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Author Topic: Hell's Redemption - Chapter 5: On Stranger Shores (seeking all!)  (Read 273 times)

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Hell's Redemption - Chapter 5: On Stranger Shores (seeking all!)
« on: November 28, 2013, 10:12:37 AM »
Hell's Redemption - Chapter 5: To Stranger Shores
The mMORPG! (mini-Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game!) of the Sub Boards

Background Story
Heaven has won.The apocalyptic war between angels and demons is over. Satan lies dead, his bones encased in a secure vault in the high heavens. The demons, monsters, and nightmares of earth have been forced deep underground, sealed there by spells and enchantments only angels know. The world's population cheers in celebrations, the existence of angels is both acknowledged and revered. The leaders of the Angels descend to earth, both to lead and give council to the ravaged population. Evil is no more, the dark woods are safe to walk, the deep seas safe to swim. All the gates are throw open...and a new hell begins...

The year is 2054. Over time stories about the hellspawn and the angels become myths and legends. Facts become obscure fantasies...until the scientists of the world scoff at the thought of such creaturse existing. In this world Men, have dominated because of their aptitude for technology. Elves, though still present, have dwindled in number, as magic occupies a smaller and smaller amount of the world's interest. Dwarves too have fallen in status, as the the world's economy now values the cheap and mass produced products of human technology, as opposed to the rare and powerful tools created by the dwarves. For all intensive purposes there is a peace...until it becomes too peaceful.

Without evil for 1000 years, there is nothing for the angels to fight. Good loses its meaning...and turns upon itself. Where a the sheet was clean now paranoid eyes see shades of grey. It started out as inquiries, little questions and suggestions, asking if there has been evil. Then there are rumours, which spread fear and distrust. On the  streets, the once free roads are now patrolled by Illumi, the soldiers of the Angel's army, Zealots bent on exterminating even the hint of evil. Their methods are absolute, fire cleanses kills doubt, and enemies. Soon the human population is under heavy scrutiny, burnings and interrogations become a daily occurrence as even the royal families are not spared the insanity. One by one, every village and city loses people to the Righteous Inquisition, and grumblings of rebellion stirs.

Even among the mighty angels, there is dissent. The angelic leaders, Kings of Heaven, are behind the Inquisition, claiming that peace can only be brought through unified submission and the irradiation of evil opposition. But the heroes of the past Apocalypse know better...they know the Kings of Heaven are merely creating a new where friend turns upon friend, and blood is shed between brothers.

Deep in hell too, there are stirrings, demons, vampires, werewolves, all forms of 'evil' rile against their banishment. They believe the sins of Satan do not necessarily condemn them all...they wish for a chance to live properly, to see the moon, to taste true blood...not wither away in caves and the depths of Hell. They can sense the unrest in the world and sky above...they can smell the blood and anger. They know their time is coming.

Chapter 1: Shards of Paradise
The trigger of chaos is the death an angel. A simple angel, who was burned to nothing by the Inquisition. A simple angel who was a friend, a sister to Templaris...Archangel of Light, who struck the killing blow against Satan. Furious, he gathered his loyal comrades in arms, and broke into the Sacred Vault, where Satan's bones were kept. Picking up a shard of bone, he whispered a prayer, seeking out and equal in hell, a strong opposite to bond his soul to...and he found Lucifia, Daughter of Satan. There he made her an offer: Freedom, in exchange for her aid to fight the Kings of Heaven. She agreed to his terms, adding one more of her own...his soul would be hers forever. He agreed, and the first Demon of many, burst forth from save the world.

