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Author Topic: Let's write something amazing (F for M)  (Read 421 times)

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Let's write something amazing (F for M)
« on: December 04, 2013, 11:17:09 AM »
I've gotten a lot of response to this post (you guys are so awesome!) and I wanted to just leave a quick note here to say if you PMd me and I haven't gotten back to you yet, I'm just trying to sort through the messages.  I guess I could say that I'm not looking anymore, at least for the time being.

Hello, E!  It's been quite some time since I put one of these out there.  A few of my stories have dropped off or slowed down, and I find I have the time and inclination to write with a couple new people.

First, a little about me.  I've been writing and roleplaying in one form or another for years.  I love detailed, plot-driven stories, long buildups, and good grammar.  I will usually post to each story once or twice a week, although if a story is going fast and furious I've been known to post once a day, or even multiple times a day.  I will let writing partners know if anything is keeping me from keeping up.  I love long-term stories, and have been writing for years with a few of the great people here.

I'm looking for someone that writes multi-dimensional characters with definite personalities, that writes well, that likes to work together on a plot.  I love writing with someone who throws me a curve-ball from time to time, and who likes when I do the same.

An important note: some people define every relationship, encounter or pairing in terms of dominance and submission.  If that is you and that element is necessary to every story you are part of, then I will not be a good co-writer for you.  While power-play can be sexy, I generally don't want anything so rigidly-defined.  I believe that sadism/masochism, bondage, non-consensual or dubiously-consensual encounters, as well as disparate power and control levels can all exist without having to be slotted into dominance and submission.   I have no problem if that's your thing; it's just not mine.

Please read my Ons and Offs.  I will definitely read yours.  I encourage you to read some of my current and past posts, and again, I will definitely read some of yours.  I will admit that I'm incredibly picky in writing partners; I will try very hard to make sure we seem to be a good fit before starting out on a story with you.   I put a lot into my characters and writing, and I need someone who will do the same.  With that said, I'm an open person, love to meet new people here on Elliquiy, and do my very best to fit the needs of my writing partners.  I think I'm fun to know and write with.

If I haven't put you off yet, please keep reading.  I'd love to discuss any of these stories, any ideas you have, and any suggestions to make them better.  I see them as jumping-off points and not fixed in stone.  (Please send me a PM if you'd like to chat about any of these.)

The Barbarian's Bride

He's known throughout the lands for his skills as a warrior, his merciless raids on neighboring villages, his cruelty toward those he captures and the strength of his sword-arm.  He's a big man, a rough man, a man born to do battle.  He's hated and feared in the "civilized" lands that share borders with his own; he's earned the whispered name of the Black Barbarian, both for his dark hair and his darker deeds.  "Barbarian" is hardly justified, in his eyes, but his crumbling keep is reputed to be filled with rough warriors, his people are said to be poor and unlearned, their ways rumored rude and rustic.  This is not what he wants for his tribe, but it's unfortunately more accurate than he would care to admit.

As a man who is also possessed of more than his fair share of intelligence, he has come to realize that the standard warfare he has waged since he became their leader, the fight begun generations ago and bound to continue for generations to come, is not going to be won.  So much blood has been shed, so many of his kin lost, over a priceless little chunk of land, stolen from his ancestors, that is now providing bountiful crops and prosperity to the Northern Kingdom. Meanwhile, his people struggle to scrabble a living together out of the rocky, unforgiving land that remains and his warriors raid just to keep food in their bellies.

No matter how many enemies he slaughters, no matter how feared he has become, no matter his reputation as a savage and a monster, the Northern Kingdom will always have a deeper well of resources, better armor, better-fed troops, prime horses and the stores to withstand any siege he throws at them.

So he's determined to change the rules of battle; he plans to steal the daughter of the Northern King.  A renowned beauty, accomplished, educated, cultured and courted by nobles from lands near and far since she reached her majority in the past year, she will be the key to whatever alliance her father decides to seal with her hand in marriage.  The instant the dark warrior takes her, her virtue will be forever ruined no matter if he touches her or not.  He will take away any hope of an alliance her father plans, and, if he's lucky, will force an alliance with him.

She is in immediate disgust of the man, his people, his keep and his ways.  She is strong, intelligent, no fainting maiden.  She could be an asset to him if she were to sit at his side, but she is determined to fight him in spite of the fact that her father will never want her back, soiled as she is by mere association with the man.  He is happy to take her to his bed, whether she wants him to or not, and to take out his loathing of her father, her ancestors and her way of life on her at every opportunity.

