vampire/human m/m

Started by Serephino, December 02, 2013, 05:07:46 PM

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Liam knew from the very day they met he had found his soul mate.  The two risked everything to be together because they couldn't stand to be apart.  But one night on his way home Liam was attacked.  A vampire had been watching him, and wanted him for a mate.  Ashamed of the monster he'd become, Liam never tried to contact his lover, only watched him from afar.  His absence was felt by his lover, who eventually couldn't go on anymore.  Liam would never forget the night his lover took his own life.

Centuries passed and Liam carved an existence for himself among the humans.  He had occasional lovers, but he never forgot his soul mate.  Then, one day, he looks into another's eyes, and sees his one true love reincarnated.

Looking for someone to play the lover.