Chapter 2: High Steaks
With the outbreak of the rebel angels and Hellspawn the Illumi mobilized its forces, dispatching them to the various cities to fortify them against subversion, or to attack already suspicious cities. In particular, the Illumi targeted Las Vegas, a city already rife with sin and demonic influence. A great many of the rebel angels and Hellspawn had fled to this city, thinking it a protected haven against intrusion from the Illumi. They were wrong. Chief among the Illumi forces was Solaris, the Ancient Champion. Ageless beyond time, powerful beyond any known force, he and his elite entourage were sent to purify the city, by force and flame if needed. In the battle against the rebel angels and hellspawn, much of the city was destroyed, rendering it useless for living. Solaris himself was narrowly defeated by the joint efforts of the rebels and citizens of Las Vegas. As expected, his soul rose towards heaven to be re-incarnated, but something sinister snatched it away. With the city decimated and uninhabitable, the rebels limped to Cloud 9, last bastion for the Fallen Angels.

Chapter 3: Rise of the Naga
Meanwhile, several rebels were captured and brought to purgatory in Sunhome, the Illumi’s interrogation cells. A prison break was attempted, but went awry when a force far more deadly and sinister were accidentally released with the intended escapees...the Naga. A once ancient and beautiful offshoot of merfolk, the Naga had forsaken the blessings of heaven, and worshiped Satan. In return for their homage, they were twisted into a race of hideous reptilian creatures of unimaginable strength and power. Using the very first magic of Rituals and Runes, the Naga waged a demonic war against the angels, bent on conquering the world when the earth races were young and defenseless. The angels had narrowly defeated the Naga, sealing them away in a prison dimension for all eternity. Now freed, the Naga flooded the angel capital, massacring the angel population, killing the one of the Kings of Heaven, Mohantai and sending another, Tyrael overboard, sinking the once proud floating fortress of Sunhome into the depths of the ocean.

With the powerful magic of the Naga, and the blood of the King of Heaven, a traitor approached the Gates of Hell. Weiving his powerful magic, the seals on the doors slowly faded and weakened, the ancient hinges creaking after a thousand years of stillness. With the opening of the gates, hordes of Hellspawn flooded out from the the Traitor King took his seat in on the Throne of Hell, proclaiming himself Emperor of Hell. With now countless minions at his beck and call, his raised a finger to point out the gate, a wordless command, understood by all.

Chapter 4: Showdown in LA
As the Fallen Fleet converge on LA and the Human Union Military amassing at its gates, Esha deemed it an appropriate time to play his trump card. He waited till both sides were deep in hostilities, and Cloud 9 was crippled and sinking fast before he opened the first pit into hell. Hellspawn streamed out to capitalize on the weakened state of both the Illumi and the Fallen. Taken by surprise, the humans were forced to flee LA onto ships which launched from the docks while the Human Union Army was split away from the city, forced to defend Cloud 9 from the oncoming horde. Esha also revealed his new creation... Lyrialis. Twisted and devoid of emotion, the new Queen of Hell only existed to do his bidding, and to drain magical energy from others.

Despite the surprise attack, the Human Army was far more powerful than given credit for. Crushing the hellspawn horde, they managed to charge back to LA and slaughter the hellspawn terrorizing the city there...but at a terrible cost. Nearly half of the civilian population was killed, and several key ships in the HUM Armada were downed. In the wake of the battle, M'havanan, the Fallen Angel Queen succumbed to her wounds, binding her soul to Lucifia in a bid to bring new perspective to the succubus, as well as begin preparing her for the battles ahead.

Chapter 5: On Stranger Shores
The City of LA is ruined and indefensible, Cloud 9 has been cast down, and Sunhome has been sunk to the depths of the ocean. Realizing that no single race can triumph against Hell, the characters sail to Liandras, the neutral city of the Florin elves. Prior to the first Apocalypse, the Liandras was overseen by an Ancient Elder Dragon. During the Apocalypse, the main tree that was the Florin and Indrix elves' previous home was toppled in an epic battle between Satan and the Ancient Dragon. Hellspawn and dragons allied to Hell tried to torch and burn the trees, but were repelled by the ferocity of the elves. Largely untouched by recent events, and protected by the vastness of the forest it lies in, the elves have only just gotten wind of the changes.

