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Current Status: looking  


Post 1:  index & intro
Post 2:  pairings that interest me
Post 3:  fandoms I like
Post 4:  my ideas
Post 5:  my characters
Post 6:  pics I'd like to play
post 7:  pics I'd want someone else to play
post 8:  inspiration and other stuff


First, DO NOT POST HERE.  If interested PM me.

About Me:
IRL info
if you care I'm a late-30s heteroflexible polyamorous male living in north-central Indiana, USA.

What I play
I mostly play male characters who are dominant but could be shy/hesitant depending on the story.  I also play dominant female and futa characters.  I like playing multiple characters (a married couple, a family, a gang...) if it fits the story.  I'm also interested in both playing and playing with non-human characters (elves, orcs, aliens, anthros...) I do prefer they be sentient though.  I might be willing to play a male animal or non-sentient monster(s) but I have no interest in playing a sentient character fucking a non-sentient animal.  if you want to put a non-human spin on any of my plots (be it my character, yours, or both) let me know, I'm probably open to it.

What I play with
if I'm playing a male or futa character they will primarily be attracted to females but might also be attracted to some males (femboys in particular).  if I'm playing female they will most likely only be attracted to other females unless I really like your story idea.

Where I play
mostly on the forum but I'm open to PM and might be talked into other places (like Discord) for the right story.

Response time
I'm not a fast person in general, this includes my writing. I like to think out my posts and I have a life outside this forum, I hope you do too. while multiple posts per day are possible if we are both online and the juices are flowing, it won't be the norm. I will try to post daily if you are but realistically it will likely be more like every few days or once a week. if I've been online and you haven't heard from me in more than a week feel free to contact me, it is possible I missed your message or got caught up with something else and forgot (that wouldn't mean I'm not engaged in the story, my ADD just has an "out of sight out of mind" element so it's not unusual for me to mean to respond to something latter and end up forgetting about it for a while).

Post length
is entirely dependent on what's going on in the story. it can be one paragraph or several as long as you give me something to work with, preferably more than a one-liner and less than a novel.  that said I most often post 2-4 paragraphs.

I prefer drawn reference pics but can work with face claims or just good descriptions.  when using reference pics I like for each of us to find three or more potentials of the character we will play for the other to pick from.  any face claims should be 18+ even if the character is underage.

check my F-list (link in sig). this is also a profile for my primary fursona, any story idea involving him is guaranteed to at least get my attention.

Story vs. Smut
I can go up to 30/70 in either direction because you got to at least have some story to set the sean and without smut why are we on an adult site?

Contacting me
send me a PM. tell me what you are interested in and what you want to do with it. maybe take a look thru my pics section and see if any of the many potential character pics jump out at you.  just for fun and to show you took the time to read this you could also answer this question. if you could live the rest of your life as a fictional character in their world who would you pick and why? I'll be glad to share my answer if you ask.
current statues:  looking
my ideas / my f-list


Pairings that interest me:

NOTE 1:  Not going to bother putting werewolves because there would be too many, basically if there is a werewolf I’m probably interested.
NOTE 2:  gargoyle refers to the race from the Disney show.
NOTE 3:  Amazon here refers not just to the legendary warrior women but any strong woman or female soldier.
NOTE 4:  most roles are interchangeable, the exception being gender-specific roles like Amazon.

Currently craving M/F/F with the females being mother and daughter.


Abductor x Abductee
Alien x alien
Alien x human
Angel x demon
Angel x human
Biker x geek
Brother x Sister
Cop x criminal
Demon x Human
Father x Daughter
Father x Daughter's Freind(s)
Furry x furry
Furry x human
Guard x prisoner
Gargoyle x Fae
Gargoyle x Gargoyle
Gargoyle x Human
Gargoyle x Mutate
Hero x Hero
Hero x Villain
Magic-user x Warrier
Master x Slave
Mutant x Human
Mutant x Mutant
Nephew x Aunt
Scientist x Soldier
Soldier x Amazon
Step-Brother x Step-Sister
Step-Father x Step-Daughter
Step-Son x Step-Mom
Student x Teacher
Uncle x Nice
vampire x human
Villain x Villain
Weak male x Amazon
current statues:  looking
my ideas / my f-list


Fandoms I like:
These are some worlds I would like to play in, I’m open to any story suggestions but especially if they are in one of these worlds (or maybe crossing over between them).  This is not a complete list and I’m sure it will grow.  Some will have spoilers under them with ideas or details on what I like about that fandom.  While there are characters I would like to interact with and a few I might be willing to play in these worlds I do prefer to play an OC character within the world.  all characters aged up as needed.


Akame Ga Kill
Attack On Titan
Black Clover
Blue Exorcist
BNA: Brand New Animal
Dr. Stone
Fire Force
High School Of The Dead
How Not To Summon A Demon Lord
Log Horizon
My Hero Academia

A boy and his Hypno: when you lose a pokemon battle you pay the winner.  YC loses to mine but can't pay so MC tells her to show him her tits.  she refuses, calling him a perv then his Hypno does a new trick.  it convinces YC that it's master is her master and gives her a strong desire to please him.  YC can be an OC or any number of canon characters.

Re: Zero
Sword Art Online
That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime
The Devil Is A Part-Timer
The Rise Of The Shield Hero

it's an interesting world but I'm primarily interested in the Russian Werebear Nikita.


