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Author Topic: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?[MUL]  (Read 1894 times)

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Offline ShateliaTopic starter

Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?[MUL]
« on: August 02, 2008, 05:37:12 pm »
    UPDATED (edited August 13, 2008)
            Threads Started!

    MIDNIGHT ROSE'S TAVERN (Brothel & Inn)
    Bustling Seaport City of Rankan

    This game is open to all!!

    Main Idea/Info/OOC  here   
    Create a character here and come play!!
    PUB?DINING  (IC play HERE)

    I hope these connections and the layout of Threads and Info make the 'old stuff' much clearer and more inviting.   :-*

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ OLD STUFF BELOW ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    (Original 'Wanted' Post)

    Okay, I know that some of ya'll have seen my idea on my intro thread, but for those many that didn't visit....

    I have the below tavern that I want to 'open'.  It would be VERY free form.  And placed in NC Exotic freeform, due to that ALMOST anything could and hopefully will take place in here. 

    As you will see from the TAVERN description below, there will be many areas that will offer hours of rp fun. 

    • Socializing in PUB/DINING
    • Massage in GUARDEROBE
    • Lyrical play in the MUSIC HALL
    • Litarary chats in the LIBRARY.  (Thinking of adding connection to ebooks that are available online ((I have found a varied selection of free to read books *winks*))
    • Adult play in above stairs ENTERTAINMENT ROOMS
    • Walks(friendly), encounters(danger), rendezvous(sexual) in the GARDENS

    One could create their own characters to bring in as patrons, employees, visiters, or choose from the employee list/pics given.  NO PLAYING SHATELIA...of course that would be all me.  Depending on interest/need I may also npc the listed employees from time to time or just general 'doings' within created.  I also offer litarary freedom to do so by any rpers as needed for services and such in any MRT (midnight rose tavern) related threads.  I just ask that if one is rping that they are in MRT that 'MRT' is used in Subject and whether it is open or private to other rpers.

    The 'theme' would be open: medieval, D&D, LOTR with a toss of werewolves, vampires, etc welcome. 
    *Told ya me versatile/winks* I just don't want modern technology unless adapted in way of the bathing facilities added.  And those that do slip in..I just ask that all be reasonable about what is 'created' that it is a bonus to the posting and not just because the freedom has been given.

            Entertainment room ideas:
    Fingernail shaped moon bed, bed at bottom of the curve...
    top of curve arches over lovers, the bed itself gives off a faint whitish yellow glow.
    Floating magical stars (enchanted lamp balls that glow and light the room)
    Fireworks with loudest moans, shoot off towards one wall

    PAIN & PLEASURE room:
    Red satin fabrics, to hide possible blood…
    Whips, paddles, hand locks (cuffs)
    chains on wall,
    sexual hammock

    LET’S PLAY room:
    Outfits for sexual roleplays….
    Jungle man/jane
    Fig leaves~nature man/woman
    Cat’s kitten/leo lion
    Hula grass skirts and shell bra’s

    Bell pulleys that call for wine / food / servants
    Cheese, wine, fruits, creams, chocolates…etc…available for a fee to the rooms.

    MIDNIGHT ROSE'S TAVERN (Brothel & Inn)
    OWNER: Shatelia Rosebury

    Hours: 24 Hours ~ Someone always about.
        ((OOC: Entire Tavern is open to rp (with exception of Sha's office, chambers, bath and the entertainment chambers)  So feel free to rp in pre-designed areas or start your own threads based on supplied information/details.  Just be sure that if you want it 'private' you mark it that way.... 'cause ya never know if or when the owner/employees or even other rpers may show up.  All comments and suggestions welcome...Just PM me.))

    Downstairs(1st floor):
    Entrance Hall ~ As one enters the wide double front doors of the Midnight Rose's Tavern they are confronted by a long entrance foryer that is rather longish and seems to end at the back with arched double stairways that lead up to the open entrance way of the second floor. 