Interested? Send me a PM with your character profiles and any questions you might have:)!
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Re: Hell's Redemption - Chapter 5: On Stranger Shores (seeking all!)
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2013, 10:15:00 AM »
Game Basics!

In this Group RP, you will have the opportunity to create and play up to 2 characters. One shoud be an angel, and the other should be a hellspawn of your choice or design. Just because you are an angel doesn't mean you have to be all nice and sweet and sugary. Just because you are a hellspawn doesn't mean you have to be evil and twisted and 'grrrrrr'! It would probably bring an element of backstory and intrigue if each character created had a little story or importance. Ie not just one of the vampires, but the leader! or similar. You are allowed to create temporary NPCs to kill/eat/befriend/tease/taunt/lick/kiss/slurp/hump, and generally do away with as you like. As long as it doesn't affect the main plot of the game, you can for example, create two city guards that you tie up and have fun with while breaking into a city.

Getting started (version 3.0)
In This round of recruitment, character types have been divided into groups, but will begin in the same place.

Illumi Angel - In LA the Illumi Army has been all but shattered, but a few resiliant angels remain Guardians of the light, these melee heavy Angels once stood ready to defend all that is good and all that is close with shield, sword, and iron fist. New Illumi players likely would be survivors of the recent skirmish of LA.

Fallen Angel -  Cloud 9 is the floating fortress city that is their home. Recently heavily damaged in battle against the Undead Dragon King Bahamut, and utterly destroyed against the Human Union Army, the Fallen are now nomads...a shattered culture, unless some great force is able to lift Cloud 9 from its earthbound grave. Fallen players will also be survivors of the LA skirmish.

Hellspawn - Unlike the angel characters (whose allegiance is already decided), Hellspawn characters have to decide on their own who to support: Angels, Hell, or no one. Currently, without Satan, all hellspawn may do as they please, mimicking the phrase 'all hell breaks loose'. Currently the only leader is Esha, the traitor angel who leads by power and cruelty. As a hellspawn player you likely emerge from the recently opened pit. You may choose to side with Esha and follow him and Lyrialis in the path of power and ambition, or side with good and join Lucifia and Templaris in the fight for freedom.

Earth Races - Earth Races are the non-mythic races, ie Elf, Human, and Dwarf. Like the hellspawn, these characters can decide their allegiance, and start in the corresponding city (see above). The earth race do not know about the Naga Threat, and likely know little else about the mythic war raging around them. It is suggested that you do not create an earth race character if this is your first time RPing or your first character here.

The RP followed a predetermined course. Predetermined you say? Yes! By you! Depending on the actions of all players as a group, the RP will go one way or another, or a third way that no one was expecting!

So far in this RP, 3 main factions have developed. When you create your character, you must specify your initial faction. However, your faction may change depending on how the RP plays out. In general, most of the characters that players have made are 'Lawful' or 'Neutral', with many of the GM generated characters being 'Chaos'. Don't be deceived though, a supposed good character may have malign intentions. I have intentionally chosen the lawful-chaos scale instead of the good-evil scale, because as you can see...not all those who fight with the good are good. Not all those who fight with the bad are bad. Is a werewolf who wants freedom from hell evil? Is an angel who wants to stamp out all evil by harshly punishing the slightest wrong good?

In general, all Illumi and Fallen Angels are considered good. After reconciling in the aftermath of the recent major conflict of Chapter 4, the angels are now tentatively allied in the face of greater danger. Humans are also considered to be good as well. In general they wish order and peace, rule through respect and cooperation.

Elves, Dwarves, and Merfolk are all in the neutral catagory. They have not yet been majorly affected by the turn of events in the last 4 chapters, but they must realize they have to pick a side. At the moment the characters are debating whether to approach the dwarves or the elves!

