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Author Topic: General Genres and Fandoms that I like the most  (Read 790 times)

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General Genres and Fandoms that I like the most
« on: November 28, 2013, 09:38:26 am »
~Like the title said. This is going to be general notes on the types of settings, genres, types and fandoms of role play that I like the most. I am in no means limited to these. It just means that these are the ones I like the most. They are in no particular order and I will be including an explanation about each and a general idea of what is acceptable, not acceptable and what might be expected. This list is not final and it may change from time to time as I grow as a writer and role player. Unless I've indicated otherwise, most things are up for discussion. As with all other things, if there are any questions, feel free to ask. I will be more than happy to answer. If there are ideas or suggestions, I will listen to those as well.

Pro - Wrestling
This is actually one of, if not my MOST favorite of all. As I've said before, I have a deep love of Pro - Wrestling. It's something that I'm very passionate about in real life, as well as role play. I love following along with Wrestling history and creating my own. I have ideas for several series, full length stories and of course many role plays. This is a setting that craves accuracy and authenticity. I, for the most part, will ask my partner to play 'real' or canon Wrestlers. It's a part of my celebrity fetish. My interest is usually not kept if I'm playing opposite a created character. I know it's one sided, but most of the characters that I play will be created. I will listen to any ideas or suggestions regarding this setting. However, be ready/prepared for me to politely decline if it's not something that just reaches out and grabs me. I'm very picky when it comes to Pro - Wrestling. I prefer the Attitude Era, just before or just after. The PG Era is not one of my favorites. I will write within that Era and of course the most current Era.

For those that don't know, Media Fandom is one that focuses on TV Shows and movies. One of my favorite hobbies/past times, is following different TV series' and I love movies, just about any genre. So, I'm sure it's no surprise that I like to write and role play within this fandom. This is another one that needs accuracy and authenticity. I don't always follow the show/movie 100% verbatim, especially when doing cross overs. I also don't require my partners to always play canon characters. However, canon characters are required for background purposes and those that will interact with created ones. I do require that the characters of my partner 'fit' within the story and that the story flows properly within the dynamic of the show. I will listen to any idea or suggestion.

Star Trek
I grew up watching reruns of the original series with my father. I also saw the television premiers of Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. I have enjoyed this Fandom for a while. I have many ideas that take place within the original series, Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. I play my own created characters and my partner can play canon or created characters, I don't mind which. As long as there's accuracy, I don't mind ships and entire crews being created. Just be authentic and make it 'fit' within the show's dynamic.

Star Wars
I prefer the idea take place within the first 3 films that were released from 1977 - 1983. I don't have as much interest in the prequels, with the exception of The Phantom Menace. I don't have any knowledge of The Clone Wars. I do have limited and growing knowledge of the books. I prefer to play my own created characters and my partner play a canon one. But I will entertain the created characters of my partner. Just please be authentic.

This is both a genre and a Fandom. It is the word used in Fanfiction for male/male oriented stories. It often involves a pairing of two male characters that are straight in real life or in the universe where the story takes place.

Another genre and Fandom. It is the word used to describe female/female oriented stories. It too often involves a pairing of two female characters that are straight in real life or in the universe for which the story takes place.

Romance is by far my most favorite. I like the long, slow, falling in love type story and the passionate, intensity of a love at first sight. I also like a humorous love/hate relationship that blossoms into tender love and devotion. I am truly a hopeless romantic. I love the cute romance that makes me go 'awwwww', smile and blush. But I'm not a fan of outright silliness. That needs to be in TINY doses. I'm also a fan of complex or forbidden love.

Anthropomorphized Animals
I love the thought of humanoid animals. Neko's, Centaurs, Fawns, Merfolk and a whole host of others that are found in Fairy Tales, Legends, Mythology, other places and my own created ones. This is a wide range of character and story. Forget the sky, there is no limit.

I love Horror movies and books. I will be more than happy to do a Horror role play. Depending upon the story, I may not want to make it have too many sexual overtones. We can draw off of an existing movie/TV show/book or we can come up with something original. I generally like all kinds of horror. Classic, Hacker Slasher, Creatures, B - Horror Movies, Horror TV, Demons, Hell related and so much more.

Another of my favorites. I like to modern day or technological fantasies as well  type of story that has little to no technology and or a 'hidden' world, where fantasy exists, though few know it. Fantasy Beings from Mythology and legends are fascinating to me and I love playing them as well as created or tweaked fantasy races.

I've been interested in Vampires for almost 20 years. I've been doing research on them and writing various stories about them. I love Vampires. I'm almost mesmerized by them. However, I don't like the Vampire style of the Twilight films. I haven't been studying Werewolves as long as I have Vampires, but I do know most of the different legends.

I love historical role plays and stories, but I know that one has to be very careful with this genre. If the adequate amount of research hasn't been done, it will seem too unreal or it will flop all together. I don't generally go any further back than about the 1700s. And I stop at about the 1950s, when doing historical stories. The types of Historical stories I mostly do have to do with the heyday of the American Insane Asylum, The Civil War Era, Victorian Mourning Culture, the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. However, I might be open to others.

I like this genre because it has so many possibilities. I prefer this to doing science fiction. Science Fiction can get overly complicated. I like Futuristic role plays that deal with what that 1950s 'idea' of what the future would be. Like flying cars, food in capsule form, or machines that do everything for you. Kind of like the Jetsons. I also like futuristic stories that play up a 'better' future. The possibilities are endless.

Utopian/Dystopian Societies
I have quite a few ideas that deal in these genres. They are more than welcome. I tend to prefer the Dystopian society, but either or a mixture of both is fine.

I have just learned about this. I found out about it when I was looking at craft books and I found one that dealt with Steampunk jewelry. I couldn't help but be fascinated. I did some more research and I love it. I don't know an abundant amount about it yet. But I'm slowly learning more and more. I would like to try a role play in this genre.

Alternate Universes/Worlds
I love doing this. Taking an existing character or story and put it in another situation. I do this a lot with my cross - overs, re-purposing characters to fit within another story. I also use this when I'm putting the Paranormal or Fantasy into something that is totally real.

~That's all I can think of right now. Stay tuned for lists of specifics.
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