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Author Topic: Callie's new Story Ideas (TG, Transformation, Sci-fi, Fantasy and more!)  (Read 5738 times)

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Offline Callie Del NoireTopic starter

 Hello and welcome to my latest story ideas thread. (The last one a bit messy.)

So here are the rules as I set up this thread.

1. Please don't reply here. PM me instead.
2. Try to be clear in your posts, I try to do the same. I'm not a grammar nazi and some of my favorite role plays are with folks whose second (or third) language is english. If I good (more often than not due to autocorrect on my tablet)
3. Try to communicate with me. Something comes up.. tell me. I'll (impatiently) wait for your reply. If you need time. Tell me. I'm a very fast replier (when I'm not busy with preparing for something) and realize that not everyone has my rapant imagination or fast reply time.
4. God Modding. There is a delicate point between setting a character up for my post and taking control of the character and/or story so that it's not a product of BOTH of our imaginations. I worry that I do it from time to time. Walking a character into a room is one thing, walking my character into a room, where he/she flips over dozen mooks only to get hit by the bad guy with a gun is another (unless we plot it out that way first)

Kinks and Twists.

-My Offs & Ons
-I'm a MAJOR transformation fan. Particularly genderbending. It comes from.. reading Orlando and When Gravity Fails at a fairly young age I think. I don't know what.. but I like the idea of being gender changed (particularly male to female) be it voluntary, forced, accidental.
-Anthropomorphic Characters. I like the idea of humanoid animals. Changing into one could be fun.
-Switches in power. I love a surprise twist where someone gets their situation reversed. A dominant man gets the tabled turned on him, particularly in conjunction with transformations/body swaps. Only to get some power back from his/her new situation.
-Tattoos, Piercings. They have a charm to them.

Game Systems.
Eclipse Phase: Still learning it (Thanks for the help Reiji!) but it's an awesome setting. Post singularity humanity living throughout the solar system and beyond.
Cyberpunk 2020/Shadowrun:I like the old school cyberpunk settings. SR with magic is just more fun. I have a few 'SURGE' ideas for PCs i'd love to RP out. Cyberpunk has exotics..which ties in with my 'transformation' fantasies. (More on that later)
Pathfinder I'm a BIG pathfinder fan, and a VL in the Pathfinder society.. so anything I do solo will be mostly setting wise not rule stringent. More of the Golorian setting though I'm not adverse to a solo game if you want to GM a certain cursed theif idea I have.
Mutants and Masterminds Old 2nd editon particularly. Wintercat got me addicted to the paragon's campaign and I MISS the multiplayer game of it.

Settings: There are a few settings I'd LOVE to play in with a savvy co-writer. Some as tranformations, others just to play in those delightful worlds. Some are simply genres and others are TV shows/movies/comics/books/ect that I have loved forever.
-Steampunk. Love the setting/feel of things like the Parasol Protectorate, Lady Mechanica and others. For me it goes back to the one William Gibson/Bruce Sterling book.
-Neverwhere. Oh I have a love for this particular bit of Gaiman's imagination. A London where 'mind the gap' isn't just a warning to not stand too close. I have this one story I want to do (more on that later)
-Superheroic settings. Love them. Can't get enough.
-Modern Fantasy: I love the modern/urban fantasy genre.. have since I read Charles De Lint's books way back when.
-Newuniversal: I liked what little there is of this setting. A world where chinese comics and animation took the place of japanese anime? Where Kennedy LOST to Nixon. Where a few gain great powers? Where there are government officials looking to quash them before they replace all of humanity? The things that could have come out of this if Warren Ellis' harddrive hadn't melted down.