The disorganized masses of hell want out. Some want Power. Others want Revenge. Others want to watch the world burn. Whatever their reasons, they all play by one rule: the rule of power. He who is strongest rules, no respect. No cooperation. Survival of the fittest, and the world, weak with politics and ready to be conquered.

Rules and Regulations
Being a fan of the extreme, I have only a few rules which are simple to follow:
1. This RP will go in the Extreme section, so expect every and any kink to pop up. If you don't like what another pair is doing to each other, DON'T READ THEIR POSTS!
2. Always have the curtesy to ask a player if he or she approves of something you want to do to their character.
3. NO Godmodding...unless you're godmodding your own NPCs which won't affect the plot.
4. Please do not rely on GM NPCs to rp long stretches with you. You probably have noticed there are a hell of a lot of GM characters. That's because I like to add some direction and plot to my RPs, as opposed to letting everyone lose in every direction like a ripped bag of marbles!

Tips, Tricks, Hack's and Cheats - (RP for Dummies)
Making a Character
Making a Character is simple enough (have a look in the character profile topic in the board!):
1. Choose your character type: The list of established types in the character profile section is a good place to start, or come up with your own:)! you are allowed to play as human, but be warned being human can feel like having a knife in a nuclear standoff:P.
2. Choose your age: hellspawn and angels live for 10,000 years, their physical appearance having little to do with their age. Bear in mind that the Cleansing (sealing of hellspawn in hell) occurred 1000 years ago. Thus all angels and hellspawn older than 1000 will remember the apocalyptic war, all angels younger than 1000 will only have heard about it in history books, and all hellspawn younger than 1000 will have spent their entire lives in hell.
3. Choose your abilities: Generally your character should have 3-5 abilities, the more you have the weaker in general each one will be for balance. When you submit your profile to me, I'll go over it with you, suggesting tweaks and changes if needed.
4. Choose your backstory: entirely up to you! You can link it with another player for authenticity, or just go solo on it.
5. Begin playing! Technically you can start in any thread you like, but I'm sure you'd rather start off where the action is right?

Game Mechanics - Might and Magic!

All Angels and Hellspawn who resided in heaven and hell will start with their own weapons. Ancient weapons of great power. As this RP takes place in the near future, you have a choice to make freely. Do you stick with your trust tradition and stick with your magic and magical weapons, or do you change with the times and adopt the guns and tech of 2054? I will balance the game to ensure that no one has an unfair advantage over another, but do be warned...some situations demand concussive rounds...others demand a fireball. Remember no magic is inherently good or evil. It all depends on how you use it. A blaze of light can kill. A poison can be the antidote to another.

Ancient Magic - Rituals, Runes and Voodoo
Ancient magic stretches back to the time before the rise of the earth races. The Naga, Merfolk, Angels, and Hellspawn used these crude but extremely powerful magics to achieve their goals. Only very oldest mythics will even know about these magicks, far less be able to use them adeptly. In general, the character types who may be able to use them would be Angels and Dragons.

Rituals are lengthy incantations, requiring great preparation and thought. This type of magic is not one that can be done in the middle of combat, but rather must be done before hand and undisturbed. They require great concentration, and interruption can have dire consequences. Rituals are the only magical means to affect someone in a different thread.

Runes are traditionally little stones or bricks which, when placed in correct formation in an object, produce a steady consistent magical effect. For example, a fire rune set in a sword will make a fire sword. A feather rune set in a tone of lead will make it lighter, possibly light enough for a human to carry unaided. Runes are the longest lasting magical enchantments in this RP. Once created and set, their magic is continuous, and only stops if the rune is removed or destroyed.

Voodoo (for the purposes of this RP) is the practice of creating dolls mimicking the form of another, and manipulating it to produce a sense of benefit or harm. These dolls must be prepared beforehand, and contain a sample of the target to be effective (hair/skin/feather/scale). With the use of pins, and incantation, the target can be made to feel pain, or a sensation, or even be healed. Voodoo itself does not cause harm, only the illusion of harm. Spearing a doll with a pin won’t kill the target. It will merely produce excruciating pain.