    Looking upwards there are two brass multi-candled chandeliers hanging all the way from the ceiling of the second story ceiling down, to hang about what would be ceiling level of the lower floor.  At night these would be gleaming sparkling plenty of lights off the glass and brass ornaments that made up the chandeliers.  On either side of the upper floor one saw hand rails of elaborate carved trellises leading from the top of the stairs around and all the way back to the wall connection to the entrance wall up above over head of the entrance doors.  One could barely make out from the lower levels the many doors further back over the top of that handrailing.

    Stepping/looking between the lower steps of the curved stairs, (past the planted foilage that was situated just so as to deter the casual wonderer from passing by them or looking deeper, one could see a beautifully carved door that was marked "Private" (this leads to Shatelia's office and private rooms).

    Along the left wall ones eyes first spots the (usually open) double doorway that leads into the bar and dining area.  Depending on time of day, number of patrons, activities of patrons, and whether or not there were performers on stage, one could here various levels of noise and activity going on.  If doors were shut, one truelly heard very little no matter what activities were going on for the building had been double and tripled sound proofed to insure sleepers or other participants in other locales to be undisturbed.  Further down from those doors were several inviting looking chairs and love seats for the use of patrons that needed a break away from the random activities of the tavern.

    Along the right wall one found more of the individual chairs, end tables, and love seats.  Also one was amazed by a floor to ceiling five foot wide mirror, that had gold guilt trimmings of lazy ivy running along the outer edges.  On either side of that mirror were double doors.  The closest to the entrance door lead into the music room.  The doors furthest from entrance and closest to the arched stairs leads into the library.

    Pub/Dining Offering anything from a pint of ale to a full feast of fine food, all depends on ones own purse size.  This is also where one would find a game of skill or luck, fine company for almost any taste or pleasure, or if one is tired and in need of a room for the night one only has to ask a tender for the fees of what is offered.
    Library Ready for readers of all taste.  This library has most anything one would have a desire to read upon or study.  A cosy invironment that entices one to settle in for long periods.
    Music Room If one has talent, or even just an ear for a good song, this is the place to stop by.  The multi-tude of instruments offered here is tease to the pleasure of the musically gifted.  And those who are gifted often find time throughout there busy days to stop in have a drink or two and loosen up with a few rounds of music in this free to all entertainment hall.  So even those that have no talent, often find themselves drawn in from time to time to enjoy the unexpected concertos and lively louder musical performances of multiple musicians gathering together to 'compete'.
    Multi-capacity garderobe This elaborate facility has the latest in technology created by gnomes to bring a pleasurable experience to the bathers.  Also offered within these doors is an unwinding experience like no other when one orders the massage treatment.
    Elaborate Gardens Located in the rear courtyard, with paths leading to hidden treasure of sights to tantalize and tease the senses.  The aromatic blend of plants and flowers a haven for those who need to 'get away' from the bustle of such a large city such as Talonguard.  The vast gardens offer seclusion and peace.  While one is in this area one could almost forget that they are within a thriving city for the sounds of such are muted out by the many trees and high walls that surround the entire rear property.

    Sha’s private Chambers, Office, Garderobe ~ with sunken pool and cascading fall of water set in lush planted greenery, painted scenery on walls, so as to appear one is in a wooded glade. (possible thread in future)

    2nd Floor: 
    Eight Private Rooms These rooms are just the basic 'chamber for rent'.  Each contains one double bed, wash stand with mirror, empty wardrobe, and empty chest.  Keys to room, chests, and wardrobe are all rented as one.  One can check in with whoever is at the bar in the pub. Cost ~ 1sp per night. (No hourly rates... if you want to do ...that!! must rent one of the entertainment chambers.)
    Two Dorm Chambers
    MALES ~ Just the basic dorm room, along either side of the spacious room there are 5 bunk style beds.  The foot of each double bunk has a double lockable half wardrobe. (Top half goes with top bunk, bottom to bottom.) The keys to these are given with check in.
    FEMALES ~ Same 20 bed/wardrobe capacity, also in the bunk style, but atleast this room has a floral print and some lace curtains over the two windows at the far end of the room.
    Bed ~ 40cp per Night / 15cp per hour (naps)
    Wardrobe(key) ~ 15cp per night / 5cp per hour (temporary storage)
    Four Entertainment Chambers (used by Tavern employees to pleasure the guests ~ or rented to customers, by the hour ~~ Thread/description/connections coming soon)
    Multi-capacity Privy   This chamber has the same decor as the garderobe below off from the bar.  The disappointment comes with the fact that it does NOT have the massage nor does it contain bathing tubs.  It is just for those late night calls of nature of the inn guest.  These same guest may order the more common bathing facitlities of a smaller tub being brought up to those who are renting private chambers or even to one of the entertainment rooms.  Private Bath ~ 1sp (That water has to be dumbwaitered up from the kitchen via the upstairs bath/privy then carried from there to the rooms. No, the additional upstairs gnomed plumbing has not been installed yet! And if we didn't charge this price...then would you want to hear the complaints of underpayed employees??)

