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Author Topic: GM for Superhero(ine)s (OC Heroes M&F/Power Girl/Supergirl/WW)  (Read 737 times)

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GM for Superhero(ine)s (OC Heroes M&F/Power Girl/Supergirl/WW)
« on: November 30, 2013, 01:22:25 PM »
Please send a PM if you're interested in one of these games. Please do not reply here. Thank you!

As always, I have no preference as to the player's gender.

As stated in the subject, the games listed below are intended for a player, with myself serving as the GM.

I would be agreeable to running the game with no rules (freeform), so pay no attention to references to System, if this is you.

Otherwise, I'd like to use Mutants & Masterminds (3e or 2e, depending). All games are planned to be typical superhero stuff but without the adult situations “fading to black” or happening off-camera (though I suppose more nefarious situations could arise, depending on your interests). Nearly any of your own kinks would be welcome, should you wish to discuss.

For obvious reasons, I didn't go into a ton of detail on what your character is supposed to be. That is largely up to you. Should some of the storylines seem a bit lacking in detail, this is due to the fact that I always build games I run around the main character(s) themselves.

The list may start off small, but other games are being added...

The Matronly Superheroine (F Character) (Craving!)
The Matronly Superheroine (GM) Craving!

System: 3e or 2e

Synopsis: In an original superhero world (no Marvel, DC, etc.), the game would chronicle the adventures of a matronly (around 50 years) superheroine. The game could really go anywhere, and only has two requirements: I'd like her to be based on the reference below, and she must wear full briefs/granny panties (also referenced below) over her costume. I'd also like for her to be the "Superman" of her game world, where she'd be able to fly, have super-strength, be invulnerable, etc. if possible. There is plenty of room for any Ons you'd like to put into the game, and it could go anywhere you'd like - but I'm currently thinking mostly superhero adventure, plus kinks.

Power levels could range from PL8 to PL15, and in addition to Golden Age, Silver Age, etc., I'd especially be up for something more along the lines of a Paragons setting, Supreme Power or Miracleman, in which your heroine is not only the most powerful superhuman in the world, but also one of the few. Changes to the game world could be dramatic, as your heroine would have a heavy influence on nearly everything.

Specific Ons: Matronly superheroine, granny panties, super-strength, super-toughness, super-strength feats, wedgies/briefs riding up in the back (which have to eventually be plucked/adjusted). For me, though, most of my interest/focus would come from the big briefs/granny panties worn tightly over her costume; so classy, so womanly. In addition, when in her secret identity and relaxing at home, I'd like her to lounge about in her full briefs and a t-shirt/tank top/camisole/etc. tucked into the waistband of her briefs.

Reference Images

The Ties that Bind (M character) (Craving!)
The Ties that Bind (for M character)

System: 3e or 2e (your choice)

Synopsis: In a somewhat Fantastic Four inspired game, your character would be the hero – leader of a group of four superheroes consisting of his lovely wife and their two teenage daughters. Alternately, it could simply be a husband and wife. The wife and daughters would be NPCs, and the group would otherwise take part in superheroic adventures, where the three ladies would be written in provocative ways. Sex between the hero and the wife is a given, and although I would like to avoid incest if possible, the hero could still be aroused by seeing his daughters prance about in their skintight spandex costumes, secretly smell/sniff the adventure-worn costumes and/or panties of all three of his girls before pounding his wife, etc.

Kinks: Superheroines and spandex. One hero and three heroines on the same team.

I look forward to further discussion. Send me a PM if interested!

DC Adventures (Various Heroines)
DC Adventures (Various F characters)

System: 3e or DC Adventures

Synopsis: I'm looking to run solo games for any of the following DC heroines:
  • Power Girl (as presented in Heroes and Villains)
  • Supergirl (either the Silver Age version with the all-blue outfit and skirt or the Pre-Crisis Kara with the blue suit and red skirt)
  • Wonder Woman (as presented in Heroes and Villains)
  • Catwoman (as presented in Heroes and Villains; ran as more of an anti-heroine than villainess)
  • Mary Marvel (as presented in Heroes and Villains)

In most of these cases, the version used is the iconic version of the character. I know virtually nothing about the current new DCU, so adventures will take place in a more familiar, though alternate, DCU.

I can provide the character sheets for any of the above heroines.

The Mecha Pilot (F character) (Taken)
The Mecha Pilot (for F character)

System: 2e (uses some rules from Mecha & Manga)

Synopsis: Inspired by 1970s and 1980s "super robot" anime and manga, your character would be the heroine piloting a super-robot against an invading force. Not too different from the anime it is inspired by. Relationships for your character can be developed at your request/interest. For this one, I'd like to see lots of fanservice (especially panty-shots; been watching a lot of Aika and Najica lately), tight pilot suits, etc.

Kinks: Skintight pilot suits, fanservice (panty-shots)

To discuss further, send a PM if interested!
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Re: GM for Superheroes (OC Heroes M&F/Power Girl/Supergirl/WW)
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2014, 09:15:20 PM »
3/31/14 - Added The Matronly Superheroine back to the list, updated The Ties that Bind.
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