Uptown 'girl' - Cyberpunk Sissyfication (Closed)

Started by SatanKlaus, December 01, 2013, 08:28:12 AM

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I am currently processing offers for this roleplay. It wouldn't make sense for more people to apply at the moment.

This is a new interest of mine, one that I have only recently discovered (or admitted to…).

I’m now looking for a male-to-female bottom (of any player gender) for a near-future scifi/cyberpunk gender-change roleplay with a good portion of smut, toys, BDSM and humiliation. If you think you fit the bill, please read on.

Uptown Girl
The basic idea is that in the knowledge economy of the neo-liberal dystopian future, job prospects for the uneducated masses are rather grim. The divide between rich and poor has become oppressively big with a few percent of the population owning basically all property. Trade unions and worker’s rights are a thing of the past, gone the way of medicare and social security systems. To make matters worse, almost all manufacturing jobs are done by robots these days and it has become very hard for unskilled labor to find any job. Only a few sectors still place a premium on the human factor – health, sales, hospitality and entertainment. And these jobs are overwhelmingly of the ‘female-preferred’ variety: maids, nurses, shop assistants, nannies, stewardesses, secretaries, housekeepers…

While a pretty girl can reasonably hope to escape the universal poverty of the sprawling downtown slums by finding work in the upper city, with access to the advanced medical care of the upper city along with the faint chance to somehow escape the vicious circle that keeps down the poor, the prospect for a young man like you are very slim indeed.

Even a natural-born woman from the lower city can expect long hours, low pay, adhesion contracts and casual sexual harassment at the workplace… but when you are starving in the dumps or urgently need a medical treatment that is routine in the upper city but unaffordable for you, then becoming an uptown ‘girl’ might be your only option.

Fetish content:
-I will play a dominant man or a couple.
-Your character can either walk into the situation knowingly (though possibly without considering the full ramifications),
he could be tricked in some way, like signing up for a job that requires him to undergo 'medical evaluation and cosmetic improvement to fit our corporate vision and design' or somesuch)
or he could lie about his gender on the job application, be found out and forced to 'provide the goods as advertised'
-Your job description is up for discussion, along the lines of the above. (service industry: Maid, secretary, nurse…)
-There will be BDSM and humiliation in a non-con or dub-con context.
-And toys.
-The extend of the gender change is up for discussion. As this is slightly sci-fi it can be from cosmetic-only up to a fully functional gender switch, though my preference would lie somewhere in the middle.
-It’s up to you to decide on the emotional effects on your character, but there will definitively be some attempts at mind fuckery to go along with the sodomy and body-modification ;)

Technical things:
-This will be mostly smut-driven, though I am big on world-building and other surrounding aspects.
-I don’t like jumping into stories head-on. Expect a week or two of getting to know each other and discussing each other’s preferences and ideas.
-I can only take on one more roleplay at this time and it’s not first come, first serve. Please don’t be mad if it is not with you.