    3rd Floor: Employees chambers. (Stairs located in kitchen)

    Downstairs~1st Floor

    Upstairs ~ 2nd Floor

    Jefferty ~ Bar Manager, head tender, female pleaser.
    Spork ~ gardener, bouncer, and bar tender (pleaser when he can get in on the action)
    Prastron ~ Jack of all trades, Fix-it-Man, (tender, pleaser, cook, musician..)
    Jassita ~ Pleaser, server, (Maid when she can’t ‘get out of it’)
    Sarenada ~ Musician, Server, (Maid ~as needed)
    Brobing ~ Server, Pleaser (Cook/Maid ~ as needed)
    Gratisia ~ Head of kitchens/housekeeping, Also Storyteller
    Moddy ~ Maid, Kitchen help (Server/gardener ~ as needed)

    Okay...waiting for interests, comments, etc, to see if I should get some threads started.   :D   Watching for posts here or in PM if ya need privacy for ya questions or comments.  (or if such is just to 'adult' for this area)   *nibbles a nail as she waits*
    « Last Edit: August 13, 2008, 07:10:35 am by Shatelia »

    Online kurioustoohear

    Re: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?
    « Reply #1 on: August 02, 2008, 09:51:34 pm »
    Hey ... I am interested in your idea ... total free form!!  NICE!  I need to read all that you posted ... it is quite long ... but I would like to bring a character and experience the rooms.  Is it a general form where lots of people play?  Anyway, expect to hear from me ...  ;)

    Offline ShateliaTopic starter

    Re: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?
    « Reply #2 on: August 02, 2008, 10:01:29 pm »
    HI, Kurios,
         I am hoping that it takes off and becomes a place where many will come to play...but for now it is still in the 'creation/checking interest' stage.  Probably whether one or many show interest I will atleast start a thread for it and see what happens. 
         And yes... I can get long winded, but I hope that just adds to ones reading pleasure. (The fact that I use details and such to 'set the scene', that is.)  It is not a 'set in stone' thing that I is more that certain things just flow from me.  I also do not require that those that I rp with make long post, but it does help to keep things flowing more so than a 2-3 liner.
      ......see doing it again...going on, lmao.....

    I was working on the below stuff while ya were posting

    hmmm....maybe I should let ya'll 'see' Sha/Shatelia. *grins*

    Human female, standing 5’4”,  long, hip length black hair with red tones (even looks a true red in certain lights) Well curved hips & bust, but a petite waist, which could easily be spanned by two healthy male paws.  Although short of stature, her legs are very long and shapely.  Her skin is flawless from top to toe and is unmarked as the day she was born.    Her lilac eyes can sparkle and shine at a moments notice with  impish glee or darken from the pale lilac to darker shades of amethyst with strong emotions.

    Notable Markings/Scars:
     No tattoos, no piercing, no scars … but thinking of  the possibilities of getting a tattoo

    Basic Information
    Name: Shatelia Deanna Rosebury
    Age:  22 approximately
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Height: 5’4”
    Languages: Common
    Marital Status: Married? Widowed? (Unknown at this point)
    Occupation: OWNER/MANAGER of Midnight Rose's Tavern (Previosly worked as courtesan, bard, tender, cook, etc... All of which are now incorporated into her new business at times when needed or she is 'in the mood'.)