Vampire: 20th or Mage: 20th[/u]
-Shaped into her: TG, Vamp, Mind Control (of sorts): I've had this idea percolating in my head for a while after a long long while. My character has the 'aura' of an ancient vampire's lost love. Problem is, he isn't a woman like she wasps. Now the ancient has decided to fix that 'small' error. Starting slow he shapes her out of my character, a modern age version of his woman, a feral huntress/shy socialite/great lady of power (whatever we figure out) and draws her into the Masquerade and finally into his Embrace. Something could go wrong (His sanity appears at the embrace and realizes 'she's not the one' and leaves her abandoned to make her way. She is marked as a violation of the Masquerade. She is claimed by another member of the Camarilla of the city. She recovers enough to realize she's been shaped into someone she wassn't and is clawing at the shards of her past while fleeing him into the new world she's been pulled into.  The Ancient could be a variety of types. Tremere, Malkavian and Tzimisce all has the powers and outlook to literally unmake and remake someone.
For the Mage:20th version it could be a long out of touch Mage returned from the Unbra, a Maurader who seeks to redefine me in his own madness filtered world (Suddenly I'm Alice in the Wonderland world) or a Diabolical Magi's long lost love.. To be pulled into damnation with him finally.

Actual Story ideas.
Project: Mindbenders-The Cassandra Gambit: mix of the movies Push and Jumper. An Agent is mentally transferred into a Jumper by a rogue Pusher..who then sets about transforming him/her into a woman who will help him escape and turn the tables on Divison. Perhaps getting them both caught up in the events set in motion by the Watcher Sarah Franks (who has been a prisoner for Division for decades). Added points for anyone who pushes towards an assertive dominant girl rather than a meek sex toy.
An additional point is this: A powerful watcher (Sarah Frank from the movie) has played a long term plan to manipulate events, and our characters are part of recruiting a team of empowered folk to rescue her over a decade after she's been imprisoned.
My Character (After Change)
Name: Sinclar 'Syn' Evans Sex:Female
Power: Jumper (Global Range): A jumper of exceptional power, she can jump from Hong Kong to New Orleans in a single jump with one passenger; and from New York to New Orleans with a mass in movement equal to a compact car. Larger masses drop for thousands of miles to miles. Her record is three miles with an armored car. She can using a combination of martial arts and Jumping, this tends to disorient her foes. She, with concentration, can 'muffle' her jump wakes making them hard to track.
Special Abilities: Mind Palace: Syn possesses a memory palace due to her exceptional photographic memory. It contains fragments of the old Syn's life and her jump locations. To access it, my character will have to relive moments of Syn's life.
Your Character
Name/Sex <up to you>
Powers: Mind Swap: This is the result of an experimental procedure that allows him/her to pull a mind out of one body and shove it into another, overwriting the mind it replaces. All that are left are memories and some personality traits. It kills the original body, massive hemorrhages. The other application COULD be that he pushes his own mind into a body, though it cannot occupy a body he's already swapped someone into. He also has access to any powers that body has.
Other Powers: Either the alternate swap power or:
-Pushing: he can literally put a suggestion into your mind by meeting your gaze and thinking something or speaking it. Saying it makes it easier to hold in the victims mind. The victim can use shades to hide from the gaze or push the thought out by willpower. It takes lots of effort and willpower

The Demon Within: (Stolen with permission from Zefie) Demons are just a myth right? So when my character finds a summoning ritual to call up a sex demon, he does what any bored rich guy does. He summons up the demon to see what happens. Only to discover that not everything in the lore is right. To his cost. The summoning circle binds her body in it till he releases her. But when he goes to kiss her to seal the deal, she steals his body and walks out. To have 'a vacation' she tells him.
Leaving me in a sex demon's body and the demoness in a mortal one. The body thief AND my character discover all sorts of things as the story progresses. Her body has 'hungers' and such that I would discover and she discovers that not all her power came through the exchange and that her new body can't always handle the power, booze, sex and other fun. Lots of fun and mayhem as the two of them deal with the consequences of the demoness taking a vacation.