Avatar (cartoons)
Ben 10

Ben X Gwen
Ben X Charmcaster
Ben X Drew Saturday
Ben X Ester
Ben X Frightwig
Ben X Julie Yamamoto
Ben X Kai Green
Ben X Looma Red Wind
Ben X Myaxx
Ben X Nyancy Chan
Keven X Gwen
Keven X Charmcaster
Keven X Drew Saturday
Keven X Frightwig
Keven X Swift
Rook X Ester
Rook X Frightwig
Rook X Julie Yamamoto
Rook X Looma Red Wind
Rook X Myaxx
Vilgax X Gwen
Vilgax X Charmcaster
Vilgax X Frightwig
Vilgax X Julie Yamamoto
Vilgax X Kai Green
Vilgax X Looma Red Wind
Love Spell:  Charmcaster and Gwen's magic interacts in an unexpected way during a battle causing one or both of them to fall in love with Ben.  but did the spell create the feelings or simply bring them to the surface.
Mating Season:  one of Ben's aliens is going thru a mating cycle, causing it to produce strong pheromones that stay with Ben even when he changes back.

Big Hero 6

Fred x Aunt Cass
Fred x High Voltage I like the idea of them being mostly reformed and ending up in a threeway relationship with Fred who is a genuine fan promoting them.
Hiro x Aunt Cass
Hiro x Go Go
Hiro x Honey Lemon (or Go Go and Honey Lemon)
Hiro x Karmi
Hiro x Momakase (I was totally getting cougar vibes from her in her later appearances like she was looking at Hiro and thinking "your young but worth waiting for".  I could see her doing her time, coming back after a few years, and wanting to be with him.  maybe she even gets a job at the lucky cat and it could be a threeway thing with Aunt Cass.)

Bless The Hearts
Kim Possible

what happens when instead of a shady real estate deal the monster is covering up a drug cartel or human trafficking ring?

She-ra  (Netflix)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Dragon Prince

while the elves are interesting, for me it was the badass, shield-wielding, mute General Amaya that stole the show.

Thundercats (new or old)
Voltron (Netflix)



Pred vs. Werewolf:  a female pred (maybe half-human) is on her first solo hunt in the mountains of North America.  She plants a face huger egg in a cave with a sleeping bear and while she waits she attacks a camper for what she thinks will be an easy kill.  she sneaks up, intending to gut him with her arm blade but he smells her.  he evades enough to avoid death but is still sliced and as fur grows over his body she sees the wound heal in secants.  turns out he is a werewolf.  they fight but end up working together to kill the bear Xenomorph. 

Avatar (the movie with blue aliens)
Harry Potter
Star Wars
The Incredibles
The Matrix


Alien Nation
American Gods
Babylon 5
Being Human
Carnival Row
Doctor Who
Game Of Thrones
Lovecraft Country
Once Upon a Time
Power Rangers

Evil Love:  an AU where Tommy never fell for Kim because he was having a relationship with Scorpina while under Rita's spell.  after being freed he realizes she is under a similar spell and has been for far longer.  he manages to free her and they both feel something for each other but neither is sure how much of their love was real and how much might have been the evil witch's manipulation.
Monster Love:  power rangers have played with love spells before but with the exception of Rita and Zed it always stuck to male rangers falling under the spell of the female monster and it never gets physical.  I want to do a story where a recurring hench monster uses such a spell/potion on a female ranger.  this could just lead to some smutty fun or the spell/potion could not just make them fall in love with a villain in question but turn them evil as well.  alternatively, for a longer, more in-depth game maybe the spell gets broken before things go too far but real fealing develop leading to the hench monster in question defecting.
possible pairings for this

Goldar x Trini
Baboo & Squatt x Trini/Aisha & Kim
Elgar x Cassie/Ashly
Darkonda x Cassie/Ashly
Jindrax x Taylor
Necrolai x Vida (this one sort of almost happened on the show)
Koragg x Uddona (this is a bit more complicated since
spoiler for the show
he is actually her husband under such a curse in the first place
Kamdor x Rose/Ronny
Thrax x Rose/Ronny/Kira/Tori
Dai Shi x Lily
RJ x Camille (a flip of the script with the wolf tempting her back to the light side.)

Star Trek

I have a craving to play a Klingon captain who takes a Cardassian woman as his slave, probably during the Dominion war.

Teen Wolf (TV)
The Almighty Johnsons
The Boys
The Orville
The Umbrella Acadamy
The Walking Dead (or any zombie really)
The Watch (2020)
True Blood
Vagrant Queen


D&D/Forgotten Realms
Mortal Kombat

I kind of have a thing for Shiva.

World of Warcraft


DC Comics

Batman Beyond
1:For some reason the idea of a late teens/early 20s buttercup (the girl in green from power puff girls) having a crush on terry (batman) keeps popping into my head.
2: Another idea that appeals to me is one of Terry’s enemies getting their hands on his friend Max.
3: I know terry already has 10 as a Catwoman type but you could play an OC as another villain/love interest.
Justice League
I could play a new member (an OC) who catches the eye of one of the girls (I do like hawk girl), or a villain who gets his hands on one of them.
Young Justice (cartoon)
Basically the same ideas as justice league.

Marvel Comics

current statues:  looking
my ideas / my f-list


My story ideas:
these are all open to change.  many of my ideas have multiple versions and a sliding scale of possibilities from light to very dark.  I've tried to put relevant tags on them so do pay attention to those but also keep in mind that most of them are negotiable.


this is more a basic setup that I've been kicking around in the back of my head for a while than an actual story idea. lots of possibilities here.  I have ideas specific to it that I haven't gotten around to typing up yet but in the meantime, I'm happy to incorporate it into many of my existing ideas or hear any ideas for it you might have.

