At A Loose End... Let's Tie It Up (Real world, M/F, F/F, D/s, BON, maybe N-C)

Started by Haibane, August 03, 2008, 12:30:20 PM

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I’m looking for a couple of lightweight medium length games. I play females and in the past have played only submissives but I’ve had a hankering recently to try a domme role, though I’m not sure how long I could sustain it and I don’t believe I’m capable of sadism at all. I think I would turn out a playful, loving, teasing domme, a pretty ‘soft’ one.

I can play opposite males or females, I’m discovering that I’m pretty much exactly 50/50 on that.

I’m happy to play opposite one, two or more people. You’d need to play your real gender.

I play only real world situations, though I’m happy playing fantasy settings within the real world though: exotic places, exotic tastes, exotic set-ups such as weird clubs, societies, illegal slave trading and such.

I enjoy medium length posts and especially witty writing, word games and humour.

I like real settings, real places we have both been and can relate to. I get a particular buzz out of that – don’t ask me why. I’ve never visited the USA but could play within certain locations I know via the media. I love Japan and Britain and Italy and Greece and parts of North Africa; I can play in any of these settings.

I have no specific ideas in place yet, just a few jumbled up ONs that I’d like to explore.

I’m not a big fan of getting down to the action in the first page or two though it can work in certain plots.

Anal play is pretty much an essential for me ;) Giving and receiving.

Bondage is way up there on my list too ;) Again, giving and/or receiving.

I only play in the first person POV. If you don’t wish to do so as well, please don’t respond. It’s a toughie and I know it puts off a good 75% or more of you but having played in a number of third person games I’ve found I cannot get into my character nearly so well as I can when writing first person. Something is missing for me in third person games.

Please PM me to discuss stuff, I’m open to pretty much anything as long as it’s well thought out and well written and you’ll stick around for more than half-a-dozen pages.

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new,very new but would love to try and play let me know your thoughts


I'm afraid that until/unless someone has been approved they can't start playing games.
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I am new and looking to finally start my first game. I am up for anything. Let me know if your interested.
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Quote from: ilikemilkalot00 on August 24, 2008, 12:04:30 AM
I am new and looking to finally start my first game. I am up for anything. Let me know if your interested.

Quote from: Haibane on August 03, 2008, 12:30:20 PMPlease PM me to discuss stuff.


While I'm only in a few games that are in full flight right now, I'm in eight or nine others that are paused due to my playing partners being busy. When these reactivate I will probably be back at capacity, so for the moment I'm not accepting any more games.

I'm also finding I am moving away from 1 on 1s. If a very good one is suggested to me and it has the right depth and potential, I'll accept it but generally speaking I prefer group games.

If you have a suggestion for one and even better have someone who you think would like to join in, by all means please PM me. Even though I'm busy, if something awesome comes along I'll make time for it.


I have a space for another game again... I have no real plots in mind except that I either want to dominate or submit (I enjoy both). Switching within a game is possible too. PM me with ideas, or we can discuss here.

I do both hetero and girl-girl but have mostly done F/F recently... mainly through a lack of male writing partners who press my buttons.

I've had an idea while writing this of something simple... a camping trip in an isolated place... getting back to nature kind of stuff. A couple exploring their limits. Something like that.

EDIT: Also... this is in the group section. The game could be for a group or for two players. I don't mind.


I wouldn't mind getting in on the camping trip one, it seems interesting, though I'd rather play a character who is a submissive, most of my characters being dominant.
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Thanks for the reply, sorry I didn't answer sooner but this thread isn't set to notify as I usually await PMs.

I have talked about the camping trip with no less that four different people and I just can't get the vibe that I'm seeking. It's still open but I'm definitely wanting a dominant male or males for that one.