London Below: To Live a life worth living. Neverwhere Fandom: She recalls little of her past life, save that she wasn't always the Finder known in London Below as 'Finder Jinn' and that she been been a man of means in London Above till the night she recklessly asked the last Finder Jinn to 'Find me an interesting life of adventure and thrills'. She gave him her life and took everything of his and left her confused and bedazzled in the middle of the Floating Market. Since then she's done what she could with her singular power to 'Find anything another might desire'. She doesn't always have control over her power and how it leads you to what you want. So if you wish for 'youth unending' you might wind up in the body of a Velvet in the dark tunnels of London Below back in the 1850s. She can't find her own 'solutions' or return to London Above.. but she can find any path to another person's desires, provided they agree on a price.
Note: I see this as a one shot, or series of them. With lots of Irony.
-On the Cutting edge: TAKEN Lithium It's sometime in the 22nd century, tech advances have gone to the point that the line between man and machine is starting to blur. Cybertechnology is the constantly changing evolving pancea of mankind. The Matrix of the 22nd century has out paced anything anyone but the most imaginative authors could have thought of. The ability to pop into the matrix has created a whole new society of workers, criminals and markets.
My character is one of those criminals working a new contract to steal the latest in ICE (Intrusion CountermeasurE) Progams. A program called Verity. Only to get caught in killer ICE and having to push into the only spot he could inside the network. A program labeled 'Miranda'. A cutting edge program in cybernetics that is the first true human simulcrum android. Now I have to get away.
Downloaded into a 'trophy' (an engineered female with a massive implant array to ensure that she would be a combintation trophy wife/assistant), I have to get out before I'm caught.

-The Thing at the Doorstep. A detective is sent to investigate the disappearance of a New England heiress by her family lawyer after the death of her father. (Rumored to have committed suicide or been poisoned). Only to find after a long investigation that the girl is being help by a cult, and rushing into rescue her.
The twist being is the girl is actually a centuries old body snatcher who looks for bodies with particular features (which the detective has) and steals his body and runs off. Leaving the detective in a 19 year old heiress who is about to be shipped off to a hospital due to her 'drug induced dementia'
-In the Blood (Pathfinder, Golorian setting, MtF)
  Sometimes you expect a lot out of your life, growing up as the child of Chelexian nobles in Korvosa meant a lot. Till the family 'secret' of tainted blood comes to the fore and you change.. radically. Becoming a tiefling of succubi blood. With a lot of changes. And hungers.
(Up to a lot, must be a lore junkie for the Pathfinder campaign, or willing to learn about it. :D )
-Little Miss Spell (BTVS, Xander/Willow, TG, MtF/F)
  Willow had the PERFECT idea on how to take care of the 'Faith' problem after her clash with Buffy after waking up from her coma. She'd use magic to take on Faith's mantle of power as a Slayer and leave the girl without any power to threaten her friends and family. Till Xander interrupts her ritual and gets more than JUST Faith's Slayer's powers but her body with it.
My Love Reborn(VtM:20th, M or F/MtF: a powerful Tzimisce elder has found his/her love reborn in the modern world (the aura is the same) and now is setting about remaking the person whose aura it is.. into her. Using his powers of vissitude (body shaping) and dominate/presence, the elder is remaking him into the willful passionate woman that died centuries before. Of course this time she will join him undeath after the changes are complete. It could be a behind the scenes change, or he could wipe memory after each slow change, or guick and brutal. (We can figure out the events in PM)

Active Stories:These are some of my favorite current stories. Some of them are Quick posting rates and others aren't. It's as much as a way of providing a writing example as to show some of my writing styles.
Villians are Easy,.... Lawyers are Hard This is set in the Mutants and Masterminds (2e) Paragons setting.
Fantasy Chronicles: Rebooted Eliza created this AWESOME near future setting where you use a nanite implanted neural network to enter a virtual world.
Mississippi Delta Magic:In the Blood A shared world Beatrice Black, a dieselpunk setting in the 60s. Part of it is film noire detective pulp with a touch of 'To Cast A Deadly Spell' and whatever we make up as we go.
Robin/Harley: Through a Darker Looking Glass Set in the Batman: Arkham City setting (after the game) with Harleen Quinzel reaping vengence on Robin while setting up her own new criminal enterprise. Angelsonato is an awesome writing partner. :D