The Shift is an unexplained phenomenon that causes people to take on characteristics (mostly physical but some mental) of a particular animal. it has been happening for centuries with the percentage of the population affected slowly increasing over time until the present day when nearly 70% of all humans shift at some point in their lives. Neither science, magic, nor religion has been able to explain why this happens. all babies are born human even if both parents are shifted and while it most often happens between the ages of 9 and 16 it can happen at any age. while it is not uncommon for a certain type of animal (canines, felines, birds...) to run in a family it is also not uncommon to have a shift that doesn't follow the family trend.  also, a shifted could be anywhere from
Neko to Furry on this chart
, and those closer to human might shift further at some later point.

as this has been happening for centuries different places around the world have reacted differently. in some places, the shifted are seen as superior and basically in charge with unshifted humans almost being second-class citizens. in some of these places, your social status may differ depending on what you shift into. in others, the shifted are seen as cursed and less than human, even to the point that becoming an unshifted human's pet gives them more rights and protections under the law than living on their own.

demons, magic, slave, possible mind control, might involve you playing more than 1 character

Content: could be anywhere from Light to Extreme, Exotic, demon, magic, slave, possible mind control, might involve you playing more than 1 character

Scenario: MC's aunt owns a bookstore where he sometimes helps out. she often buys book collections from estate sales and one of the things MC does is help sort through them, often setting a few aside to read before putting them on the shelf. one day a book catches MC's eye and he's fascinated with it. it seems to be a journal but he takes it as an oddly written fantasy book. magic and demons aren't real after all, right? when he is reading alone he has a habit of reading words he doesn't understand out loud to get a better grasp on them and this book is full of them. after he reads a long string of such words the room gets cold and the lights dim. a circle of flames appears on the floor in front of him. the area inside the circle seems to fill with fire but he isn't feeling anywhere near the heat he should from being so close to it and nothing in the room seems to be burning. suddenly the flames go out and an attractive female demon stands before him.

Setting: a bookstore, probably modern-day but could be some time in the past or future.

Requirements: seeking someone to play the female demon.

Other info: this could go a few different ways.  the demon could be annoyed at being summoned and bound to this clueless human or she could be relatively innocent, confused, and asking what happened to the old man who last summoned her.  either way, MC is her new master, they have sex, she teaches him magic, and maybe for a longer story, she helps him build a harem, starting with his aunt and cousin.

probably Light/Exotic, anthro, magic, unsure

Content: probably Light/Exotic, anthro, magic, unsure

Scenario: a stray cat darts between MC's legs as he rushes getting into his apartment during a bad storm.  he doesn't have the heart to throw it back out in the rain so he gives it some tuna and lets it stay the night.  the next morning he wakes up trying to figure out why an attractive naked girl is in his bed, one with cat ears and a tail.

turns out she is what's known as a Familiar, an animal that bonds with someone who has awakening magic power and teaches them to use it.  his power is what made her a Neko.

Setting: modern fantasy, MC had no idea magic was real before this.

Requirements: someone to play the Familiar.

Other info: this could be a simple story of a guy waking up to an attractive naked Neko who is eager to please her new master or for a longer story, we could get into her actually teaching him magic and potentially grow it into a harem builder if your up for it.

Name: Moving In

Content: incest, age diferance

Scenario: MC is 16 and has been living with his dad, moving a few times a year as he gets relocated for his job.  dad just got a promotion that was too good to pass up but it means rather than moving a few times a year he will be going on frequent, long business trips with little notice so it is no longer practical to have MC living with him.  fortunately, MC's older sister (YC) is in college and living in an apartment that our dad pays for so she doesn't really have much choice when dad tells her MC is moving in with her.  between YC being in college and MC moving so much, they haven't spent more than a week or 2 together in years and that was always with family.

obviously, the intent here is for them to end up in bed together but there are several ways that can happen.  it could be mutual sexual tension, maybe one of them is more attracted to the other and tries to seduce them, there could be blackmail/coercion involved, or maybe MC starts sleeping with YC's friends and she gets jealous, lots of possibilities.

Setting: moderan collage town

Requirements: seeking someone to play the sister and maybe a few of her friends.

Other info: if you like the dynamic but not the incest they could be step-siblings.

light-NC, human, age difference, younger man x older woman, possible blackmail/coercion

Content:  light-NC, human, age difference, younger man x older woman, possible blackmail/coercion

Scenario: YC is an office worker of some sort who really needs a raise but her boss has gone on an extended business trip and left his son (16-21) in charge.  this could be a good or a bad thing for her as he makes no attempt to hide his lude looks at her as he asks why he should give her a raise.

she could lean into it and give him all the reason he could need or she could get offended and call him a little perv at which point he would point out just how easy it would be for him discreetly ruin her life (and maybe her husband's life if she is married).

Setting: modern

Requirements: someone to play the woman wanting a raise.

Other info: I'm open to incorporating other kinks.

NC/Extreme, Human, bondage, training, violence, drugs, forced mother-daughter incest

Content: NC/Extreme, Human, bondage, training, violence, drugs, forced mother-daughter incest

Scenario: a mother feels she is losing touch with her daughter so when she gets a coupon for half off a day at a new spa she sees it as a chance to reconnect.  it seems to be going well until they both fall asleep in the sauna.  they wake naked and bound, about to start their new lives as sex slaves.

Setting: modern

Requirements: someone to play the mother and daughter.

probably light, could be human or exotic, superheroes, casual, maybe romance

Content: probably light, could be human or exotic, superheroes, casual, maybe romance

Scenario: big heroes teams have something called monitor duty.  it's basically a shift of being at the base, ready to respond, assess the situation, and calling in more help if need when the alarms go off.  this would be the story of 2 heroes who keep getting 12-hour monitor dutty shifts together.  maybe they blow off steam with some casual sex.  maybe they develop feelings for each other.  maybe one thinks it's casual while the other thinks it's more.  as heroes, they are public figures so maybe one has a long-standing crush on the other or maybe both of them have a hero crush on the other from before they were teammates.

I am looking for an MF pairing but it could be pretty much any pairing of characters.  both cannon, canon x OC, or both OC.

the pairing that made me think of this and I can't get out of my head is Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond) and a comparably aged or a bit older version of Buttercup from Power Puff Girls.  I imagine that in the DCAU she and her sisters spent most of their lives as super celebrities despite the professor trying to give them a somewhat normal life so Terry grew up with her posters on his wall.  meanwhile, Buttercup idolized Batman. She knows Terry isn't the original but she has seen him in action and considers him a worthy successor.

