visit my Ons and Offs page and my Roleplay Preferences

When I am active, I try to post at least a couple times a day, sometimes more. However, I'm in school right now, and there are times when I get busy and that just becomes impossible.

When I'm not active, I still try to post once in a while, but more often than not I just have to stop writing completely. When this happens, I do have an A/A's thread that I try to keep updated. And this brings me to my first rule:

Rule #1 If I haven't posted to you in while and you're wondering what's going on, please check my A/A's thread before sending me a PM asking why, if I'm still interested, or anything like that. I have it for a reason, and that reason is so I don't have to worry about forgetting to PM one of my partners in regards to my absence. The only time I'm ever going to PM someone directly about an absence is if you've become a good friend of mine, or if I'm currently only writing with one or two people. This way, everyone gets to see why I'm gone and the approximate time for when I should become active again. So please, don't just PM me asking where I am, but rather, take a look at my A/A's thread, and if there's nothing there to explain my absence, then you can PM me.

If you read over this thread, and find that you think you might like to play with me, but don't particularly like any of the ideas as they are, feel free to suggest one of your own original creations. However, there is something you have to keep in mind if you're going to do this, and that brings me to my rule #2!

Rule #2 If you're going to suggest an idea of your own, please, please make sure you thoroughly read over this page, as well as my ons and offs. The reason I say this is because, for the sake of both of our time, you should have a good understanding of what I like and enjoy before suggesting something that I don't have listed here. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like disappointing people by saying no, and because of this, it really bothers me when people come to me and suggest an idea that you'd clearly know I wasn't interested in if you had just bothered to read the stuff I've written on here about my wants and desires. If you do this, chances are I'm just not going to reply. If it's an idea that isn't completely against everything that I like, I'll respond and politely tell you I'm not interested, however.

In terms of D/s, I am mostly submissive, but not completely. However, this doesn't mean I like to play the domme. I can say with almost complete certainty that I never like playing the dominant role (this includes switching). What it does mean, is that I'm willing to leave D/s completely out of the story altogether. Keep in mind, though, that I do like at least some level of D/s in most of my stories, whenever possible. It will have to be a very intriguing idea for me to be interested in one that doesn't involve it, at least one some level. (D/s doesn't necessarily equate to BDSM or S/m, so please keep that in mind too.)

Here are some general pairings that I like:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Teacher x Student - I know this is cliche, but I love the pairing nonetheless. However, I like this pairing in a romantic setting, rather than a quid pro quos situation that would involve my character granting sexual favours in exchange for a better grade. I find that domestic discipline works very well in this situation, and anyone interested in this pairing and domestic discipline should definitely PM me right away, because I would love to do a story like this.

Student x Student - This is very general, but I like the idea of two young high school girls falling in love, and exploring their sexuality together while they fall for one another. I especially like this pairing when the two characters are fairly contrasting, such as mine being the popular girl in school and yours the nerdy geek, or mine the punkish rebel and yours the popular, responsible, somewhat uptight valedictorian.

Wealthy Businesswoman x Young Socialite

College Student x High School Student

Princess x Knight

(I'm going to add more soon!)

Now for some actual ideas!

The Good Neighbour: Version One
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is a story of two neighbours living on the same floor of a downtown apartment complex. One is a young College freshman who recently moved out of her parents home a few cities away. The other is older, in her thirties or perhaps even her forties. They're acquainted, and see each other in the hall from time to time, but that's about as far as their relationship extends. The young college girl is what a lot of young college kids are: irresponsible, fun loving, and immature. She likes to party, and most mornings when the older woman sees her, it's when the older woman is on her way to work and the younger girl is just getting back from a night of hard drinking and dancing, most of which she can't remember. Eventually the older woman decides to intervene. It's subtle at first. Maybe she just offers to take her out for coffee sometime, show her around the city, invites her over to make her a good, homemade meal. But it grows into more than that as their relationship progresses. If you've read about my love for domestic discipline, you may already be seeing where this is leading, and that is towards spankings! I do want it to be a natural progression, though, so the first spanking should only occur once they know each other well enough, and have grown to care for each other a little bit. This story may or may not lead to a romance. That part can be discussed, or we can just see what happens. But the spanking part and friendship is a must.