Looking to do some gaming in a few different systems,

Retired/Adoptable Stories
BTVS: A New Faith Set just after the Mayor went *blowwee* and Faith's escape to parts unknown, Willow decides to make a ritual to transfer the Slayer power to a new person. Her. Unfortunately something goes wrong. Xander winds up in Faith in Sunnydale and Willow discovers she enjoys manipulating the new slayer and finding she is immensely attracted to the very confused girl. (I'm wanting to play Xander in Faith's body)
Project: Mindbender A mix of the movies Push and Jumper. An Agent is mentally transferred into a Jumper by a rogue Pusher..who then sets about transforming him/her into a woman who will help him escape and turn the tables on Divison. Perhaps getting them both caught up in the events set in motion by the Watcher Sarah Franks (who has been a prisoner for Division for decades). Added points for anyone who pushes towards an assertive dominant girl rather than a meek sex toy.
Lost LivesA woman, recovering from a bad incident after a kidnapping and the attempted murder of her by one therapist (using shock therapy) is recovering from a long trauma. Only to slowly discover she's not the girl, but a detective sent to rescue her. The kidnapper is still out there, in her old body..or moved on. And in rediscovering her true identity.. magic happens. Dark setting. Lots of Urban Fantasy, magic and mayhem. with a bit of mystery with it.
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Re: Callie's new Story Ideas
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2013, 03:29:42 PM »
Images to inspire.

Bianca Beauchamps: So many versions, so many ideas. I see her as all manners of stories. Mostly cyberpunk genre.

Tattooed Women

For some reason I see these 3 and think.. 'Psychic superhero game' Don't know why.

This one makes me wish for a Anthro-alterverse ala the Rocketeer.

Ranma 1/2: This is an old story idea I had commissioned. 'Harajuku Ranko'. Ranma goes all girl.. all the time..just hiding from the insanity of Furikan by hiding in Harajuku. Why? How?

Tieflings: It's a weakness.

Some visual inspiration by Genre

Steampunk Vixens


Far Future

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Re: Callie's new Story Ideas
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Some Characters I'd like to play in something some day.

System Concepts:
 Mutants & Masterminds.
Myriad, Inc.
Vitals (Myriad)
Real Name: Valerie Anne Dobson
Occupation: Actress, Stand-in, Student, Exotic Dancer, Model, various part-time jobs (various forms)
Date of Birth:  9/21/1988 (24 in 2012)
Legal Status: US citizen
Height: 5'9"  Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Brown  Hair: Brown (Various forms have different hair colors)
Measurements: 36C-27-36

An aspiring actress, Val went to UCLA on a scholarship and got a degree in drama and moved right into the stand by job of many actresses. Pretty much anything that paid her rent that week. She waited tables, walked dogs, washed cars and other jobs to keep her rent up.
One particularly trying week, she went through a series of set backs that pushed her to the brink of breakdown. Her room mates moved out, leaving her place bear of almost everything she had owned, her car broke down, she lost 2 of her part time jobs and had three 'MUST do' jobs come up at nearly the same time. With out all three, she would be out on her ear. Drunk the night before, she passed out wishing that she could cover all three of the temp jobs since that would make her rent for the month.
Waking up the next afternoon after a series of bizarre dreams where she seemed to be at all three acting jobs simultaneously, she was surprised to discover that she HAD gone to all three jobs at the same time. Her awareness grew as her 'forms', as she called her duplicate bodies, went through the actions needed to do the jobs. She had grown a form, which in turn formed two more and tucking her body in bed, gone out to do the jobs. She had found that while there was multiple bodies, her mind was a singular thing among them. She could grow a new 'form' from one body in a few hours and set it moving along easily.
These days, she has three to five forms in LA, and typically spreads the rest over the acting circuit as needed. She has three duplicates doing a magic act in Las Vegas, with one form playing the mentalist while the other two select items from the audience. Another trio are working in San Francisco as dancers. She has a pair in NYC looking for jobs and doing research on the side about meta-human events. A single form is hidden away at a farm her grandfather owns in North Carolina, watching over her grandparents and doing research online on the sly. She has had one form die in an accident, and would prefer to avoid it if she can.
Her agent, one of the few people 'in on it', has been wracking her brain on how to capitalize on this 'knack' of hers. One idea was to open a club solely hosted by her. Val has lost track of which form was 'the original' and tends to regard all her forms as being 'real'. Recently she realized that she could shift her form and heal faster. She can change her height/weight by as much as 35% but like creating a form, modifying one takes five hours of focusing and concentration. She thinks that her ability to heal faster, create forms and such are all tied to a metabolic process she hasn't quite mastered completely. The closest analog that she found in her research to date is the cancer tissues of Henrietta Lacks, which by this time quite out mass her original body. Needless to say she is considering, once she gets her funds above a certain level, creating a form to study biology and anatomy.