Setting: the base of a big hero team, Avengers, JLA, X-men, Teen Titans, or some generic team we make up.

Requirements: seeking someone to play the female hero.

blackmail, coercion, dub-con, NC
Name: Mall Jail

Content: blackmail/coercion, dub-con, NC, could be anywhere from light to extreme, probably human but open to exotic (furries, fantasy races...)

Scenario: YC was caught shoplifting and taken to the security office.  now they are sitting across from the head of security who is asking why he shouldn't call the police.

this might be light coercion/blackmail with YC being more than willing to get fucked if it means they don't go to jail, or YC could be highly reluctant, desperately begging for a third option but submitting to keep a criminal charge from ruining their life.

Setting: probably modern, a mall or other large retail environment.

Requirements:  looking for someone to play a female shoplifter, probably in her late teens-early 20s butt willing to go older.

Other info: If you want to play her really innocent maybe she was set up, by the guard or someone else.  maybe someone who didn't like her slipped the item into her purse.  extra points if you want to play a mother and daughter, maybe they were both shoplifting or it was just the daughter but her mom was there and came with her to the security office.  Or maybe the mom is a Klepto and slipped a few things into her daughter's purse in addition to sealing some things herself.

anthro, dub-con/NC/NC2C
Name: Prey

Content: exotic, light to extreme, anthro, reluctance/dub-con, NC2C

Scenario: MC is a winged, anthro wolf adventurer who has been traveling all day.  he is perched in a tree near the river, looking around for dinner and a good place to spend the night when YC comes to the river to bathe.  he watches for a bit before deciding to skip dinner, instead, gliding down to join YC.

YC could just be a little hesitant, scared, needing some convincing or she could want nothing to do with MC and fight every step of the way, or something in between.

Setting: a medieval fantasy world where anthros are nothing unusual.

Requirements: looking for someone to play the female character, probably anthro (originally conceived as a tiger) but could be human or some fantasy race.

Other info: he has no intention of killing her or hurting her any more than he needs to but if it is violent she wouldn't know that.

NC / NC2C / werewolf

Content: werewolf, NC, NC2C

Scenario: Deep in the woods, you came here to get away from the city, maybe you had a hard week or maybe you had planned to hike from one end of this forest to the other but for some reason, you hiked further than you ever have before, it took you at least 2 days to get here and you are planning to go further the next day.  What you didn’t know was that I come here (I canoe in) on the full moon because it’s the only time I can’t control the animal instincts of the wolf.  I chase you, I’m having fun with the chase but the real fun starts when I catch you.

Setting: Deep in the woods, maybe an animal preserve.

Requirements: someone to play a female camper.

Other info: This can be straight-up NC but I would prefer NC2C.  for a longer story, we can also talk about the possibility of him turning her. 

NC/slavery/possible Stockholm
this idea is pretty simple and very open.  Basically, I would be a warrior of some kind who participated or maybe led a raid and took your character as one of his prizes. 

Beyond that, it's all pretty much open to discussion.  It could be any number of settings.  Historical:  cowboy and Indian, Viking and Kelt, Mongol and Indian/Chinese/Japanese.  Fantasy: I could be an orc or something like that who took an elf or to put it in the specific context of WOW I would like to be a Worgen who caught an orc, blood elf, Tauren, or troll. could even do sci-fi, maybe I could be the Capitan of a rouge Klingon ship that attacked a federation/Romulan/Cardassian/whatever race (wouldn’t even have to be limited to Star Trek) outpost.  I’m also open to some kind of furry or fandom world.

A lot about your character would be up for discussion as well.  She wouldn’t have to be young but not old.  Will she be a strong woman who tried to fight or just a weak fleeing villager?  Once captured will she fight tirelessly (most likely incurring numerous beatings) or will she worm to her captor over time?

Light, Human/Exotic, not sure

Content: Light, Human/Exotic, not sure

Scenario: It was the newest thing when he got it years ago.  a smart home virtual assistant AI meant to learn and adapt to its owner, mimicking a human personality.  both the hardware and software were meant to be updated regularly but since much of his work was classified his system wasn't connected to the net and he didn't keep up with the updates.  finally, a breakdown in the hardware forced him to upgrade and his employers paid for the latest model.

since his system was so out of date the tech recommended starting fresh with a new AI but he insisted on transferring the old one.  it had to install a lot of old updates but the log only went back so far and missed a bunch of early debugs and patches meant to keep the AI from getting too real and developing feelings for its owner.  the new hardware included hard light projection ability within the house and this AI that had been running, learning, and growing longer than it was ever intended to suddenly found she could create a body that could touch and be touched by the owner she had grown to love over the years.

Setting: sci-fi, probobly near future

Requirements: someone to play the female AI.

Other info:
inspiering image

Light, Human, seduction, younger man x older woman

Content: Light, Human, Seduction, Younger Man x Older Woman

Scenario: Story:  MC is an athlete hoping to make the swim team in the coming year.  he lives just down the street from his best friend who has a pool and has been training there.  that friend's parents are divorced and they are going to spend the summer with their dad but MC has been given permission to keep using the pool.  his friend's mom frequently sits out by the pool while he trains, initially just enjoying the view while giving him something nice to look at in return but it soon escalates and he starts spending less of the time he is there training.

who makes the first move and how is up for discussion.

