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Author Topic: Thundercats game  (Read 463 times)

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Thundercats game
« on: November 23, 2013, 03:36:52 PM »

I've recently found and watched this show and I would really like to start a Thundercats game. I really like the setting which combine magic and technology together. As for a game I've got only a few plots in mind, so I'm happy to hear your ideas as well. Also I can play OC characters or characters from the show. As far as canon characters are go I would up to play Lion-O or Tygra (or you can name a side character and we can talk about that too). PM me if you intrested.

I made little summary of the world's background for those who are not familiar with the show (or with this one). I put it together information based on the episodes, but not everyting is explained so at some points I just made up myself or say very little about what happened,


I. The birth of the swords

The story begins with Mumm-Ra and his ship the Black Pyramid. Mumm-Ra wanted to control the whole universe and for that purpose he searched for magical stones across the stars. The Ancient Spirits of Evil helped him in his quest. These spirits were his masters (maybe teachers).
In his quest various species helped him, but most of them were slaves. The only specie that served him willingly were the cats. He had chosen a commander named Leo to help him conquer the universe. Leo and his cats were loyal to Mumm-Ra, but as timed passed more of them felt that they following the wrong leader. Mumm-Ra wiped out civilizations just to get hold of the magic stones. But Leo shared Mumm-Ra’s vision to create a united universe under Mumm-Ra’s command.

Mumm-Ra had an artifact called the Book of Omens, which helped him find the stones. It was created with technology and magic. But before the book could lead Mumm-Ra to the fourth and final stone the Ancient Spirits spoke to Mumm-Ra and ordered him to create the ultimate weapon. They told him to use the star of Plun-Darr to create the swords material.
Mumm-Ra did it without hesitation destroying an entire galaxy in the process. He harvested the metal with a satellite. Then the Ancient Spirits possessed a cat blacksmith and made the Sword of Plun-Darr and a gauntlet.
However when Leo saw the destruction of the Plun-Darr galaxy he finally decided to turn on his master. After the creation of the sword a lot of scrap metal remained. Leo collected them and brought it to the same blacksmith who created a much smaller sword called the Sword of Omens. The smith also created a gauntlet.

II. Rebellion

Mumm-Ra traveled to the planet, which hold the fourth stone called the War Stone. He intended to put the stone in his sword. He made the mistake to sent Leo to fetch the stone from the returning forces who had taken it from the planet. Leo put the War Stone into the Sword of Omens and turned openly against Mumm-Ra. In the process he freed all the enslave animals.
At the end he defeated Mumm-Ra who lost most of his powers. He tires to escape and close himself in a small coffin like pod (maybe an escape pod?). The cats couldn't open it, so they decided to break the controls and trap Mumm-Ra in it.
However during the epic fight between Leo and Mumm-Ra the Black Pyramid is severely damaged and crash on a planet called Third Earth.
The crew survives the landing. Leo became the first Lord of the Thundercats. They separate the stones to hide from Mumm-Ra in case he would return. They also hid the Sword of Plun-Darr and Mumm-Ra’s gauntlet.

III. Rise of Thundera

The Thundercats became the dominant species of Third Earth. They took all the good lands, and they didn't care what is outside their borders. Somehow technology became a myth just like the stories about Mumm-Ra. The Thundercats let other species into Thundera but they are only second class citizens.

The Lizards attack Thundera from time to time, to try and get some lands for themselves. During this time a new order helps the Lord of the Thundercats called the clerics. They are persons with extraordinary capabilities. Some of them even could use magic. The clerics hid the Book of Omens in a tower for safekeeping.

IV. The fall of Thundera

Many centuries after their arrival, the king Claudus (descendent of Leo) have found the myth of the Book of Omens. He feels he needs the book's wisdom, so he send his two finest generals Panthro and Grune to find the book.

They travel for a long time but they didn't find it. Then one night Grune hear a calling voice in the desert. He is the only one who hears it. The voice calling him, and promising him the power he had been wanted. Grune follows the voice and Panthro follows him. They reach the Black Pyramid and they enter it. Inside Grune frees Mumm-Ra and defeat Panthro. He sworn loyalty to Mumm-Ra.
Mumm-Ra convince the lizards to join him. He builds a technologically advanced army and prepares to destroy Thundera.
Grune returns to Thundera alone with a big rock with a lot of gold in it. It is a present for the king. He informs Claudus that Panthro is dead and they haven't found the book. Despite of that the king very happy to see at least one of his general had returned so he makes a big celebration.
Later in that night, lizards crawl out of the big rock. It was a Trojan horse all along. To create diversion the lizards attack Thundera. They don't use their superior firepower in the first attack to deceive the cats. The Thundercats managed to beat the lizard army. But in the meantime the small unit in the city places beacons in key locations.
When they are ready the real attack begins. Guided missiles hit the beacons locations destroying the city. The lizard army returns with laser weapons and giant mechs. The Thundercats medieval technology simply not a match for them.
During the fight Mumm-Ra kills Claudus in front of the eye of his sons Lion-O and Tygra. Both princes captured. The King's wizard and the head of the clerics Jaga also captured. But the two princes manages to escape and find Mumm-Ra, who is torturing the old wizard to remove a protective spell from the Sword of Omens so he can have it.