Traditional Magic - The 5 Colors
For any of you who have played Magic the Gathering, this will be very familiar to you. Traditional Magic revolves around 5 main colors. Each represents its own faction and has unique traits and characteristics. These often reflect the emotional attributes associated with their color.

Red - Passion, emotion, rage, and love. Deals with fire, lava, lightning, heat, and stone. Red Magic uses are relentless and furious in their assault, battering down their enemies with fireballs and earthquakes, regardless of the collateral damage.
Blue - Logic, calculation, precision, and focus. Deals with water, Ice, Wind, teleportation. Blue Magic users are aloof, silent and watchful. They speak little, but when they do, words of power flow like a river. They excel at manipulating the battlefield, nullifying some spells, misdirecting others.
Green - Growth, Harmony, Nature, and Nuture. Deals with strengthening oneself, and brute force, spells include healing, growth, stamina, longevity, and harnessing nature. Green Magic uses harness nature's power to augment their own already impressive strength and power. They prefer a contest of brute force over diplomacy.
White - Protection, Purity, Healing. Deals with protecting and reflecting attacks, healing the wounded, and sometimes sacrificing for the greater good.
Black - Death, decay, resurrection, and drain. Deals with death and destruction, and returning the departed to the field under control. Black magic users are the most hated of the magic users, as they are sometime cold and heartless, as one must be to use death magic.

Modern Magic
As time has progressed, Magic has continued to be refined. Far from fading into myth and mystery, the use of magic has become more widespread, though those with magical potential are usually mythic or elf in nature. Each color of magic has been honed down into more and more refined specialization. At the cost of breathe of magic, users of modern magic can manipuate specific aspects of magic to their needs. Thus each color is broken down into different categories. Blue magic is further divided into wind, water, and air, Red magic into fire, lava, and emotion. The more specialized the study, the less the wielder is able to use other magics of the same color. For example, a wind magic user will be less adept at using water magic or ice magic, despite the three being 'blue magic'

In this update (version 3.0), we have introduces allegiance and sides, where inevitably players from opposite factions will enter into combat. Let's set some ground rules:

1. You are not allowed to GODMOD a combat situation. All actions must allow for a response. It is often best to chat with your opponent OCC (out of character), to decide beforehand what outcome is the best.
2. There is no counterspell. I've seen this issue where one player rains fireballs on another, and the other player merely 'counters' all the fireballs. This is merely another form of godmodding, and makes for frustrating looping rping. Thus I degree no counter spells, either take the hit, return fire, or duck and cover.
3. You may only use abilities you have listed, or that go with your selected specialty of magic. A black magic user may not suddenly whip out a fireball.
4. No killing (without permission), it goes without saying that you can't kill another character without the controlling player's permission. As stated above, you MAY create and kill your own NPCs.
5. GM characters are like very strong bosses. One on one, they will demolish a single opponent, it takes a concerted effort to damage them, or even take them down (For details see the Solaris battle in Las Vegas).
6. At whim, the GM will throw in certain plot points or environmental reactions to the player's actions!

Game Mechanics - Souls and the Afterlife!

Death and the Afterlife
In this RP world, no matter what race you play, be it mythic or earth race, your people will face death. However, for a period of time after death, the memories, personality, and thoughts of the deceased exist as a soul. A floating ethereal aspect of the mind. If the individual was extra good in life, then that soul would go to heaven or Valhalla, or the Great Mine...Or whatever they believe in. However, those who are very evil all go to the same place. Hell. This broad believe is shared by all except the hellspawn.

