Seduction (F x F)

Started by Usani, December 01, 2013, 12:15:13 AM

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I got this idea from someone on another site but instead of it being MxF  I want to make it two females instead.  I only want an actual female to take the role of the teacher.

The idea of this RP is very D/s based. A college professor and her student have a very strong D/s relationship outside of the school for the past three years. They plan on marrying soon after her graduating, and she has been collared by her for just over two years. It is a week or two until graduation, and while she has done enough to have her graduation assured, if they were to find out about their relationship before then, the professor she could still be fired and shamed, and the student she could be forbidden from graduating and all her work from the past few years stripped away.

After an extremely passionate and loving romantic weekend together, Monday comes and she feels extremely turned on and wanting of her. They do not live together during the week, but they do have their own place during the weekends out of the city on a lake they tend their spend their time at. So wants her, more and more, unable to shake this feeling from her head. She decides to dress up overly provocatively and try to seduce her in class, of which all her classes are taught by her.

I will be playing the student!


Bumping this up, still looking for someone for this!