The two princes helps Jaga to escape. Lion-O takes the Sword of Omens and the gauntlet. During their escape they stop for a short ritual and Lion-O became the next Lord of the Thundercats. Then Jaga stay behind to buy them time to escape.

The next morning Lion-O burns the body of his father and left the destroyed city.


Under discussion
The traitor

After the defeat of Mumm-Ra the animals scattered through Third Earth. The wolves traveled until they've found a mountains which they named Black mountains, because most of the rocks here were black. They settled down and lived peacefully. No one bothered them. On occasion a traveler visited one of their village, but beside that they lived in isolation. The Black mountains was a hard place to live, but the wolves were even harder. They hunted between the rocks, his hunting skills were unmatched.

While Grune and Panthro was searching the Book of Omens they've found the wolves. But because the book wasn't there they left the place. However when Grune became Mumm-Ra's general he mentioned the place to his master. Mumm-Ra visited the place and he was quite impressed with the wolves natural skills. He quickly understands they could be perfect assassins. Mumm-Ra took their youngest children for training. The wolves tried to resist, butthey could match with Mumm-Ra's weapons.

One of the new assassins called Fang. Like the other cubs neither he had any memories from their village or parents. They lived to serve Mumm-Ra from the beginning. Among the assassins Fang was the best. No matter what task Mumm-Ra give it to him, the young wolf completed. He had many assignments and killed many people until Mumm-Ra gave him the most important mission of his life. He had to sneak in Thundera, steal the Sword of Omens and kill at least one, or both prince.

However something unexpected happened. By chance Fang eavesdropped a conversation between Mumm-Ra and Grune. Mumm-Ra praised Grune that he informed him about the wolves village, and he take under consideration to fetch more wolf cubs. So far Fang thought Mumm-Ra saved them from a catastrophe and raised them as his own. He believed in it, he thought he owed his and his brothers life to Mumm-Ra. But what he said about a village which was populated made his world turn upside down.

He sneaked in the archives and tried to search for any clue. He had indeed found a few reports but he didn't have clearance to read them. Also he had to prepare for his next mission. Fang decided he would do this mission for Mumm-Ra, then he will have the time to found the truth.

So Fang traveled to Thundera and successfully entered the palace. He found the sword, but he couldn't stole it. It was protected a spell which alerted Jaga and the clerics who quickly captured him. However during the process he serious injured two clerics. Later they also found three more guards killed by him. So he was locked in the dungeon. They tried to interrogate him, but he didn't say a word. His still got some loyalty towards Mumm-Ra. Fang didn't know for sure if he should turn on him, so he kept his mouth shout.

During the attack he managed to escape from the dungeon. Then he saw the true face of Mumm-Ra. The lizard army not just conquered the city, but destroyed it. They slain a lot of innocent people. Fang killed many times before, but he always killed warriors. Also he suspected Mumm-ra would execute him, because he had failed to deliver the sword to him, he decided to escape from the city.

For this story I would play Fang and my partner should play a cat. Maybe a cleric who survived the siege and she is looking for survivors in the ruins. They could met there and even she could recognize him (maybe she was among those who captured him). They may fight, but then a couple of lizard found them and they try to kill both of them. So they join forces to kill them, then they agreed to stick together at least as long as they get out of the ruined city.

It's an idea for just the beginning so we can came up with ideas how to continue.

Third time's the charm

This story takes place after the show's last episode. City of Avista have fallen from the sky and crashed. They need to rebuild their city on the surface now, but that takes a lot of work and resources. Because the whole city was based on the Tech Stone the birds can't do this on their own. So the Thundercats move out to get help.

They found a nearby city. It is a large city which could clearly help. After Lion-O introduce himself the guards quickly take him and his friends to the king. The king hears out his request, and he agrees to help under one condition. Lion-O has to marry one of his daughters. Since there is no other way to help the birds Lion-O agrees. The only problem that the princess also don't want to marry him.

This is just a basic idea, we can work out the details together.

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Re: Thundercats game
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2013, 04:38:40 PM »
Update: Plot 1 added.

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Re: Thundercats game
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2013, 12:46:10 PM »
Plot 1 rewrote to The traitor.
Background added.
Third time's the charm added.