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Author Topic: Student Bodies [NC, Monster, M lf F]  (Read 385 times)

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Student Bodies [NC, Monster, M lf F]
« on: December 06, 2013, 03:56:39 PM »
Professor Katrina Greene loved teaching the Ancient Mythological Art class even on a normal semester and this one was extra special with the new collection of art coming in, especially "Him" as they've taken to calling it around the office. This was a special class indeed, especially this semester as they come to the ancient statue in it's own little back room among the artifacts.

"Class, meet 'Him'. Artist unknown, title unknown, but you can see why we call it 'Him'."

"Jesus, these Greeks not invent Pants or something?" asked one of the students, a sorority girl who was obviously staring at the phallus of the statue very hard.

"No, the Greeks just had different cultural values then we do. Among them is that the body, especially the male form, is something to be appreciated."

"I don't know any dudes with horns and hooves, Dr. Greene, asked another student, a football player trying to come across as dumber then he really was.

"That's because this figure is supposed to be a Satyr." she replies with a smirk, not really bothering to let the next question be asked.

"A Satyr. Legend says they were wild men who served the gods while rejecting civilization to live lives based on their more animal drives. Usually in service of Dionysus, the God of Wine and Celebration, or Pan, the God of Nature and the Wild Places. Sometimes considered to be minor gods of male fertility in their own right.

The Ancient Greeks were advanced in many ways, but their treatment and attitudes towards women weren't among them. Satyrs were wild and horny men. In some stories they were said to be so charming and seductive that Greek men were to be warned to keep their wives and daughters under control, as they wouldn't be able to control themselves. In other stories, they had supernatural sexual appeal - we'd say they got women to sleep with them by mind control. And in still other stories, we'd say they just chased women down and raped them when the mood struck.

This particular example of Ancient Greek Art is particularly fascinating because it came with a tablet and a lost myth of it's own.
" she starts, going to a stone tablet off to the side and displaying it.

"According to the tablet, this exquisite statue isn't a statue at all but a cursed Satyr. This particular fellow was cursed by the gods for forcing himself upon a priestess of Hera and turned to stone."

"So they just killed him right then and there?" the sorority girl asks away, still unable to take her eyes off of the penis of the status.

"No, worse. Legend has it he's still awake and conscious but he won't turn back into flesh until a woman - how to put this gently - takes advantage of his rather gifted anatomy." Professor Greene chuckles, laughing off the possibility. And yet, she wagered she could pick out three of her students who were also considering doing just that. . .

Quote from: OOC
Looking for a female partner for the story - basic premise being a cursed statue is accidentally awoken by a horny college student (or professor) who begins spending his mythological lusts on assorted co-eds, faculty, and staff of a college. Details we can work out.
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