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Author Topic: SAINW - Phase 1 - Regrouping - Interest Check  (Read 849 times)

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SAINW - Phase 1 - Regrouping - Interest Check
« on: December 07, 2013, 06:57:42 pm »
This world..this's hell.

For those of you who are still living under the illusion that you will have freedom, know this: My armies have exterminated the last pockets of resistance and I now control the entire planet. The traitorous Utrom scientists I have captured are completing a colossal transmat device. With it, I will send forth my armies and enslave the stars, one world after another. There is no hope. There is only the Shredder.

Remember. The Shredder is always watching.

Game Rules/Expectations:

1.) I don't mind a little mutant romancing, but I really do want to focus on the fighting and the story. I won't prevent anyone wanting some sexy time.

2.) Stay civil.

3.) I'm GM and I do reserve the right to ask you to edit a post or to leave the game.

4.) If your post involves Godmodding, please have it approved with the other player first. If it's not, you will be asked to edit it. If you refuse, you may be asked to bow out.

5.) I hate posting schedules or putting down a certain number of posts to make a week. Obviously there will always be people who post faster than others and we need to respect that fact. That being said, real life comes up and muses come and go, at least try to stay in touch through OOC Chat or in your A*A thread.

Game Idea:

At the age of 17, Donatello realizes that being with his family is a double edged sword. That they are they only ones who could ever understand what he is going through, but that they are also the greatest source of pain in his life. The constant fighting with each other and with their enemies is not the kind of life he ever wanted. After a particularly bad fight between Raph and Leo that ended up trashing his lab, he realizes that he can't take it anymore. In the middle of the night, he just leaves. He doesn't take anything with him and doesn't say good bye to anyone. He just leaves.

Once his brothers realize that he's gone and not even in the city, they start to realize that Donnie was the glue that kept them together. He was the buffer for Mikey's humour. He was the extra calming voice that kept Raph from going too far. He was the much needed jab to the side when Leo got bossy. Lastly, he was the only one that could truly stand a chance in a battle of wits and non-combat situations. Without Donnie, they realize they are no match for the weapons created by Baxter Stockman and the Shredder's army of alien and human scientists.

They do the best they can, but things start to escalate faster and faster as the Shredder gains more and more ground. Things get even worse when they realize that Donnie isn't coming back. It goes even further when the Shredder's new robotic army finds their sewer lair. They bring it down. Leo manages to get Mikey and Raph out, but Splinter is left behind. Crushed by the debris.

It's been nearly thirty years since then. Shredder has used alien technology to take over the world. The Foot Clan symbol is on every building world wide. No one can escape him and his army of robotic soldiers, mutants, and ninjas. People try and people die trying. Every day, the resistance is growing smaller and smaller. No one knows how to fight against the technology of Shredder's people. It's far too advance and powerful.

Suddenly, one morning, there is a flash of light. The people of Earth believe it to be part of Shredder's new device that will help him conquer other planets. Shredder fears that it was the underground resistance finally catching up to him.

In truth, the light brought two people at opposite sides of the city. One is blurry eyed and scared, wearing a long coat to cover his scarred and dented shell. He doesn't remember anything about himself. All he knows is that he has an uncontrollable need to be in this city. The other is lost and confused, the landscape is not what he knows.

Game Points:

This will be a three part game.

Phase 1 - Regrouping

Donatello finds himself thrown into the future. He's lost, confused, and scared. The new world around him is unfamiliar and dark. He realizes that this is New York City. Even more confused, he heads back to the sewer lair. He's expecting to see all his brothers and father there, maybe even April and Casey. Instead, he finds nothing but a pile of rubble.

He is attacked by several large robots that resemble Karai and is rescued by a one-armed Michelangelo. His brother takes him to the underground hideout for the resistance, which is guarded by Leatherhead, to explain what has been going on for thirty years. He then demands to know where Donnie has been all this time, which leads to Donnie stating that he isn't sure what is going on.

After the dust settles from all the explanations, Donnie is filled in on the fact that Shredder is building a device that will transport him and his armies to other planets. Knowing that he'll probably never get back home to prevent this from even happening in the first place, he knows that what he must do is prevent it from happening to other planets and try to salvage this future.

To do that, he needs all his brothers.

Phase 2 - Infiltrate
To be posted once game is up and running.

Phase 3 - The End
To be posted once Phase 2 is up and running.