Valeria Anne Dobson (Myriad)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 120/120

STR: 12 (+1), DEX: 14 (+2), CON: 12 (+1), INT: 12 (+1), WIS: 12 (+1), CHA: 16 (+3)
Tough: +1, Fort: +4, Ref: +5, Will: +4

Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+6), Bluff 4 (+7), Climb 2 (+3), Computers 2 (+3), Diplomacy 2 (+5), Disguise 4 (+7/+27), Drive 1 (+3), Gather Information 2 (+5), Investigate 2 (+3), Knowledge (popular culture) 2 (+3), Knowledge (streetwise) 2 (+3), Language 2 (+2), Notice 2 (+3), Perform (acting) 6 (+9), Perform (comedy) 6 (+9), Perform (dance) 3 (+6), Perform (singing) 3 (+6), Profession (Writer) 4 (+5), Search 1 (+2), Sense Motive 2 (+3), Stealth 2 (+4), Swim 2 (+3)
Languages: English (Native), Japanese, Spanish

Feats: Attack Focus (melee) 2, Attractive 2 (+8), Eidetic Memory, Improved Trip, Set-Up, Teamwork 3

Duplication 8 (Heroic, Survival; Permanent; Mental Link, Progression, # Duplicates 4 (25 duplicates); Action (Power Use, 5 hours) 7)
Immunity 1 (aging)
Immunity 10 (mental effects)
Morph 4 (morph: broad group - female humanoids only, +20 Disguise; Action (Power Use, 1 hour) 6)
Regeneration 5 (recovery rate (bruised) 1 (recover 1 / round), recovery rate (disabled) 1 (recover 1 / 5 hours), recovery rate (injured) 1 (recover 1 / 20 mins), recovery rate (staggered) 1 (recover 1 / 20 mins), recovery rate (unconscious) 1 (recover 1 / round))

Attack Bonus: +4 (Ranged: +4, Melee: +6, Grapple: +7)
Attacks: Unarmed Attack, +6 (DC 16)
Defense: +6  (Flat-footed: +3), Knockback: +0
Initiative: +2

Totals: Abilities 18 + Skills 15 (60 ranks) + Feats 10 + Powers 48 + Combat 20 + Saves 9 + Drawbacks 0 = 120

Free form Concepts:

<reserved for update>
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Re: Callie's new Story Ideas
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2013, 03:30:05 PM »
<reserved for update>

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Re: Callie's new Story Ideas (TG, Transformation, Sci-fi, Fantasy and more!)
« Reply #4 on: December 04, 2013, 11:31:57 AM »
Added a few pictures, some linked images from my old idea thread and a few more ideas. :D

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Re: Callie's new Story Ideas (TG, Transformation, Sci-fi, Fantasy and more!)
« Reply #5 on: December 06, 2013, 02:22:06 PM »
Add 'My Love Reborn'

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Re: Callie's new Story Ideas (TG, Transformation, Sci-fi, Fantasy and more!)
« Reply #6 on: December 09, 2013, 11:39:58 AM »
On the Cutting Edge, Taken by Lithium.

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Posted two new ideas under .. New Ideas

<wry smile>

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Updated details on Project Mindbender. I really want to play this thru.