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February 19, 2019, 03:48:26 AM

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Author Topic: Seeking Inspiration? M Seeking Adult Co-Writers. Lets Make a Story Together.  (Read 515 times)

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Offline Modern Fairy TaleTopic starter


Imagine with me a world of epic magic hidden behind the thinnest of veils.  A secret war rages on as Magi defend Creation from the sundered forces of the Demogorgon.  Who will you be in such a vast and legendary world?

The Exiled are refugees from another realm whom have traversed through the mists between worlds and have claimed our black forests as their own.  They have been here for centuries continuing their twisted Wyld Hunt.  They follow ancient instincts and drift between worlds almost as easily as they do forms.  They havent come here alone.  An unclean spirit has followed them... the Hydra... predators of the ultimate hunters.  Who will stand with them... or against them?

I have done this one a few times.  Here are some examples.  Hint.  One of them is set in the Dark Ages.;all;all;all
The first one is closest to achieving its story arch.  I still had a lot to show... like the good guy gang of werewolves which never got to show up.  The second one shows the Exiles realm waundering.  I had a lot to go with that... like her forceful mating then being rescued by the once more failing to appear good guy werewolves.  The third one is a tale of ancient lycanthropy... while it was still closely associated with dark magics and hadnt developed into its own mismash of five different breeds of werewolves which underlay the tribal lifestyle of the Exile today.  By the end of that story, the girl was supposed to learn the evil couples weaknesses and fight her way out of there.  Sadly, Ive only ever had one story completely resolve itself, and Im very proud of that one which I think exemplifies some of what I would like to work in with the Fae.

The World of Shade is rife with ancient pacts and ecclectic, eldritch beings walk side by side with us on our very streets.  Technology has been cast aside in such arcane walks of life... for sensitive technology fails in the presence of magic.  The Fae and the Goblyn continue their bitter rivalry on the fringes of our world.  Other mythic beings like Titans vie for influence over our realm as the Axis Mundi or world pillar upon which all other worlds are held in place.  The Magi maintain the line between the world of the Inheritors... humanity, believed to be in her infancy... and the evils which would destroy humanity in its crib.  It is believed humanity will one day ascend collectively into a higher plane and reunite everyone with our Creator achieving power and wisdom undreamed of before.  How would you come upon such a secluded world?  What would your role be in such a world?

Havent gotten too far with this one so far.  Easier to sell a werewolf story as a symbol of male lust, I guess... then Magi and Fae and thier struggles with destiny and fate.  I cant see why badass modern day wizards and Empyrean beings from realms closer to our ephemereal dreams than to any one place in our own realm... could be just as sexy.  I picture Magi use willpower to shape the threads of fate and weild the final embers of Creation... more in common to an ecclectic super powered rock stars than some foggey reciting spell formulas.  And the Fae... forget about it.  The Fae are always all kinds of sexy... think modern day dryads and elven lords with perfect looks and eerie creativity and dexterity.  And who doesnt want to be carried off by an all male race of Goblyns?

There is a lot going on in this world we could share.  Are you intrigued by just what we could do together as co-creators of our own legendary story.  Care to mythopoeia?  Either respond on this thread... if such is your desire and go ahead and shout out any interests or add ons you think might be fun to add to or explore with this scenario.  Or send me a PM if you are more the quiet voiced person who perfers to keep our discussions to ourselves.  Either way is fine with me.  Consider this an invitation to explore a dreamscape I have been tweaking for over a year.

Thanks for making it through this very long thread.  Oh, and there is but one rule in this world.  There are no tweeny, sparkly, romantic vampires who burn to give thier dark gift to the first shallow girl who can blink stupidly and say 'Im not afraid of you' a few times.  My vampires are cruel and cold blooded... not really undead.  Fun fact, did you know that Dracula actually means 'Son of the Dragon'.  Heres what such a tale would entail.;all
Tell the truth, I didnt think the ending was all it could have been.  I did have a good reveal or two I was working toward.

As a further tease and reward for reading to the bottom of the page, I leave two more scenes I could see happening during our story.  Can you see a fun story connecting some of these images or maybe using some more images of your own.  Feel free to post them here.  And finally, I wish everyone peace and happiness this holiday.

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