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May 23, 2018, 08:53:22 PM

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Author Topic: Boutique Decadence (Reluctant, F/f/m, npc males, D/s, corruption, fetish, bon)  (Read 353 times)

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         Two long-time friends (or possibly, two sisters) have a successful hotel.  But one of them is no longer happy.  Not happy at all.  She decides to take charge and enliven their relationships, both business and personal...  A lot.  Looking for one person, who can play the bi female manager (domme mentality) as well as sometimes NPC the boyfriend or sometimes male guests (businessmen or rich tourists), possibly some minor hotel staff.  I'd like a few paragraphs about once a week, or possibly somewhat more often.  You would play Sandra and play or share the others.  I would play Jolana. 

         Sandra and Jolana have finally made it.  Sandra has the managerial skill, and Jolana has the charm and snaz.  Together, they have taken this little old hotel from the edge of demolition to a celebrated fixture on the boutique circuit.  With a few loyal staff and a handful of wealthy regulars, the rest is just good business.  Sandra keeping the books and staff in order as always.  Jolana welcoming everyone (well, especially the important ones), dressed classy but daringly, with a lively smile and a few very saucy jokes.  It took a couple years to clean everything up, but now it has all finally settled down and they are making good money. 

         Jolana is completely enjoying the success.  She has always been charming and playful in the way of a brattish belle with looks to go the miles.  She gets to greet most of the important guests, as she is basically the PR face of the hotel.  Sandra has always been naturally good with accounting and planning, so there is nothing to worry about there.  The older girl seems to fit in the desk and office like one of the machines.  Jolana works more flexible hours herself now, as the high rollers generally come with some advance notice.  And...  Right on time, she has landed a remarkably handsome, passionate boyfriend.  Not one of the executives, but someone just a little older than her 24 with a considerable family.  They are prim and proper, but fortunately for Jolana, he has been nothing of the kind here, with her.

         What Jolana doesn't realize is that Sandra is becoming tired of their arrangement.  They are both successful, cheeky, daring young women but Jolana is getting the better end of the deal now.  Sandra now thinks that splitting the ownership 60/40 was a little too generous, even if Jolana does receive the smaller share.  And she is fed up with the freedom Jolana has -- not to mention, her ability to tease and provoke and banter with just anyone.  She sees Jolana starting to take it easy, even shelling out credit on still nicer things, banking on the success that has obviously come.  Come mostly from her own work! 

           And that man....  It's so obvious when those two are together, why they are nearly shameless.  Sandra keeps thinking, "Oh how naughty," but she knows inside that she is jealous -- no, beyond jealous.  Jolana has a wonderful figure -- enough that Sandra is  tempted to do so much more than hug her...   But she doesn't really deserve him!  She is just a tease and her life would be nothing without all my planning, all my hard work.  If he saw how I make things happen, why he would be fawning over me.  After all, everyone says Jolana and I are so similar.  But she's all sugar lips and a temptress package.  No patience, no brains.  Why doesn't he realize that?  He has a lot more class than her!  We'd be so much better suited together.  Yet he's totally besotten with her, the little hussy.  Jolana even said she thinks they may get engaged?!  It almost makes one furious...

Finally Sandra can't take it anymore.  She decides it's time to "adjust" the situation.  She needs Jolana yes, but Jolana must need her more!  If I made some small changes, if I held the pay back another month...  How much has she spent?  I bet she'll tell me if I ask.  A couple grand on that coat, almost ten on that vacation with him, and oh from how she said it I bet they did it every night too...  Yes, she's sure we'll just keep cruising through the tourist season.  And we will, of course.

picture inspiration

           Of course, it will take more than that to be certain that everything goes my way.  And I'm tired of just watching her prance and flirt and date.  She thinks I'm just a cold manager, but it's time she let me show her a thing or two.  We get along so well talking, joking, drinking...  What if I drugged her?  What if I let her see what a woman can do for her?  And if I did...  I could make it so that if she doesn't agree to my terms, he will find out about her moments of weakness with her manager.  I bet she'll agree to everything then.  But I won't let her get away that easily.  Oh, no.  She teases the guests so mercilessly, and we both know which ones are wondering when they just might have a chance to get her in a room.  Maybe it's time for some enhanced VIP package features.  Why, I could even send her in in a low-cut maid dress and garters.  It's not so different from how she dresses, anyway!   

          Oh, the things I could make her do, or do so much "more" of ...  I wonder how long it would be before Mr. Right realizes what a slut his little darling really is.  Probably not long!  I could help him realize...  Or I could just see.  Would he like to be seduced by a sophisticated manager like me, or...  If I mentioned I could clue his family in on how long he's been meeting her here, and how his girl now 'services' my top guests for commission, will he allow me to just show him how to be a good boy for me?  I think he just might.  And oh, the look on Jolana's face if while she had to watch us?  I might have to gag her, or find something else to keep her focused while she watched?  But it would be so priceless... 

        Interest by PM please.  Please do consider Ons and Offs.  Very general questions can go in the thread.  Thank you! 
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