Character Sheet:
Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Species:[/b] (human, mutant, alien)
[b]If Mutant, What Kind:[/b] (human to animal, animal to human, alien to animal/human, human/animal to organic (plant), double mutation)
[b]Gender:[/b] (male, female, other, possibly altered by mutation)
[b]Loyalty:[/b] (Underground Army, Shredder, Neutral)
[img width=400] URL HERE IF USING IMAGE[/img]

Example Sheet
Username: Jagerin
Character Name: Leatherhead
Age: Unknown
Species: Alligator Mutant
If Mutant, What Kind: Animal to Mutant
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Skills: Feral fighting. Heightened sense of smell.
Weapons: Teeth, claws, and tail. Extremely tough skin.
Personality:Leatherhead is overall a rather heroic creature with good intentions, but he is dangerously unstable thanks to the Shredder's cruelty. Simply mentioning the word "Shredder" causes him to lose control and sends him on a violent rampage. When he regains his senses, he is horrified by what he's done and so he tries to isolate himself from others. Although he greatly appreciates the turtles' help in controlling his temper, Leatherhead seems to find himself unbearable to live with, and he would prefer to live a secluded life.
Loyalty: Neutral, leans towards the Underground Army when he is in control of himself.
History: When Leatherhead was a normal baby alligator, a human boy kept him secretly as a pet. One day the boy's parents discovered him and flushed the baby alligator down the toilet into the sewers. After this, the Shredder found Leatherhead and took him back to his base, where they performed mutagen experiments on him. They changed him into an intelligent and strong but monstrous mutant. However, despite this, Leatherhead's spirit remained unbroken. 

When he first met the turtles, he became enraged that they were trespassing on his territory and proceeded to try to kill them. Eventually he calmed down and profusely apologized for his behaviour. Since then, the turtles tend to walk on egg shells around him, fearing that he might lose control and hurt someone by accident.

Leatherhead is often called on by the turtles when they are in need of brute force. When not doing that, he can be found in the sewers, protecting his territory.
Scarring all over his body with a particularly nasty one across his chest.

Rules for Mutantions:

Mutation is not random when it comes to either ingesting mutagen or being covered in it or being injected with it. It does have a process. Mutagen mutates you into the last organic thing you touched in, approximately, six hours. Most mutants are human to animal or animal to human.

Animal to Human example: The last thing to touch the turtles before they were mutated was a human, therefore, they mutated into humanoid turtles.

Human to Animal example: The last thing to touch Bebop and Rocksteady were a warthog and a rhinoceros. So they were mutated into humanoid forms of those.

There is also the rare mutation of mutating into the humanoid form of a non-sentient, but organic thing such as plants. This is the case with a mutant called Snakeweed. He was thrown into a field of weeds and covered in mutagen, causing him to mutate into a humanoid plant.

If the organic being that is mutated has not been exposed to anything else organic, it will mutate into itself. Mutagen Man is an example of this. He had not touched anything organic, so he mutated into a blob of internal organs.

The last form of mutation is double mutations. This happens when a mutant is exposed to mutagen for a second time. This does not happen often as many mutants already know the consequences of being mutated from the first time. There is always a possibility that the attributes of the last organic thing they touched will conflict with their human parts or animal parts. Mikey has double mutated himself once and it nearly killed him by causing large, mutant boils to grow from his skin and if they were to burst, there was a chance it would cause all the others to burst and his body would be torn apart. Another mutant was named 'Dogpound' by Mikey. He fell into a vat of mutagen and went from being a big, bulky, slow dog mutant to being a tall, slim, super fast, super powerful werewolf like mutant.

Mutation is not always perfect. Many times, it can be disastrous. There is always the possibility of becoming mindless, feral, weakened (rather than strengthened), or even being killed.

Available Canon Characters:

Past Donatello Yamato: Age: 16. Thrown into the future, Donatello fights to free this hell of a world from the clutches of the Shredder. He feels it is the abandonment of his future self that caused this hell since he was not around to show his brothers how to fight the technology the Shredder obtained from his home planet.

Future Donatello Yamato: Age 46. Thought to have abandoned his family, Donatello reappears in Shredder controlled New York with no memories of his life before hand.

Future Michelangelo Yamato: Age 46. After being abandoned by the brother he was closest with, there was no one around to help keep spirits up and he was left without a partner as his other brothers always felt him too weak to be of use in training. Once Splinter died saving them, he was left alone to fend for himself. Eventually, he adopted a rougher personality, finding nothing left in life to take humour from. In a fight with Shredder's robot army, he lost his left arm. Currently, he is second in command behind April in the underground army.

Future Raphael Yamato: Age 46. Without Donatello around to hold their family together, Raph becomes more and more out of control. To the point where even Leonardo cannot control him any more. He blames Leo for the death of Splinter and decides once and for all that he is better off on his own. In an attempt to infiltrate Shredder's base with Casey Jones, they are overwhelmed and a Foot Ninja manages to remove one of his eyes as Casey is killed. April blames him for the death of Casey, the only man she really loved. Currently, he aids the underground army, but does not follow them.

Future Leonardo Yamato: Age 46. No longer having Donatello's calm mind and spirit around to help him control Raph, it becomes too much for him to handle on his own. Leonardo, as the leader, makes the decision to leave Splinter behind as their lair collapses from an attack by the Shredder. He knows it's what Splinter would have preferred, but it eats away at him. After Raph leaves, he decides they can never be a team again and abandons Mikey. In a fight with Shredder's daughter, Karai, he is blinded. Currently, he spends most of his time at Splinter's grave. If put in the same room as Raph, they will fight till they are forced apart, both willing to kill the other.