    Goals: Hopefully to prosper at Tavern Management, Eventually to seek answers about the marriage situation, Possible future mate, marriage, family ( loves children)

    Personality: Very outgoing, bubbly, vivacious and flirtatious.   She is one of those people who is always touching, caressing, or even hugging those that she is about, but never means anything by it, she was just raised in a family that openly showed affection.  Never one to sit alone too long when others are about.  She does have the random moments of self-reflection and 'bad days' usually when the thought of her brief marriage comes to mind.

    Biography: Shatelia had grown up on a small but prosperous plantation where she had had loving and devoted parents that had basically spoiled her and allowed her the freedom to roam at will about the countryside, once her daily tutors were finished with their many lessons.  She was born with a stutter that her mother had worked her through with songs.  Even at a young age she had shown great talent and a natural ability to quickly learn a song by heart that she heard.  And also able to pick up and bring forth beautiful music from just about any instrument that she touched.      

            At the ripe 'old maid' age of nineteen, when she had been thinking that she was 'firmly on the shelf' a smooth-talking, gambler came to town.  Against her parents warnings and misgivings, Sha would sneak away to meet with Jarnath.  After only a few short weeks, with her heart fluttering she ran away to elope with him.  It was only on their wedding night, that Shatelia realized exactly how right her parents had been.  Jarnath took her virginity in a rough and brutal manner.  Every since the day that he had placed the 'ring of ownership' on her finger, he had been totally different from the wooing, kind person he had led her to believe he was during their speedy courtship.

              After only about half a year of physical abuse and degrading slurs, Shatelia finally took a fire poker to the side of his head during one of his drunken attacks and left him bleeding and out cold on the floor of her parents home.  The home that had became HIS 'by right's of marriage to the daughter' after her parents were murdered.  A murder in which Shatelia often wondered, but dared not voice, if Jarnath himself was not truly behind.   Escaping into the night she spent about 8 months going from town to town, job to job, and even having to pick up the occasional 'trick' to survive.  
           Having little self-confidence in her musical talents after the degrading and snide remarks of her ex, and knowing that the only way she could get the attention and affection of the male population that she still craved she took up a position at Arfward's Tavern, as a lady of the night/courtesan.  Her heart and true emotions locked deep beneath a bubbling, out going vitality that almost seemed unstoppable.  Very few knew her past, very few ever saw beneath the bright sunny demeanor that glowed from her.  It would occasionally crack and show the pain and hurt that she kept cradled deep within, but it  would be gone almost before one could name the emotion or think to question her on it.  

       It was at that same tavern that she became more confident in her musical and lyrical talents.  There were many nights that she would forgo the upper chambers and various requests for her ‘bedroom talents’ so that she could stay in the busy tavern and perform.  She was as equally talented in both the bedroom and with her instruments, that the male attendees of the tavern were often themselves torn between which activity to request from her on a given day.

       It was just one such male ‘friend’ (Raquin Vaomri) that had deeded her the tavern she was now in possession of.  Raquin had spent three weeks at the tavern where Sha worked.  His days were filled preparing for his adventure/exploration to the Forgotten Isles, and his evenings were spent trying to monopolize Sha's time.  They became good friends, and he became rather infatuated with Sha.  During his travels he kept in touch with her via letters, then unexpectedly one day he showed up again at the club.  His return was a true shock to Shatelia for he was vastly deteriorated from his earlier health and vitality.  He had caught a deadly disease during his trip, and having no family or bonds other than his business, had returned to Sha to live out his remaining short months.  Sha was unaware that during those months he contacted his solicitor and had his property, possessions, and 1/2 of his monies deeded to Shatelia. (The remaining monies was divided among employees and other acquaintances.)  He also left instructions that the tavern/brothel/inn would be renamed the MIDNIGHT ROSE'S TAVERN the 'Midnight Rose' had been his pet name that he had often called Shatelia.  Also during his final months he had the solicitor hire a decorator to remodel the place to suit the description he gave of Sha's nature.  Thus a library (fully stocked), a music room (with varied instruments and sheet music), a bathing chamber in her suite that looked more like an inner pool with water fall, and even a small stage in the tavern/dining hall was all added.  The property at the rear had been turned into an elaborate garden with walks, benches, and statues, vary open so that his adored Shatelia could star-gaze to her hearts content.  It was on the day of his death that the solicitor approached her with his will and disclosed the extent of his generosity.