Souls - The Detailed mechanics
The deal with souls is far more complex than just heaven and hell. The Illumi believe it is their responsibility to ensure that the best souls go to heaven, and the worst go to hell. Therefore, the Illumi keeps track of the best and worst individuals of the earth races. When a good individual dies, the Illumi Guide (known to the earth races as the Reaper), takes the soul to one of the angelic cities, where the soul is released into to heaven through a complex ritual. Whether or not the soul actually goes to heaven is unknown, as once departed the souls are not longer contactable. When an evil individual dies, the soul is collected, and released into hell.

In hell, rule of strength applies, and these souls are fair game for soul-eating or soul-enslaving hellspawn. Being in contact with souls is something prohibited by the Illumi for a good reason...the hunger. Prolonged contact with souls causes the individual to become hungry for them. As seen with many hellspawn, demons who use souls initially start with one or two, with the pure intention to learn or for company. Over time, the hunger develops, causing the hellspawn to accumulate many many souls. This in itself is not a problem, were it not for the second characteristic of souls.

Souls will only stay  voluntarily with an individual for a period of time depending on their personalities. It is easier to catch a soul than to contain it, and even more difficult to expel it if it refuses to leave voluntarily. Over many years of accumulating souls, the good ones stay a while, then leave, but the evil ones stay longer, even resisting being expelled. Eventually the combined pressure of the evil souls breaks the will and spirit of the hellspawn, causing total psychotic breakdown and a struggle for dominance and ultimate control of the being. This has been seen in spectacular form where the struggle ends with all souls being expelled from the body in an colorful explosive halo. The one remaining soul then gains control of the body. More often than not, the most powerful soul gains control of the it the original soul? No one knows.

Interesting Point: The only hellspawn known to use souls are Succubi/Incubbi. Most of whom go mad. No one is entirely sure if the soul inhabiting Lucifia is her original soul, or the strongest in a series of souls to wrestle control from the last.


Ah yes, the all important section for the simple questions hard to answer! This will of course be an ever expanding section of the RP, so do check by now and again for more answers to your questions!

Q: Are GM Characters sex-able?
A: Yes! GM Characters can get involved in your cozy time, but bear in mind that this won't be often, as the GM has to control the entire world!

Q: I'm stuck in an area where there are no other people, and not much action! What do I do?
A: There will be times where your character finds itself in a lonely deserted city or forest. If you want action, you can do two simple things: Find the action, or bring the action to you! Travel is un-restricted in this RP, so go anywhere! (but make it plausible). Alternately, you could organize with other characters to start something up!

Q: The GM seems to be focusing on one or two particular regions of the RP. Why is that?
A: Unlike most massive group RPs, this RP has a rather involved plot, which follows a certain path through the various locations. The path is of course greatly affected by how players interact with each other and the GM. As you can see, it has previously taken a course through Sunhome, Las Vegas, Alias Port, and Cloud 9.

Q: I'm not sure where to start! Help Me!
A: It a big world in here, so of course some might get lost! Not to worry! In this chapter, all characters (with few exceptions) will begin in the "Battlefield LA" thread. Helpfully, this is a staging ground before all characters decide as one whether to go to the Dwarves or to the Elves for help!

Q: I want to start in a certain place, but how can I get my character there 'naturally' without having to interact or wait too long?
A: Sometimes you might have a character that you want to start off in a place where they don't fit. Like a Dwarf Character at Cloud 9. Not to worry! The easy way around this is to include a brief explaination of how your character arrived in your current place. For example, in your starting thread, you might say that the Dwarf had joined the Dwarf legion, was assigned to guard a certain post, then deserted, and hitched a ride up to Cloud 9.

Q: The character/player I was sexing up has gone AWOL! I'm left hanging, but I don't want to be rude and leave suddenly as well!
A: We all have some issues and responsibilities in real life to attend to, and absences will be inevitable. One way around these is having 2 characters (if you can manage). Sometimes if one character is slow, the other will be active. If you find your partner is veeeerryyyy slow, a private PM chat might solve things. As a last resort, you DO have the option to politely break off the interaction, and continue with the RP.
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