Anyone interested in this first version should send me a PM! And just in case it wasn't clear, your character would be the older woman, while mine is the College girl.

The Good Neighbour: Version Two
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is the story of a young teenage girl who was recently cast out by her parents upon them discovering that she was gay. At eighteen years old, with no money, she didn't have a lot of options. But she did need to get as far away from home as she could. So she moved across the country (Or perhaps to a different country altogether if you prefer). Although she did have a little bit of savings, it wasn't much. There was enough to get herself moved into a quaint little apartment in the downtown core. She got a job in a bookstore that she hoped would be enough to pay her College tuition.

Across the hall from her lives another girl, slightly older, who is also attending University, the same one that the other girl is going to. She, however, is a grad student with scholarships to pay her way, along with a family to support her. Like in the first version, the pass in the hallway from time to time, exchanging hellos, but their relationship doesn't extend too far beyond that. It isn't until your character meets mine in the bookstore where she works that the two really get to talking. From there a friendship develops, and from that a romance.

Like the first version, domestic discipline would be fun, but it isn't required, just an added bonus to anyone interested in that sort of thing. What is required is a romance! And if it wasn't clear, I'm looking for  someone to play the older girl, not the younger one, who will be my character.

Lady of the Night:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young girl, 18 years old, has turned to prostitution. She dropped out of school when she was 16, her mother died from a drug overdose a year earlier, and her father is a dead beat drug dealer. In her mind, she only has one real option to survive, and that is to sell her body for money. She's been working the street for a few months and has gotten to know one beat cop fairly well, and has been arrested a few times, mostly for possession and nothing that's resulted in her spending more than a night or two in jail. One night, this beat cop gets a call about a domestic dispute after one of the girl's clients beat her. At this point, the cop decides it's time for  her to step in and see if she can help the girl get her life back on track. From there, a romance blossoms between the two.

I'm looking for someone to play the cop for this story, so if you're interested, send me a PM.

The Price of Pleasure:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A married woman in her 30s or 40s has recently become bored of her life, especially her sex life. Her husband is bland and vanilla, and that was fine when they were younger and sex was new and exciting, but now she's found herself wanting more. One thing in particular has been the urge to experience sexuality with another woman. A close friend of hers, one she confides with about all things, finally manages to convince her to seek out a high priced escort in order to fulfill these fantasies, in the hopes that once she does, she can get back to enjoying her life the way that it was.

I'd like to play this story out starting with your character, who's the woman in her 30s or 40s, meeting up in a hotel with the escort. Once they're done, though, your character  finds that not only does she still find her old life boring, but she can't get the escort out of her mind. So she hires her again, and again, until she starts to wonder if she actually has feelings for the girl. As for the girl, she also has started to develop feelings for the woman, but tries to convince herself that it's not smart to get involved with a client, that it couldn't possibly work because, for one thing she's married, and for another she only wants the escort for her body. If interested in this story, please let me know! 

House of Reform
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A radical new penal system non violent criminals under the age of 25 has recently been established, leaving Judges with the ability to sentence offenders to a house of reform instead of prison. Qualified people and couples alike are allowed to sign up for this program, offering their homes to these non violent criminals under the age of 25, where they would act as the prison guards and wardens. It would be something like house arrest, except it of course wouldn't be the criminal's home, and they would have to follow the rules, and accept the consequences of breaking those rules, that their guardians put in place.

My character, a 20 year old party animal, was recently arrested for drunk driving, and after drugs were found both on her person and in the vehicle itself, she was looking at a fairly lengthy prison sentence. Her lawyers immediately pushed for her to be put in a house of reform instead.  Given her age and the nature of her crimes, she was the perfect candidate.

I'd like to find someone interested in playing an older female who would be the one in charge of supervising my character's sentence. Lots of fun possibilties for this, including a potential romance blossoming, lots of spankings, maybe some kinky bondage as well!

