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March 18, 2018, 04:47:20 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for a specific RP with a catgirl! M for F characters!  (Read 374 times)

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Online ChangingsaintTopic starter

Looking for a specific RP with a catgirl! M for F characters!
« on: December 09, 2013, 12:04:11 AM »
Good evening everyone! Tonight I am looking for a roleplay that is not my usual, given what kind of character im looking for someone to play with mine. In short, im looking for a fantasy, sci fi, or steampunk RP where I play a bounty hunter alongside a rival hunter, thief, or maybe even his target... Or perhaps someone who gets caught in the crossfire and has to go under his protection. The catch is shes not human, being either a catgirl or a more humanoid cat-anthro/furry. I dont normally go for furries, but I did find a few images that piqued my interest and that I would love to play alongside. Im not sure if ill get any hits! But for now, I am kind of posting what ideas I have for it, and may as well see if I can get any hits or interest. Worst that happens is that this thread slowly fades off the front page, and I continue my RPs with other partners!

Id suggest all partners read my O&Os to see what I like/dislike, maybe skim my post history to see how I rp, and then of course PM me if you wanna! But for now, ill post what ideas I have for the settings I listed. Theyll be somewhat similar, but each will have a few variances given the time period! I welcome all genders to RP with me, provided you are willing to play a female character!

The idea for the fantasy RP is the basic, skeletal one. Here, my character would be a general bounty hunter, from a sprawling city, to maybe the seven (or more!) seas, on contract to hunt down someone. A bit aggressive in his hunting, hes still skilled and driven and doesnt go after the innocent or anything that would leave a trail of corpses (Unless he needs to fight through thugs and monsters of course). Here, I think it would be kind of fun to have him be either paired up with a rival hunter who he would have an initial love/hate relationship with, maybe a thief whos related to the person he wants, or even the target herself. Be it just a criminal mastermind in a city, a pirate seeking to make her fortune, or even just an old acquaintance of his that he  meets after years. I do love story and action with hot smut, so expect there to be fighting, bloodshed (No sexual gore or murder of PCs!), bickering, and angry sex in some amount!

For steampunk, I would say its similar to above, but instead of swords and magic there would be gunpowder, engines, airships, and still probably magic! Again, theres the idea of his partner being someone he dislikes, but I also like the idea of a noblewoman or some other type who needs protection and hires him. It could even be an exploratory RP where she needs his aid in uncovering some ancient treasure or relic, one that might be pursued hotly by rivals, criminals, militaries and mad cultists! A bit of a pulpy feel, as I am open to negotiations. Should she be a noble I do not expect her to be a damsel in distress (though such can be fun once or twice), as I would think it fun for her to at least be a crack shot with a pistol.

Sci fi! Will trade out magic and oil for fusion drives, powered armor, and gauss rifles. (or maybe even laser swords!) here, I like the idea of a mercenary hunting down a space pirate or marauder and again having to work with a rival, or being in a station and quickly having to rescue some sort of business woman from the crossfire. Of course, rescue might me Get on my ship before this station explodes! Of course, given a sudden change in life style, I also like the idea of him training her in self defense, creating his own partner in crime from anything from a business woman, a waitress, a noble, to gods knows what!

Now as I said, there were images I had in mind for this from anthro to not. Well! I do! (not work safe!), and while most there are kind of catgirl more than anthro, there are a few there that show off the kind of anthro/furry I want. (IE: more human than cat. No muzzle/maw/etc, but with fur perhaps). While I dont mind you playing a catgirl, I do want something just a tad more than ears+tail, ya know? Something a bit bestial! You also do not HAVE to play an image from this, this is just an example of what im looking for, though it would be ace if you saw one there you liked or have one of your own!

Thank you for reading this! Hope to hear some interested replies!