male seeking Naughty female stepmother

Started by shovelbum4u, December 08, 2013, 08:04:00 PM

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I have had this story tumbling around in my head for awhile now and I'm looking for a female writer to help me hash the story out.  Here is the basic premise of the story: Richard Richardson is a very wealthy senior Vp of a company.  After years of marriage to his wife Rebecca's (which produced two sons Aaron who is 16 and Jacob who is 5) Richard divorced his wife. She was very cold insisting on separate bedrooms for example. The only time she had sec with Richard was once a year on their anniversary if he were lucky. After years of that he divorces and marries a much younger woman (you) who is the exact opposite of Rebecca's.   Her two favorite activities are torturing her stepson Aaron with suggestive clothing and flirtations and getting tucked by Richard who seems to be trying to make up for lost time. That's the basic outline. I always want you ti be responsible for your. Own character but I see the stepmother as a very young model. (Richard is on his 50s) who always gets her way and loves to tease Aaron.  Let me know if this sounds good or if you have any more questions.