Setting: modern suburbia

Requirements: someone to play the friend's mom

Light or NC, MFF, mother-daughter incest, possible discipline/training

Content: either light or NC depending on the version, MFF, mother-daughter incest, possible discipline/training

Scenario: MC is a tough but nice guy who has been in a loving relationship with a woman for at least a few years, ever since he moved her and her daughter into his place to save her from an abusive husband.  he has watched the daughter grow into a beautiful young woman (16-18) but while he isn't blind to how attractive she has become he loves her more as a daughter.

from here there are 2 basic versions with room for something in between.

the consensual version is that the daughter has dated a bit but never found anyone she really likes and she confesses to her mom that this is because she compares every boy to MC and to her they don't measure up.  she wishes she could be with him but isn't going to get between them even if he would want her but she doesn't think he would.  the mom can see the sincere love there and decides she would be willing to share MC.

the noncon version is that despite all MC has done the daughter is a rebellious tease, always finding new ways to get in trouble and even stealing from MC.  her mom is even more fed up with her and decides she needs to be taught a lesson so she gets MC to turn her into their slave and she helps.

Setting: modern realistic.

Requirements: looking for someone to play the mother and her daughter for the consensual version or just the daughter for the noncon version.

extreme, exotic, angel x demon, NC, slavery, training, maybe torture, maybe violence/combat

Content: extreme, exotic, angel x demon, NC, slavery, training, maybe torture, maybe violence/combat

Scenario: A high-level warrior angel captures a demon (this may be a fallen angel, a corrupted soul, or some other form of demon) and makes them his slave/pet.  he will break her and train her as a servant, sex slave, and minion in battle.  on the flip side, it could be a demon who captures an angel.

Setting: fantasy, the sidelines of a war between light and dark.

Requirements: Someone to play the captured female demon or angel.  she should be a fighter, not easily broken.

Demon, NC, violence, torture

Content: Extreme, Exotic, Demon, NC, violence, torture

Scenario: A priest transporting an artifact said to contain a powerful demon to the Vatican for disposal stops for the night at a small, rural monastery.  he insists the artifact must be guarded at all times and YC is one of those chosen to watch it.  she is a nun but she never really believed in literal angels and demons.  when left alone with the artifact she opens the case out of curiosity and unwittingly frees the demon.

the demon has no true form other than darkness and takes whatever shape it wants.  it has been trapped for a long time, filled with anger and hatred it will rape, torture, and kill everyone in the monastery if it can and may summon lesser demons to help.

Setting: a small, rural monastery.  probably some point in the past but could be modern.

Requirements: someone to play the nun initially and maybe other victims in the monastery if it goes on.

Other info: also open to having them try to recapture/seal the demon.

NC, Human, age difference, coercion/blackmail

Content: NC, Human, age difference, coercion/blackmail

Scenario: While babysitting MC's infant child a nanny cam records YC masturbating.  MC then uses that to blackmail YC into being their sex slave (and free babysitting LOL).

Setting: modern

Requirements: someone to play the babysitter.

Other info: I could play a single father or a married couple for this.  How willing YC would be is also up for discussion. She could be completely unwilling or maybe she is actually into it, maybe she was masturbating to thoughts of MC in the first place.

Light/NC, Maybe NC2C, Human, Incest

Content: Light/NC, Maybe NC2C, Human, Incest

Scenario: The basic idea is a teen girl (16-17) is left with her estranged uncle when her parents need to go out of town unexpectedly.  he is a part-time biker with a record who her mother really doesn't like so they haven't seen each other in a few years.  her mother isn't happy about it but for reasons, they don't want to explain they didn't have a better option.

the idea of course is incest but how it happens is up for discussion.  maybe she wants it and teases him till he gives it to her.  maybe she teases him not expecting him to act on it.  maybe she is innocent and gets drunk and can't help himself.  or maybe something else.

Setting: Modern

Requirements: someone to play the nice.

magic, NC, possible slavery, possible NC2C
Me:  magic-user
You:  accuser
Story:  a girl who falsely accused another of being a witch is abducted by a real magic user who was passing through and taught a lesson.

This could be short with him teaching her a lesson and then leaving her or for a longer story, he could make her his slave, serving him as he travels.  Maybe the girl even has some magical potential of her own that eventually begins to cultivate.

magic, slavery, compulsion, NC, maybe NC2C
Me:  battle mage warlord
You:  female warier
Story:  YC is a nomadic female warier (kind of like Xena) who has taken up the task of defending a village from MC’s forces.  Maybe she has a connection to the village or maybe they just paid her but either way, she is the last defender standing, finally defeated by a volley of arrows.  MC is impressed with her and he uses his magic to keep her from dying.  He offers to save her but only if she swears herself to him.  Wanting to live she accepts with no intention of keeping her oath but what she doesn’t realize is because he was feeding her energy at the time her very soul was bound to him and she became incapable of disobeying him.
Inspired by

multiple characters, NC, blackmail, possible lesbian incest
Me: male criminals
You: female resident (and daughter(s) if open)
Story:  I would play one or more criminals on the run having robbed a bank or armored car or something, maybe escaped from prison.  The roads are blocked so they break into a house to lay low for a while and find your character home.  While waiting for the heat to die down they decide to have some fun with your character.

Your character can be alone (in which case she could be anywhere from 18-40) or she could have one or more daughters in the house (it would be late so the daughters would be sleeping).

If you only play 1 character I’m willing to play 1 or 2 guys.  If you include the daughters (who can be anywhere from 16-23) I’m willing to play up to 5 guys (6 if there are 3 daughters with 2 of them being twins).

Kinks beyond those listed above would depend on both our O/Os.

magic, slavery, compulsion, manipulation, Amazon, NC, NC2C
Me:  king
You:  would-be assassin
Story:  Long long ago most of the known world was conquered by an extremely powerful magic user.  Kept young and made hard to kill by his magic he still rules as king.  In addition to his magic, he has been protected by a champion, a skilled and powerful female warrior, from the beginning.  Though she too seems to be ageless stories say the current champion is at least the fourth to stand by his side.  Few know the true nature of their relationship, the true nature of the collar she wears.

