Are you an older woman?

Started by Jester, August 03, 2008, 04:51:59 PM

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I am wanting this game to be about sex in with innapropriate older women. Perhaps:

1. An older teacher seduces the young buck in her class?
2. A mother gets raped by her own son but says nothing but instead creats more opportunities for her son to cause her to cum hard....
3. The mother in law catcher her son- in - law and daughter and joins in the fun....
4. Auntie shows her son about masturbation.
5. your my girlfriends mum you cant suck my cock!

I am looking for beautiful busty women. I am looking for loud noisy sexy by women who havent had a good fuck in years. I want heaving swinging breasts. Sex in the kitchen. Breast slapping. Fisting. Slutty mothers. Used teachers. Naughty nurses. Perhaps they get caught?

i am wanting the woman to be taboo character.

let me know if keen. x


I'm interested in one of these. If you're interested, I'd prefer either number 2, 3 or 4.


How about I play your daughters boyfriend. Perhaps its a long distance relationship? Do you want to start? Or send me a bio and ill start tonight.