I don't have a title for this one!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A 19 year old College girl with a rough home life has recently fallen for a late twenty or thirty something woman who has a difficult life of her own. She's recently divorced, but while she isn't rich, she's getting by. I'd like her to have an admirable profession, but one that doesn't earn her a lot of money. I"m thinking something like a police Officer, fire fighter, MMA fighter or boxer that hasn't made it big yet, or even a military woman. Both women are struggling with their lives at the moment, but in different ways. The College girl lives with her dead beat dad and drug addict mom in a broken down house in the middle of a rough neighbourhood. She's going to College, but spends most of her time at parties, drinking and trying to forget about her home life. The older woman is recently divorced and struggling  to put the pieces of her life back together. She still sees her ex from time to time, which makes it all the more awkward. I'm thinking their jobs force them to run into each other on occasion. They're civil with each other, of course, but there's definite hostility, and her ex certainly doesn't approve of her dating a 19 year girl.

I'm looking for someone interested in playing the older girl for this story, and we can discuss the details together.

High School High:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There are two different versions to the story, so I'll just start with the first!

Your character and mine would be dating, and have been for a few months. Here comes the controversy. Yours is my character's teacher. Gasp! Shocking, I know. However you would like to play your character is fine with me, but I do have a few suggestions that I'd like you to at least consider. The first is that I was thinking her age should be around her mid to late twenties. 25-30 would be ideal to me. But I'm nothing if not flexible! I also like characters who are a bit more tomboy-ish than the girl's I portray. Short hair, gender neutral clothing, that sort of thing. I also like taller characters, but again, I'm flexible. And remember, these are just suggestions. One thing I absolutely don't want, though, is for your character to be perfect. Flaws are beautiful! So she should have some.

As for my character, she will be a sweet young girl, if a bit spoiled, and somewhat irresponsible. Her parents aren't rich, but she's definitely on the upper end of middle class. Being the baby of the family, and the only girl, she was always a little spoiled, never having much trouble getting herself out of, well . . . Trouble. That meant not a lot of discipline growing up; she's used to getting her own  way! Now, don't start picturing one of those spoiled, prissy little rich kids who thinks she's better than the world and everyone in it. She just doesn't really understand responsibility, especially when it comes  to school. So therein lies the conflict. Your character is mine's teacher. My character is  hardly an honour student.

For story development, I'm wanting to involve domestic discipline. As in, your character is going to give mine real, disciplinary spankings whenever your character deems that mine deserves one. Now, while I do want that to be one central theme of the story, I don't want it to be the sole purpose of what we write. And I certainly don't want spankings to be the focus. I want the love and intimacy that a domestic discipline relationship involves to be the focus. I want our two characters to grow together, to learn from each other, and most of all, to love each other. I  want there to be conflict, struggles that they face together, triumphs that they accomplish, dreams they fulfill. I want this to be a long term story that progresses passed my character's high school graduation to a time where they can be more open about dating and loving one another.

For a starting point, I'm thinking we should begin with the idea of domestic discipline being introduced into their relationship for the first time. I have an idea for how this will occur, but  we  can discuss it more privately.

Version Two:

For the second version, you can assume most of the details are the same. The major difference, however, would be that instead of  your character being my character's teacher, she's a college student, a very smart and driven one, who happens to be the sister of my character's teacher. The reason for the alteration is  pretty simple: it means they could be more open about their relationship. In the first version, they're teacher and student, which obviously means that they'd have to keep it a secret that they're dating. The forbidden romance thing is nice and exotic, but sometimes it just gets in the way. I'm equally happy with either version, as long as we include a story of loving domestic discipline in the route that we choose.

Scandalous Politics:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Your character would be a politician (Doesn't have to be a politician if you'd prefer something different!) who also happens to be the parent of one of my character's friends. My character is a high school senior who is interested in going into politics herself. Since she knows your character quite well, your character offers to bring her on as something of an intern, a way to show her the ropes, that sort of thing. Somewhere along the way their relationship turned into something more (As in sexual!). Under the guise that my character is just a friend of your character's daughter, who's interested in pursuing a career in politics, and thus has a valid reason to be close to your character, they are able to continue the physical, romantic side of their relationship without rousing much suspicion.