    After his death Shatelia soon decided that there was truly nothing more than the varied friends and co-workers that held her to her current job and town, so packing up what she soon realized was very meager possessions Sha headed off to the largest city in the empire.  

    Offline ShateliaTopic starter

    Re: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?
    « Reply #3 on: August 03, 2008, 10:10:42 pm »
    Hmm... have been having a problem coming up with the 4th entertainment room 'theme'.   Today I thought of a possibility.

    Artist Studio:
      With easels
      Paints (could also be used for body painting *winks*)
      Chaise Lounge
    One need not be artists to 'dabble' in this area of play.

    This is just a possibility for the last room if no other suggestions  or personal thoughts 'pop-up'.

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    Re: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?[MUL]
    « Reply #4 on: August 12, 2008, 02:24:18 pm »
    I am interested though it all seems so complicated!

    Offline ShateliaTopic starter

    Re: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?[MUL]
    « Reply #5 on: August 12, 2008, 08:25:14 pm »
      ;D Two interested and Myself... so let me work on the set up/ starting threads.

    Any others interested make comments here, please.

    I believe that the plans I have for setting it up will straighten out some of the confusion.  Thus, making it a funner environment to rp within.

    I am allowed 6 thread at the moment (2 per rper involved) This will give us OOC thread, Character thread, and 4 IC threads.

    It is these 4 IC areas that I am working on tonight to get the play started.

    All Connected threads will be marked ~ M R Tavern

    Offline ShateliaTopic starter

    Re: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?[MUL]
    « Reply #6 on: August 13, 2008, 12:47:43 am »
    THREADS STARTED :D All Connections below.

    MIDNIGHT ROSE'S TAVERN (Brothel & Inn)
    Bustling Seaport City of Rankan

    This game is open to all!!

    Main Idea/Info/OOC  here   
    Create a character here and come play!!
    PUB?DINING  (IC play HERE)

    Offline Vella

    Re: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?[MUL]
    « Reply #7 on: August 14, 2008, 04:49:02 am »
    I am very interested!  One question, can I be part of the staff?  Possibly waitress and lute player?  It sounds like a lot of fun.

    Offline ShateliaTopic starter

    Re: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?[MUL]
    « Reply #8 on: August 14, 2008, 06:14:04 am »
     :D  Lute player.... sounds interesting!

    I was thinking of replacing the NPC's with actual playing people. *nods*

    Get your character posted, let's roll play, and 'see' how it goes on the getting a job as server/entertainer.  Okay?

    Offline Transgirlenstein

    Re: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?[MUL]
    « Reply #9 on: August 14, 2008, 08:16:24 am »
    I had an idea for an entertanier/dancer character who might work well as staff if its ok/still open.  I could pm you any details

    Offline ShateliaTopic starter

    Re: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?[MUL]
    « Reply #10 on: August 14, 2008, 11:31:26 am »
    Trippingsatyr ~ I hope this helps you and all others

    This is a Fantsy/Medieval setting.  I mentally see it as a cross between about 1500-1800's with a balance of LOTR/D&D elements to it, if that helps set the 'scene'
    (sorry about the large print...but I wanted all readers to see)

    So...there would be no radios, but that could be worked around.  :D

    Possibilities to 'fix' this:
    • Enchanted instrument ~ that plays certain tunes when touched certain way.
    • Using a NPC musician when you perform
    • Get another RL player to rp the music as you perform
    • Other as desired along these line, be inventive ;)

    As with Vella, I prefer the employment to be rped out.  This is just to be sure that I maintain a balance, certain flavor and posting standard  (Short post are sometimes all that is required or able to be posted, but I don't want that to become the norm.) 

