1x1 The Walking Dead/ The Last Of Us Crossover (Looking for both MxF)

Started by VideoKid, December 05, 2013, 02:45:00 AM

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New Craving (8/2)

I had an idea after I got a playstation 3, it came in a packaged deal with The Last Of Us. I'm in the process of playing it but I already know the story line and am actually watching the remastered walk thru to help me. I really wanted to do a cross over between The Walking Dead & The Last of Us. I wanted to play Ellie ( an older one is fine so it meets sites rules) to Rick or any of the other walking dead characters. I am also up for just doing a role play focused on just the game.

I am currently caught up with The Walking Dead and am wiling to take on another game or so. A lot has happened since the first season but I am wanting to explore role playing in an every outcome there could be. So it can be focused on the new season or past one, it can be fan-made and another story. I do want canons but you can ask me otherwise.

So far I am looking for someone to play Rick to my OC,  we can both split up NPCing the other characters. I will try to add a plot or two later but message me and I got one in mind.

Willing to try anything, even age play and or incest if that is your cup of tea.

I have an F-List in my signature, which tells you what I’m into kink wise, but I can sum it up below.

I mostly only role play Vanilla Sex, “Vanilla Sex for those who don't understand-Among heterosexual couples in the Western world, vanilla sex often refers to the missionary position. It can also be used to describe insertive sex without any element of BDSM or any fetish. Vanilla sex between homosexual couples as "sex that does not extend beyond affection, mutual masturbation, and oral and anal sex."

I also don’t like the use of course language, which are words like…cock, tits, ass, and pussy. There are more appropriate ways to write the human anatomy. I’m a little lenient with this if you’re a good writer and its not just meaningless smut.

My Major Turn On’s

-Height Differences
-Age Gaps
-Father/ Paternal figures (Doesn’t have to be incest but can be, just ask)
-Detailed Post
-Writing a good length I can work with
-Roughed Up (I liked when characters look bloodied up like they just survived a horror/action movie.
-Meaningful Smut

Turn Off
-Any sort of weird kinks, scat, vore, mpreg
-Lack of communication
-Poorly written smut
-The use of vulgar words like cock, tits, pussy, ass……no there are others ways of describing the human anatomy, look them up….Google it.

I'm also looking for someone to play the governor. I came to like his character and appreciate it after a while.

I also wouldn't mind exploring the new relationship between Beth and Daryl. They kind of compliment each other and I think the age play wouldn't be to bad in it. Fun fan fiction.

For the few who might be interested, I'm willing to do a FXF with Maggie, I would probably want someone to play her but could maybe be convinced otherwise.



Another bump as its been longer than a month and I am up to date on the episodes......


Did some updating. I really want some more games of this.


I made some changes in what I want to the post that's more specific. Hoping to make some more walking dead friends and play a game or two.


I finished the final even though I am a little late. Really could use another game of this......



Still would like to play this with somebody who can really help me with writing and pushing a story.


I added a new pairing and idea. Hoping someone wants a game or two.