Your character can be married or singled; that's totally up to you! I'd prefer she be a little bit dominant, but nothing extreme. She's old enough to be my character's parent, and has a daughter who is the same age as my character (18), so naturally she takes the lead in the relationship. Domestic Discipline would be absolutely loved, but that isn't required.

Other than that, we can discuss all the details together. If interested, send me a PM to let me know!

Young Love:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This story would involve two high school girls falling for each other. I'd like it if they both attended different schools, but have perhaps grown up on the same street and known each other since they were children. Mine would be a rebellious, punkish teenager, while yours would be a preppy, somewhat nerdy, academic. I'd especially like it if yours, the more innocent seeming of the two, turned out to be very dominant and kinky with mine in the bedroom. Maybe they can even begin to explore BDSM together.

Family Secrets:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My idea is basically that a young girl, around 18 or 19, recently lost her parents in a car accident. She's the only child and has no other close family nearby. However, she does have one aunt whom she has never met before and who lives not too far away; upon hearing the news of her parent's death, she invites the girl to come and stay with her. This aunt, however, has a few secrets, which I think is why she and her niece have never met, except perhaps when the girl was just a baby. She's a professional dominatrix. The niece wouldn't know this about her aunt at first, obviously. In fact, I'm thinking there is very little she knows about her aunt at all. However, after a while she stumbles onto some stuff that her aunt keeps, and eventually she discovers this 'secret'. Immediately she becomes curious about it as a lifestyle and a profession. I'm thinking this could lead into some light play that grows heavier and heavier with every session.

Alternatively, for those of you who don't like incestuous play, the aunt could be a family friend.

An important note is that I don't want this story just to be about kinks and bondage. I want them to develop as characters, to see where their relationship leads, and have them grow together, the older of the two guiding the younger one not just through her introduction into BDSM, but also helping her get through the tragedy of her parents death, and helping her along through the journey from teenager to adult.

~More Coming Soon!~
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Re: Tales of the Heart: Stephanie's Romantic Stories (F/F)
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2014, 08:57:39 AM »
These stories have recently been claimed and as of right now are no longer available:

The Other Woman

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Two women meet one morning in a quiet little cafe, one a hungover College or High school teenager (18) recovering from the night before, and the other a late twenty or thirty something writer just looking to get out of the house for a little while in order to cure her writer's block. The writer, disappointed by where her life has recently taken her, sees the young girl sitting alone and approaches to ask if she can buy her some tea, with the promise that it'll help with the hangover. They get along and enjoy each other's company, and for the next few weeks the two women meet at the same place, same time for tea, breakfast, and a little conversation. For a while nothing else happens, until the writer suggests they go on an official date sometime. The girl agrees and they live happily ever after! Not quite.

They date for a while, and everything seems to be going well. They spend a lot of time together, always have fun, are physically compatible. There's only one catch. The writer is married, or in a relationship that the girl doesn't know about. It's a struggling relationship, barely staying afloat, which is why the writer was in the coffee shop that initial morning to begin with. But it's still a marriage, or long time relationship. She'll have to tell the girl eventually, but the two are falling in love and neither does she want this relationship to end, nor does she want to break the girl's heart.

I'm looking for someone to play the older, female writer for this story. All the details can be discussed, what we want to be involved, where we want the story to go, that sort of thing, but this is the base plotline that I'm wanting to go with! PM me if you're interested.

College Daze:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A romance between a high school girl, either a junior or a senior, and a college girl, preferably a junior or a senior as well, maybe even a grad student. For this scene, I would really like for the college girl to be a little bit nerdy/geeky, very smart and responsible, while Stephanie would be the exact opposite in many respects: she's the beautiful, popular girl who doesn't really take school, or life too seriously, and tends to neglect that little thing called responsibility. Once again, domestic discipline would be loved, but it isn't required. That being said, I do, as with all my stories, like a partner whose character can be assertive, take charge, and wear the pants in the relationship.

I'd like to start the story out with the two girls being setup on a blind date by their friends. This allows us the chance to start their relationship from the very beginning, without having to play out the awkward stages that lead up to one asking the other out.