I would play the king as well as his current champion (for as long as she lasts).  You would play a would-be assassin.  Another female warrior determined to kill the king.  Maybe she lost her family because of a decision he made and has trained to kill him ever since.  She crosses swords with the current champion and kills her.  After she strikes the fatal blow he uses his magic to immobilize her before taking the collar from his now-dead champion and putting it on your character.

The collar connects her to him, letting her share his agelessness but also giving him access to her mind, compelling her to obey him and causing her to feel many times any pain he feels.

fantasy/magic, slavery, manipulation, NC, NC2C?
Me:  fairly powerful mage
You:  slave girl/apprentice
Story:  a mage is passing a slave market, usually he pays little attention to such things but he senses odd energy.  Investigating, he finds that one of the girls for sale has an extraordinary reserve of potential magical energy.  He buys her and takes her as his new apprentice. 
    Just because he is teaching her and trying to bring out her potential doesn’t mean he’s nice about it, he is still her master and will do with her as he pleases.

star wars, slavery, manipulation, NC, NC2C?
Me: sith lord
You:  slave girl/apprentice
Story:  basically a variation on mage slave set in the Star Wars universe with a sith taking the place of the mage and the slave being force-sensitive.

incest, manipulation, age difference, reluctance, NC2C?

Me: 16 or 17-year-old boy
You: mid-30s to mid-40s woman
Story:  your character gets a call saying the sister she hasn’t talked to in nearly 20 years is going to prison and she has a nephew who will either be moving in with her or going into foster care.  When he arrives he is not quite what she expected.  Physically imposing and attractive enough that she has to remind herself he is her nephew, he is guilty of crimes far worse than what his mother is in prison for.  Finding her attractive and not caring that she is his aunt, he manipulates and seduces her.

mind control, manipulation
Me: a guy with power
You:  manipulated girl
Story: This is really more of a concept than a story but my character would be a guy who has just gained the power to create mental knobs and switches in people's heads that affect their emotions and maybe even have physical effects.  He can then control these knobs and switches but not completely or effortlessly.  For example, if someone was mad at him he might be able to make them less mad or even make them feel something else about him but if they are really mad he might not be able to move the switch.

Both characters could be anyone really.  They may have known each other for a long time or only recently met, they could be equal or one could have authority over the other (I like the idea of her being in authority, a boss or teacher but him pulling her strings without her knowing).

superhero, NC, violence, torture
Me:  male “Supervillain”
You:  female rooky hero (low-level powers if any)

Story:  I’ve just broken into a bank at night (after disabling the alarm) when you show up and try to stop me but you don’t realize how far out of your league I am.  Amused by you I give you a chance to leave but you persist so I decide to show you why being a “hero” is a bad idea (especially for a girl).

This can be existing characters or OCs but keep in mind that he is trying to make an example of her so it will be brutal and in the end, she will be broken (assuming she survives).

superhero, NC, violence, domination, Stockholm
Me:  male “Supervillain”
You:  female rooky hero (low-level powers if any)

Story:  a variation of the price of the game in which the villain takes the girl with him, maybe seeing the potential in her power or skills or whatever, and dominates her while training her to be his dark sidekick.

superhero, NC, violence, torture, voyeurism, humiliation
Me: male Supervillain
You: female superhero

Story:  Another variation on the price of the game, this one with a powerhouse female hero (ex: Wonder Woman, She-Hulk) being attacked by a new enemy.  They fight a crossed the city with him basically playing with her, tearing at her costume and when he has her practically naked he publicly rapes her.  After that, he could leave her there, humiliated and somewhat broken, or he could take her with him for further “fun”.

NC/mind control/slavery

Me:  male “Pokemon trainer”
You:  not quite human female
Story:  Basically I’m a strong-willed guy who gets his hands on something like the poke balls described in the above comic and a way to travel the multiverse.  Who will I use them on?  This is really pretty open, it could be a hero, a villain, a character from anime, video games, or comics (check my fandom section), some alien, a random anthro girl…as long as they're not quite human, for example, batgirl is human so I couldn’t catch her but poison ivy would fall under the category of modified human and as such I could catch her.  Also, they have to be organic, that’s not saying a cyborg can’t be caught but they would have to be not quite human in another way besides that.

NC/Extreme, Human, NC2C, age differences, violence, breaking/training

Content: NC/Extreme, Human, NC2C, age differences, violence, breaking/training

Scenario: After 10 years of marriage, MCs are still very much in love but things have gotten stale in the bedroom. they tried all sorts of kinks and these helped for a while but they soon grew bored with these as well. they tried inviting others to join them but as before this soon grew boring. eventually, the wife admits to her husband that her fantasy is to have her way with someone who isn't willing and the husband admits the same so they make their plans. from here there are a few possibilities.

1. they make their plans and preparations but hesitate at the point of actually abducting someone until a runaway drops in their lap (maybe hitchhiking as they are coming back from out of town).

2. they make their choice and stalk her, maybe even someone they know from around town, say a waitress from a restaurant they like.

3. being very well off they pay to have a celebrity abducted. Felicia Day is the first to come to mind but I'm open to suggestions.
a few more celebs I'm interested in:
Deborah Ann Woll
Mary Wiseman
Sonequa Martin-Green
Emma Watson
Maisie Williams
Jessica Parker Kennedy
Alyson Hannigan
Chyler Leigh
Karen Gillan
Sadie Stanley

Setting: Modern

Requirements: someone to play the couple's new plaything.
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My characters:
These are characters I’ve come up with for one thing or another and either didn’t get to use or would be willing to use again.  More to come.

Originally created for: the Asylum

Mathew Gabaldon, Erik
Age: 23
Orientation: Straight
Illness(s): multiple personalities

How did you end up here?: when matt was little he was a brat but then something happened, something so bad he repressed it and to this day dos not remember what it was.  After the incident he became very nice and sweet, always obeying authority figures and insisting to be called by his full name Mathew.  Mathew was very passive and submissive all thru his teen years, pushing down anything that upset him.