    But stage, rooms, employees(NPC's), garden, etc.... are all open to use....just show in your post how ya 'pay/ask/aquire' use of such.

    I plan to soon open a seperate thread for:
         Entertainment Rooms
         Rented Rooms
         Possibly ~ Library, Music Hall, and Sha' Private Chambers
    This is so that any rp tha is portrayed as beng in any of these areas are in the same threads....instead of all jumbled into the Pub thread.

    Offline Vella

    Re: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?[MUL]
    « Reply #11 on: August 14, 2008, 03:00:39 pm »
    Character Work up:

    Name:  Siobhan O'Brien  (pronounced shi-VAHN, for those who don't know Gaelic pronunciation)
    Age: approx. 20
    Height 5'1" Weight 125
    Gender: female
    Languages: common
    Occupation: she says minstrel, but hell.. a girl's gotta eat, right?
    Marital Status: Single

    Physical description:  Delicate framed, but very curvy: the classic Irish country girl in appearance with dark red hair hanging in curls to her hips *usually pinned a bit untidily on top of her head*, bright blue eyes and a small dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks, her skin ivory and prone to sunburn.

    She does own and wear a pair of dresses, one fine; of soft forest green and white linen *bodice and skirt with chemise*.  the other of the same style though in varying shades of brown in a coarser cotton; obviously meant as work clothing.  She will just as often be seen wearing dark trousers, a bodice and white cotton shirt.  Her boots are a mix of soft and hardened leather, dark chocolate brown.  They come to just above her knees on full extention, but can be folded to mid-calf height.  A pair of calf skin slippers *for inside wear only*, an undershift for sleeping, and a kerchief for her hair fairly well complete her clothing.

    She carries with her a very finely made lute made of rosewood.  This instrument is of exceptional quality and she is extremely protective of it.  It bears the mark of years, lovingly cared for and protected.  On her hip is a dagger; serviceable, sturdy, well made, but plain in appearance.  She moves as if she is comfortable with it, knowing full well how to use it as necessary.  A bow and full quiver, nothing special but useable, the usual hair accessories, etc. complete her equipment.

    Personality:  Sassy, curious and outgoing.  Not seen often, but not forgotten if it is, a temper to match her hair.  When her temper is riled she is more apt to throw things (anything that comes near with the exception of her lute) or pick up a tankard and smack someone on the head than to use an actual weapon.  She loves people and will flirt outrageously with almost any man and is sisterly and loving to any woman/girl who treats her well.  She does have a distrust of certain groups of people, namely nobles; but will not overtly show this.

    Biography:  Not really much is known of her.  When asked she will make a vague reference to having come from a small farming village *points in any far off direction, basically inland from the tavern* over thata way.

    She is an exceptional lute player, stronger than she looks and capable when working *possibly worked a farm?* she knows her way around a kitchen/dining room.  The "dance" of wait staff and kitchen help during serving seems second nature.  Vague references when anyone makes note of this to a large family is the only explanation any will receive.

    OOC:  This is what I have worked up for the character.  I would like to know what sort of time commitment and how this will work out as far as when play will occur.  I apologize for my lack of knowledge but this is my first forum game I have ever played and I am still trying to learn to navigate.   :D  I am looking forward to playing.

    Offline ShateliaTopic starter

    Re: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?[MUL]
    « Reply #12 on: August 14, 2008, 09:59:02 pm »
    Hey Vella

    Bring your character over here >>

    This is where you place character sheets.

    All role play areas are in NC: Exotic-Freeform Small Groups.
    Here >>

    Our thread areas are all marked >> M R TAVERN  :D


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    Re: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?[MUL]
    « Reply #13 on: August 14, 2008, 10:41:20 pm »
    I'm happy to join this idea and already began to work on it :D

    Offline ShateliaTopic starter

    Re: Midnight Rose's Tavern ~ Who wants to play?[MUL]
    « Reply #14 on: August 14, 2008, 11:09:12 pm »
    :D I saw that !! :D


    I had to work today, and have to go back in the morning, (shifts vary) but I hope to get you a reply at the pub sometime tomorrow evening/night.  ;)