CLAMP Fans,Anyone?(Pretty Much Always Open)

Started by GlassMonster, December 02, 2013, 12:03:31 AM

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I'm looking for anyone who is interested in roleplaying characters from the works of CLAMP. I'm willing to do just about any pairing or character set in any situation,be it platonic, romantic, or sexual, or even a combination. One-shots or long-shots or even play it by ears are fine by me.In universe on the sidelines somewhere off-screen or alternate universe is good with me.

The only things I really ask and will be adamant about are:
       - stay true to the character you choose as best you can
       - Do the best you can spelling,grammar,and length wise. I'm pretty tolerant but I have my limits.
       - the only thing i absolutely refuse to do is scat play. Vomit,feces,urine,and bile are all out. No guts or anything. Blood is the only thing in that category,really.

As I said before I will do just about any pairing in any situation. I am willing to play any character,as well. Be it male or female or even Mokona if you want.

The only pairings I really refuse to do are FaixChi, Kurogane x Tomoyo , or Watanuki x Yuko or Himawari.
I'm a hardcore believer of the whole once they have a soulmate in one universe it stays for all of them and i hate breaking up my pairings. XD so keep that rule in mind,however i CAN be swayed if it is a good enough plotline or the plotline fits enough (aka,one-sided non con kind of things most likely.)

If you are interested please pm or comment on this. Pm is preferred but either works. :)

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You had me at CLAMP! I'll pm with further info.
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