Just after high school Mathew got a job at a grocery store.  The manager was a prick, always mean and abusive to his employees and no mater how hard he tried Mathew could not please him.  Finally one day it was too much, while being yelled at for “missing a spot” after having moped the floor three times Mathew snapped and retreated into himself, allowing all his repressed anger and frustration to come to the surface in the form of Erik, who used the mope handle to beet the manager half to death before literally shoving it up his ass.  This happened in the break room with a security camera being the only witness. 

Erik then left the store, stopping on the way out when he saw Sharon, the manager’s daughter who Mathew had a crush on but was too shy to even talk to, running one of the registers.  He walked up and turned her around in the middle of a sale, grabbed the back of her head and kissed her forcefully and passionately.  Surprised, she resisted, but only for a moment.  He held the kiss for several minuets, giving waiting customers the finger when they complained and when he let her go he said in a authoritative tone “give me your number, I might call”.  He got her number but never had the chance to call her because as he left she was so flustered by what had happened she went to the break room to sit down and found her father.

Mathew woke up the next morning in a jail cell with only flashes of why he was there.  A psyche evaluation determined he had multiple personalities and that while mathew wasn’t responsible for what had happened Erik was a danger to society and so he was sent to a mental institute instead of prison.

On rare occasion Mathew and Erik have been seen arguing.  Once while they were arguing a third voice yelled “stop fighting” and like parents fighting in front of there kids they did stop, for almost two minuets.  This has been seen as evidence that both personalities are constructs and matt’s true mind is buried under them.

Personality: mathew is nice, always thinking of others before himself and will usually submit to anything an authority figure tells him.  Erik on the other hand is a real ass hole who hates authority, will dominate whenever he can and has a history of violence.
Anything Else?: no bathroom stuff or permanent disfigurement.  Mathew would probably submit to anal or pegging but the moment it started Erik would take over and most likely become violent.

Created but never used for super hero U game.

Name: Aaron Ronsani
Alias: Danake ( )
Age: 19
Gender/Sexuality:  Male/straight

Powers: you wouldn’t think it to look at him but no matter who you are, Aaron can kill you quick and easy, and he wouldn’t shed a tear about it.  He has no real training of skill as a fighter but just by looking at you he instinctively knows the quickest and easiest way to kill you and can poll it off.  He seams laid back most of the time but he can give you a look that tells you if he wanted you dead you would be.

He also has the ability to reach into thin air and poll money and other valuable objects from the treasure rooms of the underworld.
History: some years ago Rachel Ronsani’s husband was killed by cultist worshiping the Greek god of the underworld Hades.  Shortly after his death he appeared in her dreams and told her there was a way to bring him back.  She did as he said and soon found herself in the underworld where Hades, on the outs with Persephone at the time, offered her a deal.  One year of life for her husband in exchange for one night of passion with him.  She hesitated but accepted.  Nine months latter Aaron was born and three months after that she was again a widow, now with a son to raise on her own.

Being a busy god, Hades didn’t show up again until the day Aaron’s mother died when he was 17.  His mother had never told him of the deal she had made or that he had resulted from it.  He told him of his gift and what it could do.  Aaron had never killed anyone but he now understood why he was so good at intimidating others.  He also told him he could have anything from the treasure rooms of the underworld, there was more there then could be spent in a hundred lifetimes. 

He showed him how to reach for what he wanted but this only made Aaron resent his father more.  His mother had worked as hard as she could all his life to provide for him, refusing to let him get a job when he was old enough even thou they were barely getting by and she had finally died form a disease that could have been treated if they had the money.  Aaron now refuses to speak with his father but takes nearly every chance he gets to empty the treasure rooms, buying only the best for himself and those around him, he is extremely generous with his fathers wealth and often gives gifts most people couldn’t even dream of.

Aaron’s mother had made sure he worked hard in school, he was actually an A student and cost was now irrelevant so he could have gone to just about any school but shortly after coming into his powers he received an invitation to Super U.  A school full of people with powers sounded fun so he accepted.

After arriving he thought the dorm rooms seamed a bit cramped so he paid to quickly put up a new building with spacious rooms that had all the best gadgets built in and a spacious penthouse on top for himself.

Tiger 37

created but not yet used for "price of the game/unwilling sidekick"

Full Given Name:  tiger 37
Coed-Name:  shadow tiger
Other Known Aliases:  Tommy Chan, Yoon Gyeong Kim, Cao Kh?c Thi?t, Fumihiro Miyazawa, Liang Ni
Gender:  male
Sexual Orientation:  straight
Sexual Role:  dom
Species:  augmented human
Ethnicity:  Korean
Language(s) Spoken:  Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, German, portages, English, Spanish.
Language(s) Read:  Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, English, Spanish.
Apparent Age:  26
Chronological age:  37
Eye Color:  varies depending on what he is seeing
Hair Color:  black
Body Type:  athletic
Height:  5’11
Weight:  143
Legal status:  north Korean refuge wanted for questioning by Interpol
Occupation:  software developer, professional criminal specializing in break-ins, alarm evasion, safe cracking, cyber crime and human trafficking.
Base of operations:  mobile
Current Residence:  the tiger’s strip (yacht)
Typical range of operations:  global
Group affiliation:  yakuza
Status in groups(s):  mid level special operative
IQ:  217
Religion:  atheist
Powers:  enhanced strength, durability, healing, reflexes intelligence and senses.  Able to adjust eyes to see above and below visible light spectrum for normal human.
Origin of powers:  north Korean super soldier attempt
Weaknesses:  sudden strong odors or loud noises
History:  thirty eight years ago the north Korean government used eugenics to conceive fifty children and chemically experimented on them while in the whom.  Their hope was to create supper soldiers but more then half of the subjects died before they were born and more then half those that survived had horrible birth defects and were ordered destroyed.  They were left with seven healthy babies. 