Will she come to see that there is good in her unwanted husband, that he's wildly loyal to his kin, that he will do anything to care for the people that reside on his lands, that he is intelligent, and despite his rough ways, he has a wicked sense of humor?  Can she see past his rough defenses that he is brave, he can be kind and gentle if he so chooses--and he is maddeningly handsome?

And will his stubborn hatred of her people blind him to all that's good in her, her intelligence, her ability to advise him in the ways of the Six Kingdoms, her skill at managing his household and helping care for his people, or will he forever see her as merely a beautiful body in his bed, a vessel for an heir that may bring peace between their peoples and a prize of battle?

A few notes: While I expect there will be some non-consensual relations between the two at first, and I'm definitely looking for someone with the skill to play the Black Barbarian with all the rough cruelty for which he's famous, I'm not wanting this to be a story of how he "breaks" her.  I'm imagining this set in a fantasy world that's similar, say, to Medieval Europe (or with a few changes, actually in that setting), so he would technically have all the power at the outset, both physically and legally.  I'm happy for whoever winds up writing this to take the darkness of his character and how he treats his bride as far as they want (within reason), but I'm hoping to find someone to write him as a multi-dimensional person with his own set of flaws rather than a cookie-cutter villain.  I'm looking for a man who may be embittered by battle and hardship, but who has something redeeming in his soul. 

Bonus points if you're good at writing NPCs and "extras".  I like a world that becomes fleshed-out with people other than the main characters.

Escape from Eden

He's crashed his ship on a planet so far off the beaten path, so removed from the main trade routes that nobody will ever think to find him here.  That is, if they're looking.  He's injured and the ship isn't in any shape to get him out of there. 

Fortunately he's found by the planet's inhabitants and nursed back to health.  It turns out that they are humans, second-and third-generation descendants of the original group who colonized the temperate, fertile land.  Unfortunately, they are also a sect that has eschewed modern technology, considers that all the evils of the universe are due to the so-called advancements of civilization.  Their parents and grandparents left Earth and came to Eden--their name for what the star-charts call Beta Lugesa--to live a life free of all technology, to live simply from the land and reclaim man's original innocence and joy.

So they're not going to be any help whatsoever in getting him off of this nice but boring planet.  He can become one of them or he can take himself off to some remote place and live out his life however he likes as long as he leaves them alone.

One girl, however, is enamored of the man.  Children are taught that their ancestors originally came from the stars on a great flying ship, as outlandish as that may seem, and she's spent her entire life staring at the night sky and dreaming she could fly among them herself.

She knows where the original Colony Ship is hidden, and as old as it is, he may be able to scrounge some parts from it to get his going.  However, he may not make it off the planet alive when it's found out that he's compromised the innocence of one of their own, and not just by telling her tales of space.  That's assuming they survive the journey to the original landing site, the foul weather and the deadly flora and fauna the deceptively lovely planet throws at them.

A few notes:  I'd be happy to do this in a universe of our own creation.  I can also see it in the Firefly 'Verse, or the Star Trek universe, but I'm not really into Alternate Universe Trek.  I've been re-watching the old Next Generation episodes lately, and if this were to be Trek, I think that's the only setting I'd be comfortable with using.   


She's a spy, assigned to find out everything there is to know about a person.  Times have changed, and male agents are not the only ones who get what they need by sleeping with their targets.  Maybe he's a criminal, or maybe he's the son or brother of one.  Maybe he's suspected of something but is completely innocent. The operation could be internal to the U.S., or he could be in or from another country.  There's a lot of room in this one for us to plan out the setting together.

She insinuates herself into his life, uses her knowledge of his past and his personality to create a cover he can't help but fall for.  He falls hard.  She finds that she isn't immune to his charms, for her own part.  (Possibly he is into some things sexually that she would never have imagined herself trying, and she reluctantly finds she enjoys them as well.)

What happens when her true identity is revealed, when he learns she has used him?

A few notes: this is much less pre-defined than the other ideas I have.  There's a lot of room for my writing partner to come up with a character and for us to figure out the plot together.  I'd love to hear ideas on how this could go.

If you're looking for a writing partner and think we could work (play) well together, but none of the above stories appeal to you, I'd be happy to discuss any other ideas you may have.   
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