Future April O'Neil: Age 55. Without the help of Donatello, she is unable to help fight the level of technology the Shredder manages to obtain. After Splinter's death and the separation of the brothers, she begins forming a group of people to help take down the Shredder. She is left in a state of rage and depression after the death of Casey Jones. Currently, she is the leader of the underground army and Mikey is her right hand man, though she worries that he'll never smile again.

Future Karai Oroku: Age: 46. The adopted daughter of Shredder. Taken in by the cruel creature and raised to be a monster just like him. She has no compassion or care for anything in life other than to make her father proud of her. At least this is her feelings till she met the turtle known as Leonardo. More than one, he has tried to convince her to leave her father's side and join them, but she never does. Instead, she does everything her father asks and only slacks when it comes to actually putting a knife through Leonardo. Currently, she is still at her father's side. Helping to command his army. Secretly, she slips information to Leonardo, giving him wrong information in an attempt to keep him out of harms way.

**Note*** No need to use the images I put up there. Those are just ideas.

Secondary Canon Characters:

Future Angel: Age: 37. Once a street rat who tried to join the Purple Dragons, Angel is now a woman to be feared. She was trained by April and Casey (before his death). They took her in like a daughter.

Future Mona Lisa: Age 42. Mutated as a teenager with salamander DNA, Mona Lisa was a very bright young girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The turtles saved her once and she took a liking to Raph. Rather than stay with them though, she chose to go back to her family. They accepted her for what she was, but when the Shredder took control, he demanded all mutants be handed over to him. Fearing that her family would be hurt, she ran away.

Slash: Age Unknown. He started out life as a snapping turtle and was taken from the wild by the Shredder's army. He was mutated by the scientists Shredder was holding captive. As he grew stronger and larger, his mind became more and more unstable. He hates the Shredder for what has been done to him, but finds it hard to disobey.

Alopex: Age 30. As Karai started to age, Shredder began looking for replacement for her. He ordered Karai's DNA be used to mutate an Arctic Fox. Little is known about her life as Shredder's new apprentice or where her loyalties really are.

OC Types Wanted:

-Mutant Females
-Mutant Males
-Human Females
-Human Males
-Alien Females
-Alien Males
-Former Foot Ninja who were banished when Shredder obtained a robotic army.
-Mutants created by Shredder that were rejected.

Jagerin's Notes:

Not sure if anyone would really be interested in a TMNT group game. Just wanted to post it to see if anyone is. If it really does gain interest, then I might look into a Co-GM if anyone is up for the job.

I do expect it to be bloody, gory, and violent. Not 100% sure what board the game will go into yet, but there will be no non-con and it depends on the level of violence as to whether it goes into Light or Extreme. And since I plan on the story being more story based than sex or romance based, I really don't think it belongs in Bondage. So that leaves Light and Extreme.

As to which board it goes in, it will depend on who is interested in the game. I prefer to discuss that stuff with my potential players for this one.

So yeah, just post here if you'd be interested in a game like this. Not really expecting any interest, but you know how you get those ideas and you just have to throw them out there? Yeah, I get those a lot. *nods*
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Re: SAINW - Phase 1 - Regrouping - Interest Check
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2013, 01:01:42 am »
I'll toss my hat in on this I love TMNT watched it when I was a kid even have the old 80s seires on my PC. this is using a much more recent version i have seen bits of obviously. I did have a character in mind for the underground Army if you'll allow a specific alien Character the type is a personal favorite of mine that might make a fun addition.

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Re: SAINW - Phase 1 - Regrouping - Interest Check
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2013, 06:30:44 am »
What was the alien type that you had in mind?

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Re: SAINW - Phase 1 - Regrouping - Interest Check
« Reply #3 on: December 10, 2013, 12:44:52 pm »
The character is one i play in alot of super hero games that focus more on the story than sex she usually is a human in those with super powers. Alien seems to be a more suitable option for this game as mutations in humans often lead to a cross species form her race has one major advantage techno-pathy/ Techno-kinesis she can understand and operate most levels of technology with her mind. Unusual and completely alien technologies are often more difficult to read and operate.

As for appearance passable as human slick raven black hair on the top her her head the remaining areas appear to be shaved smooth. looks to be in her 20's in a crowd hard to point out she's an alien. her eyes and voice give her away her eyes are an iridescent blue and her voice has a cybernetic digital tone to it.

Compared to her race she's young; so her powers are still weak (not able to god mode and arrest control over shredders forces; might be able to react to their attacks with a zen like dodge for a short period.)
She would be an arrival on earth around the same time as the beginning of the game perhaps her ship was attacked on route and she crashes.