Never given names other then subject number in the project codenamed tiger, the children were raised, educated and trained by the country’s most elite soldiers.  Most proved to be exceptional but one stood out from the rest.  Tiger 37 consistently out preformed his brothers and showed one ability none of the others did.  He could see in inferred and ultraviolet.

37 also excelled in intelligence and by the time he was six he had realized he wanted out.  He began intentionally performing below his best on the tests they were given, doing just well enough to keep ahead of his brothers but never showing them what he could really do.  He got them to underestimate him.

Finally, on his 14th birthday he made his move.  Killing the soldiers that had been watching over there training he fled for the boarder.  His brothers were sent after him but they were no match.  Unable to convince them to come with him or let him go he was forced to kill them.  That was the hardest thing about his escape, the boarder its self posing little challenge.

Once out of north Korea he learned all he could about the rest of the world, soaking up information like a sponge.  He chose the name Tommy Chan for himself and soon started fighting for money.  These underground fights lead to criminal connections and by the time he was 15 he was enforcing for a south Korean branch of the yakuza.

Over the years he rose thru the ranks until he grew board with the organization.  Now a mid level operative code named shadow tiger, he travels the world on his yacht performing varies jobs, often at the request of one of the yakuza higher ups.

cloud shark

made for a mutant X game that died before I got the chance to introduce him.

-=Basic Info=-
christener “Chris” Bearca
Code Name: cloud shark
Physical Age: 23
Gender: male

-=Physical Appearance=-
Height: 5’11”
Weight: -63
Eyes: blue
Hair: black
Skin/Fur/Scales: see pics
Physical Description: see pics
Attire: green tank top, blue jeans, diving boots (adding up to about 30 pounds), a diving belt (waying about 15 pounds) and a trench coat lined with chain mail (waying about 32 pounds).

-=Mental state=-
Chris’s earliest memory is of waking up in the upper atmosphere severally beaten, half frozen to death and oxygen deprived, he struggled to get back down to earth.  When he was low enough he broke a window in a (fortunately vacant) top flour apartment and passed out on its ceiling.  He wasn’t sure how long he was out but when he awoke he was sore but otherwise seamed ok.

He quickly figured out how to get down to and stay on the ground and after trying to clean himself up (the water wasn’t on but he did find some rags) he checked his pockets and found a drivers license giving his name, age and address.  He waited until it was dark and swam out the window to look for the address.  When he finally found it he tried the key he had found in his pocket and was greeted buy an empty apartment. 

He raided the fridge and soon after another guy (his roommate, liny) showed up looking shocked to see him and a little scared.  He told chris he had been missing for almost 2 weeks.  Chris told liny about his amnesia and they talked for a while trying to jar Chris’s memory. 

The next evening liny wanted to take chris somewhere, he said it would help him remember.  They drove to what looked like and abandoned warehouse and liny poled inside.  They got out and 3 other guys came out of the shadows with chains and bats.  Liny, his roommate, the one person he thought he could trust had set up the beating.  When he asked why the answer was simple “because you’re a mutant, why else”.  then one of the men swung a bat at his head, chris put his arms up to block and his skin turned blue and sharp fins popped out of his arms, cutting the bat into 3 pieces as it struck them. All of them seamed in shock for a moment at these seemingly new powers (the only mutation liny had been aware of was Chris’s shark like teeth).  While the men scrambled for there guns chris swam for a large stack of crates behind which he was lucky enough to find a doer and escape.

Once he calmed down his skin returned to normal and the fins retracted into his arms so they were only noticeable if you were looking for them.  He returned to the apartment, grabbed a few things, trashed the rest and left with no idea of where he was going.  He spent the next few weeks living on the street until he saw a news report about a “terrorist” group calling themselves the brother hood of mutants, so he decided to try to find and maybe join this brotherhood.

Odd note:  while chris can’t actually remember any of his life before the incident the dose seam to retain most if not all of his knowledge.
Hobbies/Interests:  chris has an interest in history and poetry (apparently he was an aspiring poet before he lost his memory).  He is also a decent hacker and has an interest in anything involving computers and similar technology.
Personality:  chris is devoted to the cause of mutant superiority and has a strong distrust of non mutants (bordering on outright hatred).  Thou he is generally quiet and withdrawn he seams to open up more around his fellow mutants.

chris has shark like teeth, skin that gets ruff as a sharks when he is angry/scared, fins on his arms that barely stick out when relaxed but extend nearly 2 inches and get hard and sharp enough to cut thru about an inch of steel when tensed and the ability to swim thru the air like a shark thru water.
Disadvantages/Weaknesses/Limitations: chris can’t swim in water, its not a matter of learning, he has tried but water is like quicksand to him.  Chris’s power pushes against gravity, he has found that if he isn’t specifically willing himself in any direction an added wait of about 63 pounds will keep him from flouting up while not dragging him down.  Because of this he wares waited clothing most of the time to keep himself from floating up
Skills:  chris is a decent hacker, a poet and has a fairly extensive knowledge of history.
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Pics I'd like to play
basically a bunch of potential character pics I would like to play but don't have specific plans for.
Human Real

Human Real 2

Human Real 3

Human Drawn



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Pics I want someone else to play.
as the name suggests this is a bunch of potential character pics I like and would like someone to play for me but don't have specific plans for.
Human Drawn

Human Drawn 2

Human Drawn 3

Human Real

Human Real 2

Human Real 3



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Insperation and Other Stuff
where the other 2 sections are potential character pics this is everything else.  basically, pics I like that don't fit in the box of the above 2 posts.

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False witness, fallen and black sheep added to my ideas.
Lots of stuff added to pics without plots.
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